7pm Viereck on Comment: Ed Miliband has two options: be honest about Labour's failings, or be a charismatic leader. He can't do either.

6pm Local government: Livingstone blames Boris for the riots

4pm WATCH: 

2pm TalkingPoints: The Scottish Conservatives: How bad is the decline in support? How is the party's identity perceived? How can the decline be stopped?

2pm ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

12.45pm WATCH: David Cameron: "You've got to deal with the debts, you've got to show the world you can pay for your debts"

10.30am LeftWatch: Ed Balls' 'Plan B for Bankruptcy' would cost every taxpayer £500 in extra interest payments

ToryDiary: Coalition worries that Alex Salmond's personal popularity could nudge Scotland to independence


Also on ToryDiary: Margaret Thatcher joins Liam Fox for his 50th birthday party

Ruth Lea on our Columnist's Page: The €uro cannot go on and governments must plan for its break-up

Matthew Offord MP on Comment: Reductions in Defence spending do not have to mean a reduction in overseas influence

Local government: Trade union praises Government plan to cut red tape

WATCH: Ed Miliband pledges to cap tuition fees at £6,000 a year

David Cameron orders ministers to campaign aggressively against Scottish independence

Cameron Thoughtful One Show"The Prime Minister has ordered an aggressive government attack on the SNP in the hope of raising the alarm in England and Scotland about the prospect of Scotland voting to split from the United Kingdom. He believes the First Minister has had an easy ride and not faced enough questions on how an independent Scotland would stay afloat – and bankroll its huge pensions and benefits bill without raising taxes." – Independent on Sunday

Cameron: No change to deficit plan

"The government will not change tack in its efforts to reduce the budget deficit despite the lack of UK economic growth, the prime minister has said. … He said: "You have got to deal with the debts and pay for your debts as well as having a very strong growth strategy."" – BBC

As Labour conference begins, Ed Miliband tells the Observer he would cut tuition fees to £6,000 a year

Miliband _140x140 "The £1 billion pledge, which aims to win back support from key lower and middle-income voters, was made by Ed Miliband on the eve of Labour’s annual conference in Liverpool. The move would be paid for by requiring graduates earning more than £65,000 a year to pay higher interest on student loans and by not applying the Government’s cut in corporation tax – which is planned to come down in stages from 28 per cent to 23 per cent – to banks." – Sunday Telegraph

  • Ed Miliband launches his vision for a 'new society and ethics' – Observer
  • Ed Miliband says Labour will take on vested interests – BBC
  • You can call Ed Miliband many things, but certainly not cautious – Andrew Rawnsley, in the Observer
  • I can’t do that! Ed Miliband refused to call people who falsely claim benefits "cheats" – Mail on Sunday
  • David Blunkett warns Ed Miliband: Labour won't win an election like this – Observer

> Yesterday on LeftWatch: Sayeeda Warsi launches dossier that aims to brand Ed Miliband as "weak"

Matthew d'Ancona: Ed Miliband has to show voters he has more to offer than old tunes

D'ANCONA "After 13 years in office, and the (even longer) drama of the Blair-Brown feud, it is psychologically understandable that Labour wants to put its feet up for a while, reminisce about the Seventies, and be rude about the rich without getting told off. But that is group therapy, not serious politics. The great task in Liverpool, for Miliband and his party, is to show the world that they really are interested in the future; that, to adapt the city’s most famous song, they do not believe in yesterday." –  Matthew d'Ancona, in the Sunday Telegraph

  • John Rentoul: "Labour has moved left faster than the speed of light. But on debt, the electorate is an immovable object" - Independent on Sunday

Ed Balls "apologises" for Labour's economic mistakes, and warns of long-term struggle for economic credibility

Balls ed School 2"With Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling and Tony Blair, and many other people, I didn't see this financial regulation crisis coming. So I hold my hands up. I've said a number of times now over the last year, we got that wrong, and I'm sorry for that. And we've got a task to do to rebuild our credibility. When Labour lost in 1979, when the Tories lost in 1997, it took them a long time to rebuild economic credibility." – Ed Balls, interviewed in the Sunday Telegraph

  • "Yes, I wore that Nazi costume. My friends decided I was a dictator. Everyone has their regrets": The world according to Ed Balls, in the Mail on Sunday
  • Ed Balls admits he would stand aside for his wife Yvette Cooper in future Labour leadership contests – Sunday Telegraph
  • Shadow Defence Sec Jim Murphy: Labour is sorry for behaving like a "soap opera" – Sunday Times (£)
  • Tessa Jowell: "Labour lost the confidence of voters after 13 years in power because it was addicted to the "crack cocaine" of courting media barons such as Rupert Murdoch rather than listening to the public's concerns" - Independent on Sunday
  • "The Labour Party has still to convince voters on the economy, public-sector pensions and immigration." – Sunday Telegraph editorial
  • Labour’s embarrassing immigration secrets revealed – Sunday Telegraph

Labour is less "toxic" to voters than Conservatives, says YouGov poll

"In a telephone poll of 2,474 adults, 70% said they might be prepared to vote Labour, as opposed to 64% for the Liberal Democrats and 58% for the Tories. Just 30% say they would "never" choose Labour compared with 36% for the Lib Dems and 42% for the Tories. This suggests that the Tories, not Labour, are the most "toxic" party." – Observer

  • Labour picked wrong Miliband, say voters who believe Ed has failed miserably against David Cameron – Mail on Sunday

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: 42% would never vote Conservative

Harriet Harman expected to secure reforms that will mean a woman is always either Labour leader or deputy leader - Sunday Times (£)

Janet Daley: What is the point of the Labour Party? 

DALEY JANEY BLOG"The aspiring ex-working classes are more likely to resent the welfare-dependent than to feel responsible for them: they are new enough to affluence to be untroubled by bourgeois guilt. So the old Labour core vote is now irrevocably split and at odds with itself. And there is the problem. For a national political party to be viable, it must represent the legitimate, consistent self-interest of a substantial section of society. … In an advanced democracy, the specialised concerns of different groups should be represented fairly by political advocacy and potential conflicts between them should be addressed by government. Which is why the question is so critical: for whom does Labour speak?" – Janet Daley, in the Sunday Telegraph

George Osborne forced to deny there is plan to let Greece default on its debts

OsborneAndrewMarr"The Chancellor issued a hastily drafted statement after a highly placed British Treasury official outlined behind-the-scenes moves to allow Greece to default on its debts. Mr Osborne was forced to say: "No one here has put forward a plan for that. Greece has got a programme and needs to implement it. However, it is also clear that the eurozone needs to deal with its own issues."" – Mail on Sunday

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: What's the big economic idea, George?

G20 ministers plot £1.75 trillion deal to save the €uro

EU-FLAG"The three-pronged deal would set up a massive fund to create a "firewall" around the most indebted eurozone countries, allow for an "orderly" Greek default on at least some of its liabilities, and bail out European banks most at risk from debt. German and French officials came up with the strategy which aims to end the eurozone's sovereign debt crisis before it spirals completely out of control, plunging the world back into recession." - Sunday Telegraph

  • The Sunday Times (£) says the "deal" may be worth €3 trillion
  • EU given six weeks to protect itself against 'inevitable Greek default' – Observer

> Yesterday on Comment: Andrea Leadsom MP looks forward to the likelihood of a two-speed Europe

Michael Gove secret email row escalates

Gove on Daily Politics 2"Four former Whitehall officials are at the centre of an investigation into who leaked emails that sparked a row over the use of private internet accounts by Michael Gove, the education secretary, and his key advisers." – Sunday Times (£)

  • Who, in this nest of vipers, stole a stack of Michael Gove's private emails? Mystery over publication of messages from his account – Ian Birrell in the Mail on Sunday
  • Labour adviser says he's not the e-mole who leaked Gove's private messages – Mail on Sunday

Grassroots anti-HS2 campaigners plan to "revolt" at Conservative conference

"A Conservative grassroots revolt against the Government's high speed rail plans will erupt into the open at the party's annual conference. Tory MPs, council leaders and activists will join campaigners in calling on ministers to abandon a £33 billion project to build new line between London and Birmingham then on to the North of England. They will launch a "rail manifesto", arguing that the benefits promised by the scheme could be achieved at a fraction of the cost by improving the existing rail network." – Sunday Telegraph

  • Proposed planning policy is already being used as justification for new building developments - Sunday Telegraph
  • Neil Carmichael MP "joined residents protesting against proposed turbines in his constituency while simultaneously battling to erect four turbines on his farmland in another part of the country." – Sunday Telegraph

Tim Montgomerie: Wealth taxes are popular – but do they work?

"42 per cent of voters say the 50p tax should stay even if it doesn’t increase revenue. Many people have a destructive desire to punish the rich even if the overall result is less job creation and less money for schools, hospitals and debt repayments. It’s equality, but an equality of increasing misery." – Tim Montgomerie, in the Sunday Telegraph 

Persecuted Christians take Government to European Court so they can express their beliefs at workMail on Sunday

BAE may cut 3,000 jobs as Typhoon orders slow Reuters

Sir Ian Botham: bring in corporal punishment and ban reality TV to save today's youthSunday Telegraph

Scottish Labour told to forget about Thatcher in order to regain relevance

SCOTTISH-PARLIAMENT"Scottish Labour cannot keep fighting the "familiar villain of Thatcherism" if it wants to regain its relevance to Scots in a new and different era, Douglas Alexander will declare in a major speech next month. … the shadow foreign secretary will argue bluntly it is time to stop contesting old battles against "past wrongs", saying the old images of the Thatcher era - characterised by industrial closures and strife – had lost the "emotive power" they once held among voters north of the Border." – Scotland on Sunday

  • Tom Harris MP: Scottish Labour is facing political abyss – Sunday Express

> Yesterday on Comment: Murdo Fraser MSP: A new, Scottish, centre-right party is the key to re-connecting with voters who are not listening at present

Nurses want relatives to care for sick loved onesSunday Times (£)

Tony Blair linked to Libyan deal with Russian oligarchSunday Telegraph

  • Blair had secret meeting with Gaddafi aide at his home… a month before Lockerbie bomber’s release – Mail on Sunday


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