4pm WATCH: Drama at the London Assembly as Conservative members storm out in protest

2.30pm John Stevens on Comment: Why we must become patriots for Europe

1.15pm WATCH: David Cameron receives hero's welcome on trip to Libya

12.30pm Local government: May the force be with us Tony Arbour says the Metropolitan Police Service should revert to its old name.

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news 

Nickherbert 11.45am MPsETC: Nick Herbert calls for "swift and sure" local justice

11.15am WATCH: Lord Patten to "bear down" on the pay of BBC executives

ToryDiary: A YouGov poll finds positive reaction to Murdo Fraser's idea of separate Scottish Party

On our columnists' page Stephan Shakespeare sets out Three reasons why political leadership is becoming less visionary and more inclusive

Stephen Crabb MP on Comment: British international aid ensures value for taxpayers, as well as for recipient countries

TalkingPoints: The 50p tax rate: What do voters think? What are the arguments? What is the revenue evidence?

Local Government:

Markets in the Eurozone calm down as Germany and France tell Greece that it will not be forced out of the single currency, yet chaos and confusion continues

Screen shot 2011-09-15 at 08.11.03 "Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France held a conference call with George Papandreou, the Greek prime minister. Following the call, the three leaders insisted that Greece, which is still struggling to pay its debts, would not be forced to leave the single currency.  But beyond telling Greece to stick to the austerity measures imposed on it by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, the German and French leaders announced no new measures to support the eurozone" - Telegraph

  • "Germany has shifted and default is now inevitable" - Independent
  • Jeremy Warner: "Will German indecision on the euro drag the whole world down?" - Telegraph
  • France's hour of reckoning – Simon Heffer, Daily Mail
  • Jason Manolopoulos: "Greece cannot milk the cow five times a day" - Times (£)

> Yesterday's WATCH: Martin Callanan MEP: Greece must default and leave the €uro now

Eurozone crisis becomes political headache for Cameron, with risks of rifts with either eurosceptic backbenchers, or coalition partners over new European treaty

"Mr Cameron had hoped to keep a lid on an issue which destabilised the Thatcher and Major governments until after the next general election. But the eurozone problems mean a new treaty could be signed in about two years, putting the EU firmly on the domestic agenda" - Independent

  • Clegg slaps down Euro-doubters as Lib Dems suggest MORE taxpayer bailouts for Greece Daily Mail

Influential member of the Vickers Commission urges government to offset £7bn a year hit to banking – FT (£)

James Forsyth asks whether the coalition can survive the divisions ahead over education, the family, Europe and the economy    

Jamesforsyth "The next few months will provide plenty of opportunities for pitched battles. But the country’s problems are such that this kind of fighting would be self-defeating for both parties. For now, at least, the interests of both Conservatives and Liberal Democrats would be better served by working with each other rather than against each other. This will mean rediscovering the spirit of co-operation that underpinned the coalition agreement" - Spectator

As unemployment surges beyond 2.5m, Cameron is urged to soften deficit strategy

"With the City predicting joblessness would hit 2.75m next year, the Institute of Directors, the Prince's Trust and the TUC joined the opposition in demanding urgent action to boost the flagging economy. Cameron admitted the official figures – which included the highest female unemployment in 23 years and almost a million young people shut out of the labour market – were "disappointing" - Guardian

> Yesterday's ConservativeHome coverage:

Iain Duncan Smith argues in the Times that law and order is not the only response to the riots  

Ids "For years now too many people have remained unaware of the true nature of life on some of our estates. This was because we had ghettoised many of these problems, keeping them out of sight of the middle-class majority. Occasionally some terrible event would make it on to our front pages, but because they were small in number people were able to turn away from the problem. But last month the inner city finally came to call, and the country was shocked by what it saw" - Times (£)

  • "Riots 'were price middle class paid for ignoring poor" - Times (£)

> Yesterday's MPsETC: Ken Clarke tells MPs: "the criminal justice system responded very well to the totally unexpected pressure of the riots"

Damian Green to warn that foreign criminals are exploiting the right to family life to stay in the UK

"Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights is cited by individuals who claim they have been in the UK for so long that they have established a family or relationship here that would be damaged by their removal.  In the last three months of 2010 it was the defence in six in ten successful appeals by foreign criminals, Mr Green will reveal" - Telegraph

New government guidelines to stop food waste means the end of the sell by date 

Spelman "Sell-by’ or ‘display until’ dates, which are used for stock control reasons and do not mean produce is unsafe, will be phased out. Although agreement has been reached  with manufacturers, ministers still need to thrash out similar rules for supermarket own-brand products. Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman will say today: ‘We want to end the food labelling confusion and make it clear once and for all when food is good and safe to eat.This simpler and safer date labelling guide will help households cut down on the £12billion worth of good food that ends up in the bin" - Daily Mail

Pickles writes in the Guardian that the government's planning reforms will put planning decisions back into the hands of local people and communities

"We want to take the power out of the hands of lawyers and bureaucrats and put it back in the hands of local people. We are getting rid of John Presscott's regional strategies and housing targets. The local plans that councils draw up together with residents will hold greater sway than ever. And we are looking to introduce neighbourhood planning, a new means for residents to have a say over the look and feel of the places where we live" - Guardian

The Telegraph argues that the case for the Government's planning reforms is undermined with 300,000 homes already receiving planning permission  

Handsoffourland "Ministers insist that reforms are needed to increase the number of new houses built every year, thereby cutting prices. David Cameron defended the draft National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), telling MPs it would free up land. “We need to build more houses, to help more young people to get on the housing ladder,” the Prime Minister said. However, figures from the building industry suggest that developers are holding large numbers of plots where they have been granted planning permission but have not started construction" - Telegraph

  • "A failure of planning" - Spectator
  • "Hands off our land: ministers' areas 'sitting ducks' for builders" - Telegraph

Green groups blame Whitehall infighting for the coalition's failures on green pledges

"David Cameron pledged within days of taking office that he would lead the "greenest government ever" but the report found that good progress was being made on just seven out of 29 environmental pledges made in the coalition agreement. John Sauven, executive director of Greenpeace, blamed government infighting: "This report shows that our Treasury and Department of Business are not backing British companies in the clean technology race. Those responsible for our economy seem blind to the opportunities" - Guardian

Cameron and Sarkozy to make "flying" visit to Libya today 

Cameron_sarkozy4 "The two men are expected to tour a hospital in Tripoli before meeting the leaders of the National Transitional Council, which has ousted Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. They are then due to fly on to Libya's second city, Benghazi, the centre of the uprising.  Details of the visit were disclosed by the French newspaper Le Figaro. There was no immediate confirmation from Downing Street" - Independent

  • Cameron says the government is doing "everything we possibly can" to resolve kidnapping of British tourist in Kenya - Scotsman
  • 'David Cameron's comments on human rights were prejudiced' - Law Society Gazette

> Yesterday's MPsETC: Nicholas Soames and Sir Peter Bottomley are the only Tory MPs to support EDM in favour of Palestinian statehood

In the latest installment of the Telegraph's "After the Coalition" book series, Dominic Raab argues in favour of a foreign policy that puts Britain first 

Raab "Now, amidst austerity at home, our foreign policy must be re-defined. Britain rightly sees herself as a global good citizen, but she must reconcile ambition with power, ends with means – shedding utopian idealism in favour of a more rugged internationalism, putting the national interest first, not last" - Telegraph

Childhood expert says that a Government proposal for a total ban on adverts aimed at children would not stop "brand bullying"

"A prohibition on advertising targeted at under-16s was one of the proposals mooted in a leaked document drawn up by a Downing Street aide, containing policies designed to woo women voters … But Reg Bailey, chief executive of the Mothers' Union, who published a report for the Government into the commercialisation and sexualisation of young children, said insidious marketing via the internet would make an advertising ban ineffective" - Independent

Blair's former health adviser says the NHS needs £5billion to save 40 hospitals

"Writing in a paper for the thinktank Reform, Corrigan says: "As many as 40 hospitals may have to change radically or close … the old model and concept of the hospital are failing.  Currently, hospital failure is averted by granting a variety of forms of interim financial support, yet if the government is to continue to protect all of England's hospitals from closure or reconfiguration [this would] mean the chancellor would have to find an extra £5bn to bail out the NHS by 2013" - Guardian

Do the Tories really think this is how to win women back? – Tanya Gold, The Guardian

Conservatives retain Essex council seat of disgraced peer, Lord Hanningfield with reduced majority Essex Chronicle & Gazette

Candidate for Scottish Tory leadership, Jackson Carlaw MSP says long serving MSPs will be forced to stand down - Telegraph

SNP "social engineering" on university places squeezes Scottish middle class school leaversTelegraph

Sinn Fein furious by Cameron's pledge to tackle MPs refusing to claim their seat in Parliament, while claiming Parliamentary allowancesBelfast Telegraph

Former chief pollster for the Labour party, Phillip Gould, describes Gordon Brown as "brilliant but impossible"Times (£)

Only 26% of the population believe MPs are dedicated to working well for the publicBBC 


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