5.15pm WATCH: Chris Huhne: "The idea that our bills are going up because of green levies is simply untrue"

3pm Martin Sewell on Comment: Returning to "Gay Marriage" risks a meaningless argument about identicality

2pm ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

Clegg Marr 1pm WATCH: Nick Clegg: "It simply would be incomprehensible" to struggling Britons if the Coalition were cut the 50p tax rate

Noon ToryDiary: Gay marriage, and why CCHQ should carry out more polling

ToryDiary: Cable reveals new idea to curb top pay, Alexander new measure to grab more tax

On our columnists' page, Ruth Lea argues: We simply cannot afford the Government’s high-cost energy policies

Ben Howlett on Comment: Why this Government has got it right on Gay Marriage

Also on Comment: Michael Gove urges West to support Israel, not terror

Local Government: Purple Book shows Labour split on home ownership

WATCH: Nick Clegg tells his party: "Sometimes we've got to be a bit awkward"

Cameron to launch a "remarketing" campaign for Britain's image abroad

CAMERON AT PARTY CONFERENCE"The Prime Minister will unveil his new GREAT campaign, which aims to boost Britain's image as a magnet for tourists and business investors, on a trip to New York. It comes amid grim economic times and images of last month's rioting that damaged the country's reputation around the world. Mr Cameron is enlisting business leaders to help sell Britain as a "showcase."" – Sunday Telegraph

Prime Minister the clear winner in a new poll of the party leaders

"The Prime Minister comes out comfortably ahead of both Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg in the surveys commissioned by Lord Ashcroft, the former deputy Conservative chairman, and published by The Sunday Telegraph. However, the polling provides fresh evidence that a Cameron-led Conservative Party is struggling to appeal to women – an issue already causing headaches inside No 10. It also shows Labour remains ahead on the key issues of education and health." – Sunday Telegraph

  • Ed Miliband accused of 'failing the conservatory test' and being out of touch with supporters' aspirations – Mail on Sunday

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: Cameron enjoys 20% lead over "weird" Ed Miliband as best choice for PM

Liberal Democrats vow to fight "right wing" policies of "ruthless" Tories…

CLEGG x2"Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrats have vowed to face down "ruthless" and "extreme" forces in the Tory party to protect the British people from right-wing policies that would widen inequality and benefit the rich. At a rally on Saturday night to open his party's annual conference in Birmingham, Clegg underlined the Lib Dems' newly combative approach to the coalition, describing David Cameron's party as "political enemies" who must be taken on when necessary in the national interest." – Observer

  • "We're picking fights and punching above our weight", says Clegg – Sunday Telegraph
  • Lib Dem policies drive government, claims Nick Clegg – The Scotsman
  • Is the "Nick Clegg factor" still going against the Liberal Democrats? – Observer
  • Nick Clegg tells David Cameron: "We need a plan B" – Sunday Mirror
  • Lord Ashdown says Liberal Democrats will fight tooth and nail to preserve Human Rights – Sunday Telegraph
  • The Lib Dems need to be more than just the people who say no – Andrew Rawnsley, in the Observer
  • The Sunday Telegraph's editorial says "Nick Clegg punches too far above his weight"
  • Sir Menzies Campbell in the Independent on Sunday: Clegg has to steady the nervous Lib Dems

…and Simon Hughes tells Tories "There is absolutely no majority in government for your views"…

Hughes on Marr"There is absolutely no majority in government for your views. If there is a coalition government in the national interest then extreme remedies and answers are not appropriate. You have to be a uniting government." – Simon Hughes, interviewed in the Observer

…Danny Alexander to unveil extra inspectors recruited to target wealthy tax avoiders…

Alexander Danny"Wealthy individuals who are avoiding the 50p income tax rate are to be targeted by 2,250 extra government inspectors in a crackdown to be unveiled at the Liberal Democrat conference today. The Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, will use a speech in Birmingham to reveal the plan to "scrutinise people in the high income bracket to make sure they are paying their fair share"." – Independent on Sunday

…Vince Cable "wants to make it easier for shareholders to prevent FSTE 100 bosses being awarded huge sums if they are not delivering"Sunday Times (£)

  • Sunday Times (£) interview with Vince Cable: I’m back – and I’ll make them pay
  • It’s time Vince’s Department for Business started helping business – James Forsyth, in the Daily Mail
  • No one told us Lib Dem fraudster was on our island, say Dominican police - Sunday Telegraph

David Laws: The Lib Dems must serve not as the government's brake, but as its engine – David Laws, in the Observer

Matthew d'Ancona: A strategy of guts and guile may yet save the Lib Dems

D'ANCONA "The core challenge for the Lib Dems at the next election will be in marginal seats where they are fighting the Conservatives. Their target voter, therefore, is no longer the Labour supporter outraged by Iraq, but the centre-ground waverer who won’t back Red Ed, but isn’t yet ready to sign in blue blood on the Tory dotted line. … Though he could never admit it, least of all in Birmingham, Clegg is attempting something even more radical than Tony Blair did with Labour. He is not just modernising his party. He is trying to build an entirely new one." – Matthew d'Ancona, in the Sunday Telegraph

Tim Montgomerie: The US and Israel say no to Palestine's UN membership bid. The Lib Dems say yes. David Cameron has a dilemma

"The Prime Minister probably won’t veto Palestinian statehood for fear of causing a dangerous rift with the Liberal Democrats. He’ll also have noted threats from Saudi Arabia to reduce co-operation with the West if Palestinian hopes are dashed. On the deep blue sea side of his devilish dilemma, he knows he risks his government’s relationship with Israel. Cameron has been skating on thin ice for some time with friends of the region’s pre-eminent democracy. Neither he nor William Hague are seen as reliable allies. The Prime Minister caused upset last year when he likened Gaza to a “prison camp”. More recently he caused offence when he resigned as a patron of the Jewish National Fund." – Tim Montgomerie, in the Sunday Telegraph

Backbench MPs join opposition to £32bn high-speed rail linkObserver

More government advisors and MPs speak out against proposed planning reforms

Goldsmith-Zac-on-Sunday-AM "Mary Portas, Mr Cameron's adviser on high street retailing, has claimed that the changes would weaken the protection of town centres against out-of-town developments. … Zac Goldsmith, who advised Mr Cameron on environmental issues while in opposition, said the Government was delivering "contradictory messages" over the changes to planning rules, which risked handing a "blank cheque" to developers." – Sunday Telegraph

> Yesterday on Comment - Alice Barnard: How to prevent the planning debate from dividing into two rival camps

As the Government backs gay marriage, a unique insight into David Cameron’s thinking – Michael McManus, in the Mail on Sunday

> From yesterday:

Lord Sanderson of Bowden backs Ruth Davidson for the Scottish Conservative leadershipThe Scotsman 

Norman Lamont: It's not just the €uro, it's the European Union that needs rethinking – Sunday Telegraph

Janet Daley: The European dream lies in ruins

DALEY JANEY BLOG"EU ministers are not, as is sometimes claimed, “in denial”. They fully appreciate what Mr Osborne calls “the gravity of the situation”. They are paralysed because they see clearly the full force of their dilemma. So they vacillate between the impulse to ram through “fiscal integration”, and the fear of electoral consequences: between the totalitarian impulse and the democratic principle. By the end of the year, we will know which one they chose." – Janet Daley, in the Sunday Telegraph

  • Labour and Tory MPs unite to devise plot for Britain to leave the EU – Mail on Sunday
  • "The ailing euro is part of a wider crisis. Our capitalist system is near meltdown" – Will Hutton, in the Observer

Tony Blair and Colonel Gaddafi's secret meetings

BLAIR WITH LAB BACKGROUND"The letters and emails, found by The Sunday Telegraph, show Mr Blair held secret talks with Gaddafi in the months before Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was freed from a British jail. He was flown to Libya twice at Gaddafi's expense on one of the former dictator's private jets – visiting the him in June 2008 and April 2009, when Libya was threatening to cut all business links if Megrahi stayed in a British jail." – Sunday Telegraph

And finally… the Mail on Sunday's Black Dog reports Lee Scott MP's Tube meeting

"Cockney Tory MP Lee Scott was en route to the Commons from his Ilford constituency on the Tube when a woman sitting alongside him asked: ‘Are you our MP Lee Scott?’ He scowled: ‘Nah. I’ve ’eard he’s a complete ******. Why?’ Woman: ‘I’ve heard he’s really nice.’ Lee then leapt to his feet: ‘Actually, madam, I am Lee Scott. And may I say what a pleasure it is to meet you.’" - Mail on Sunday


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