8.15pm WATCH: Britain remembers 9/11 attacks on the 10th anniversary

4.45pm ToryDiary: Only 6% of Scots think Scottish Tories put Scotland first

3.45pm WATCH: Alistair Burt MP on a "weakened" Al Qaeda since 9/11 and the Muslim world's rejection of terrorism in order to change

3.15pm ToryDiary: Changes to ConservativeHome

3.15pm Amber Rudd MP on Comment: Banning Overtime in the NHS

2pm ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

12.15pm LeftWatch: Unite leader Len McCluskey declares war on the Coalition

Hague FCOToryDiary: On tenth anniversary of 9/11, William Hague notes that Al Qaeda is at its weakest for a decade

ToryDiary: 60% of Tory members want to leave EU, 75% say €uro must break up

Ben Howlett on Comment: Conservative Future launches new campaign: #IWantToGoToAFreeSchool

Local Government: Will Scottish Conservatives fight next year's Council elections?

Also on Local Government: Implementing the Housing Benefit Caps

Gazette: Lord Ashcroft announces his support for a £1m appeal for bomb disposal heroes

As America prepares to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, President Obama warns of more attacks and asks people to remain vigilant 


"Make no mistake, they will keep trying to hit us again, but as we are showing again this weekend we remain vigilant. We are doing everything in our power to protect our people," the president said in his weekly radio address.  Though he struck a militaristic and highly patriotic tone, the president revealed a more nuanced side of American thinking" - Guardian

  • President Obama will lead the country in mourning today - Sky News
  • American preparation for the 9/11 anniversary in pictures - Guardian
  • Newspaper front pages the day after the attacks - Sunday Telegraph
  • 'The lost decade' - Independent on Sunday
  • Judi Dench will mark the anniversary in London, by reading a poem outside the US embassy - Sunday Times (£)

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Cameron speaks frankly on Al Jazeera about past mistakes in response to 9/11 and his optimism for the Arab Spring

> Yesterday WATCH: Tony Blair remembers 9/11 and the time he had to consider whether to shoot down a passenger plane

Janet Daley argues that the events of 9/11 brought out "a grotesque and shameful fusillade of anti-Americanism" in Britain, which still exists today 

Janetdaley "Anyone who claims that the latest fashionable wave of political hatred for the US has been provoked by the Iraq war should look at the press coverage that sprang up in the first 48 to 72 hours after the attacks. When the invasion of Afghanistan – let alone Iraq – was only a possibility on the horizon, when the death toll was climbing into the thousands, and when people here were still desperately trying to contact American friends and family, sections of the British media were already engaged in a frenzy of vitriolic retribution" - Sunday Telegraph

As IFS report suggests 50p rate may not have increased revenue, 42% of Britons want it kept regardless50pRATE

"The 50p tax rate for Britain’s highest earners may not raise any extra revenue for the Treasury and could actually reduce it, according to an analysis by the influential Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) this week… Citing evidence from the 1980s, the IFS will suggest the highest rate that can be introduced without a reduction in tax revenue could be 40%." – The Sunday Times (£)

45% agree that "if a 50p top tax rate does not bring in any extra money then it should be abolished" but 42% say that "a 50p top tax rate should be kept regardless of what it brings in – it is morally right that the rich should pay higher taxes" – YouGov

The Sunday Times leader (£) tells George Osborne to "ditch the 50p tax and boost the economy": "Rather sooner than he might have hoped, the 50p top rate of income tax is back in George Osborne’s in-tray. A letter from 20 leading economists last week warned that the 50p rate “gives the UK one of the highest personal tax regimes in the world, making it less competitive internationally and making us less attractive as a destination for both foreign investment and talented workers” - Sunday Times (£)

> Yesterday LISTEN: It is "very dangerous, very unwise, very foolish" to keep 50p tax band says Nigel Lawson

Osborne plans pro-growth initiatives

Osborne "George Osborne is drawing up plans for a major growth package to boost the British economy, in what critics will say is a significant shift from his Plan A of austerity and spending cuts.  In what has been described in government circles as Plan A+, cabinet ministers have been told to identify big-ticket infrastructure projects that can be speeded up to jump-start growth" - Independent on Sunday

  • "Osborne is now, in the words of one Coalition insider, ‘gung-ho’ about any initiative designed to boost growth. There is a recognition, Downing Street advisers say, that ‘deficit reduction is necessary but not sufficient to get the economy moving again’." – James Forsyth in the Mail on Sunday
  • "In the face of our economic woes, Britain needs to turbo-charge the private sector right now. Yet for every measure that Osborne has introduced to help job-creators, there have been at least as many that hurt them. The Government cuts corporation tax, but takes away much more in VAT. There's a promise to curb health and safety laws, but submission to EU oversight of the City of London. Most futile of all is the imposition of expensive climate change policies that increase the energy costs of British manufacturers, but – in the absence of global agreements – do nothing to lower emissions worldwide." – Tim Montgomerie in The Sunday Telegraph

George Osborne rejects EU transaction tax Sunday Telegraph

The Coalition is braced for revolt over changes to constituency boundaries 

"The redrawing of parliamentary boundaries, which will cut the number of MPs from 650 to 600, will ignite a political storm tomorrow, with government whips fearing that the prospect of being kicked out of the Commons could lead some MPs into rebellion for the next three years" - Independent on Sunday

Around 90 Tory MPs expected at a meeting tomorrow to discuss ways of loosening ties with the EU

"As many as 90 Conservatives are expected to attend a meeting tomorrow to discuss how to loosen ties. They include many of the 2010 intake.  The show of strength and the presence of a new generation of MPs will make the issue difficult for the prime minister to ignore as the party approaches its annual conference in Manchester next month" - Sunday Times (£)

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: As new Eurosceptic Tory group flexes its muscles, Hague says Coalition limits his capacity to fight Brussels

John Rentoul warns that the problems of the euro could destroy those that didn't want it, including the Conservative Party – Independent on Sunday

The EU is ripe for change, so would devolving power through a strategy called European localism energise the ailing union? – Anthony Browne and Mats Persson in The Sunday Times (£)

As David Cameron prepares for his trip to Russia – the first visit of a British Prime Minister since 2006, four former foreign secretaries urge him to pressure President Medvedev 

Cameron-medvedev-5 "The call is from Labour's Margaret Beckett, David Miliband, Jack Straw and Conservative Sir Malcolm Rifkind.  The letter says hundreds of thousands of Russian businessmen are detained in jails after falling to victim to corruption sanctioned by the authorities.  They refer to these people as "victims of an increasingly potent mix of corruption and lawlessness".  In their letter, the former foreign secretaries state: "The dangers of this corruption do not stop at Russia's borders and Alexander Litvinenko's murder shows the consequences of such lawlessness hitting British shores" - BBC

  • Dimitri Oreshkin, a Russian political analyst gives his advice to Cameron - Open Democracy
  • Labour MP, Denis MacShane says Cameron's trip must address the Sergei Magnitsky case - Observer

As the government moves to keep up with the "express train" of life expectancy, the retirement age could rise to 67 as early as 2026Observer

No special session for the Big Society at Tory ConferenceSunday Telegraph

Nadine Dorries is sent a text apology by Cameron after his "frustrated" comment at Wednesday's PMQs  

Nadine (1) "Mrs Dorries said last night: ‘I don’t for one moment believe Mr Cameron meant to insult me with his “frustrated” remark.  He had no idea I was going to ask a question and so to suggest it is a snub is nonsense. He has since apologised fulsomely. I think he was taken aback by the response to his comment. Frankly, I can see the funny side.  More importantly, his text message confirms what I have known all along. He supported me but didn’t feel able to do so because he was held to ransom by Clegg" - Mail on Sunday

  • "The PM publicly humiliated me in front of the entire nation, what did I do to deserve that?" asks Nadine Dorries - Mail on Sunday
  • In response to Nadine Dorries' "gutless" remark, Jimmy Young argues that Cameron needs to prove he isn't a "gutless enigma" making comparisons with Churchill - Sunday Express

Andrew Rawnsley writes of "stroppy Tories" who complain of Nick Clegg stopping them from being more rightwing

Clegg DPM "When they are looking for someone to blame for what they see as the timidity of the coalition, the obvious place for Tory MPs to start is with Nick Clegg.  To many critics of the left, the Lib Dem leader was a dupe when he jumped into bed with them last year. But seen from a certain Conservative perspective, it is he who has made a hostage of the Tory party" – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer

  • Also in The Observer Toby Helm lists and Richter-rates the area of Coalition tension.

Crack down on the banks or I'll quit, Cable tells Osborne as he reveals tensions at the heart of the Coalition

Cable Vince Hands "In a highly provocative move, Business Secretary Mr Cable has told the Chancellor he must order tough new laws to protect savers from reckless banks. And if Mr Osborne tries to block the curbs, sources close to Lib Dem Mr Cable say he is prepared to leave the Cabinet, plunging the fragile Coalition Government into crisis." – Mail on Sunday

  • Ed Miliband has given his backing to suggestions that bankers should face being struck off if they are deemed unfit to do the job – BBC

Three years after going on the run, Michael Brown, the multi-millionaire fraudster and Liberal Democrat donor, has been tracked down to a Caribbean hideout The Sunday Telegraph

A former Tory trade minister, Lord Trefgarne asked Gaddafi's son, Saif al-Islam to help him secure $1.5m for championing the release of the Lockerbie bomberSunday Times (£)

Yesterday Rehman Chishti MP on Comment: Libya's National Transitional Council must deal with the extreme rebel fighters reportedly in its alliance

> Yesterday WATCH: Rebel forces in Libya move in on the Gaddafi strongholds of Sirte and Bani Walid

Multi-millionaire backs Murdo Fraser's plan for separate Scottish partyScotland on Sunday

Fraser Murdo 2011 launch

Eddie Barnes in Scotland on Sunday can't find members' outrage at Murdo Fraser's plans: "After deputy leader Murdo Fraser announced his dramatic plan to scrap the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party and replace it with something else last week, one of his rivals, Jackson Carlaw, sprang into action. He had been "overwhelmed" by people expressing "outrage and frustration" at Fraser's gamble. There was no way anyone was going to change things. And so Carlaw launched an online petition at As of yesterday afternoon, it had collected a grant total of 41 signatures."

The 'Tory Headmaster', Keith Simpson, pokes fun at colleagues at Commons dinnerMail on Sunday

Tory MP Laurence Robertson comes under fire for putting both estranged wife, and current partner, on payroll - Mail on Sunday

Unite leader Len McCluskey calls for protests and strikes against cuts

Strike "The leader of Britain's biggest union is calling on millions of working people to prepare for a national campaign of "civil disobedience" and co-ordinated strikes in protest at coalition cuts to pensions and public services." – Observer

  • His tone may be moderate, but the TUC leader is on a mission to change the Coalition's economic policy – Independent on Sunday

British law firms including Allen & Overy, Clifford Chance, and Linklaters are all part of new scheme being launched which would offer 2500 internships to state school students from poorer backgrounds - Sunday Times


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