Economist6pm ToryDiary: Another blow for High Speed Rail 2: the Economist shows its costly downsides

4.30pm WATCH: William Hague: "Very significant" Syrian oil sanctions agreed by the European Union

2pm Tom Burkard on Comment: Red tape is delaying the foundation of a Free School staffed by ex-military teachers

1.45pm ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

Gove IDCC Noon ToryDiary: Michael Gove warns of an "educational underclass" of "lost souls", ill-prepared for school, and lacking discipline and male role models

10am Local government: Council byelection result from Thursday

ToryDiary: Anti-planning campaigners urged to stop scaremongering, as Greg Clark MP promises to listen to constructive suggestions

Lord Flight on Comment: The public will appreciate radical measures to tackle the country's problems

Local Government: National Trust urged to "get specific" on planning grievances

WATCH: Libya facing critical supply shortages

David Cameron attacks the BBC on Radio 4 interview…

Cameron close Up With Headphones"The Prime Minister criticised the BBC for what he called trying to “mush” together the riots with other ills in society – such as the behaviour of bankers – and using it as an excuse to do nothing until all inequalities are addressed. … He said he was in favour of “tough love” when trying to deal with the reasons behind the outbreak of violence and criminality which he described as “a wake up moment.” – Daily Telegraph

  • The Sun agrees the BBC's riots coverage was less than perfect: "With a straight face, the BBC insists its coverage was "balanced". It was … between left and rabidly left." – The Sun Says
  • DPP says looters should be treated as ordinary criminals – Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: David Cameron promises "tough love" for Britain's broken households and that Britain will remain a global military power

…and defends the Libyan mission

Cameron-and-troops"David Cameron triumphantly defended Nato’s Libya mission and hit out at “armchair generals” who had exaggerated the impact of defence cuts on Britain’s operations in the country. “A lot of armchair generals who said you couldn’t do it without an aircraft carrier, they were wrong,” said Mr Cameron. “People who said this is all going to be an enormous swamp of Islamists and extremists, they were wrong. People who said we were going to run out of munitions, they were wrong. We should be proud of what our forces did.”" – Daily Telegraph

"Nobody prays more fervently than the Mail that the outcome will be as rosy as Mr Cameron predicts. And, yes, there are a few encouraging signs, including some good sense from members of the National Transitional Council. But the Prime Minister would be wise to temper what sounds like triumphalism." – Daily Mail editorial

Ministers to reconsider planning law reforms 

Countryside"Ministers will look again at controversial new planning proposals in the first sign that they are prepared to make concessions to head off a growing revolt in the countryside." – The Times (£) 

"Experts say more than 4,500 turbines will be built to meet the Government’s climate change targets as it adopts “a presumption in favour of sustainable development”." – Daily Telegraph 

> Yesterday on Comment – Ben Howlett: This government's planning policies will help young people get a step up on the property ladder

Charles Moore: For the good of rural life, we must build houses in the English countryside

MOORE"True, modern needs – electricity, cars, telephone masts, petrol stations, sewage treatment, rubbish tips – can be ugly. But since almost no one seriously believes that we can do without these things, we had better put our hearts into making the best of them. If we do, we shall find that the best is so much better than what we manage now. At present, we are dramatically, needlessly transforming our landscape with vast wind turbines in a mad search for renewable energy. Instead, we should be changing it more gradually and sympathetically, building houses to fit the lives we live and the opportunities we seek." – Charles Moore, in the Daily Telegraph

Does the government oppose independent abortion counselling? Health Ministers will vote against it

10-downing-street "The government has written to all MPs to tell them health ministers will vote against a proposal to change the advice given to women seeking an abortion." - BBC

"The campaign to toughen Britain's abortion laws was losing momentum as Tory MPs on Friday backed a rival amendment and questions emerged about links to Christian counselling services that might benefit from the proposed reform." - Guardian

  • The Guardian has the latest abortion statistics for England and Wales

Graeme Archer: Parliamentarians should be proud of the efforts of Nadine Dorries and Frank Field

ArcherGraeme "I don’t expect the Dorries amendment to pass. But I do think she and Mr Field have done a service of which parliamentarians should be proud. The amendment has raised debate on an issue which some experts have given the impression that they prefer not to discuss. The Government has now resolved to review the provision of the counselling available to women. I find it impossible to imagine, were my life quite different in matters sexual, that I’d regret that a politician were putting the spotlight on what might be experienced – the good, and the less good – on the other side of the clinic doors." – Graeme Archer, in the Daily Telegraph

"Michael Gove’s great project is transforming education"  

GOVE MICHAEL NW"As Mr Gove said this week, teaching has been undermined by “the twisting of rights by a minority who need to be taught an unambiguous lesson”. He has been as good as his word, restoring to teachers the right to restrain pupils and scrapping fatuous new rules demanding that they fill in a form if they do so. He has also beefed up fines for parents of truants and intends to give head teachers the power to expel pupils without the risk of being overruled by appeal tribunals. Not before time, the rights of teachers are being given precedence over the rights of pupils." – Daily Telegraph editorial 

  • 1 in 4 primary schools has no male teacher – The Sun 
  • Toby Young has a point: Public schools have much to teach the state about character building, so the left had better live with it – Anthony Seldon, in the Guardian

> Yesterday on ThinkTankCentral – Ryan Shorthouse: High-quality early years education is critical

Andrew Grice: Cameron should resist the siren calls urging him to the right

Cameron IV on green"Yesterday he styled himself a "common sense Conservative", a slice of motherhood and apple pie that will not offend the voters. It was a holding operation for the modernisers and traditionalists who wonder whether he is "one of us". Some close allies insist Mr Cameron is a bit of both. He had a traditional, Conservative upbringing but sees himself as a One Nation Tory." – Andrew Grice, in the Independent

  • "The Tory Right’s ambition, perhaps only subliminal, is to purge the party of its more cautious and more liberal tendencies by sourcing these to another party." – Matthew Parris, in the Times (£)
  • "The “Gap Year” Toryism that, for example, rates increasing the international aid budget a higher priority than tax cuts for working people or investment in law and order makes the Conservatives seem more out of touch with the mainstream, not less." – Patrick O'Flynn, in the Daily Express
  • "My heart sinks when we get back into this kind of discussion." – John Redwood MP

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: The wrong and right kinds of Tory modernisation

Scottish Conservative leadership candidate Jackson Carlaw launches campaignThe Scotsman

Westminster wakes up to the Scottish independence question

SCOTTISH-PARLIAMENT"But now there is a stirring in the giant’s breast. No 10 has taken on a press officer to cover matters Scottish while this week, following the meeting of the quad, we had not one but two ministerial speeches challenging the First Minister on the independence question. … Ministers, we are told, will increasingly be getting out their maps and planning trips north to tub-thump on how Scotland benefits from the Union. Of course, that means the face of this promotion of Britishness will be, at times, Conservative, and, at times, Liberal Democrat. Labour, meantime, appearing weak and downbeat, is waiting for Godot." – The Herald

  • Salmond ‘is happy to see Scotland stay part of UK’ The Times (£)

Clegg facing party revolt over revised NHS reforms – Independent 

Brian Paddick picked by Liberal Democrats for London mayoral race

Paddick Brian "London's mayoral election next year will be a rematch between Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone and Brian Paddick, after the former Scotland Yard deputy assistant commissioner was selected as the Liberal Democrats' candidate for the second time. Paddick, who came third in the 2008 mayoral election when Johnson ousted Livingstone after two terms, was declared the winner after a four-horse race in which the former MP Lembit Opik was eliminated in the first round."Guardian

UN anti-racism committee expresses “deep regret” at the expulsion of 400 Irish travellers from an illegal camp – The Times (£)

And finally… Blair found working with Brown as painful as dental work without anaesthetic - Daily Mail

"Alistair Darling will claim in his memoirs that Tony Blair found Gordon Brown so difficult to work with that Blair told him "dealing with GB is like having dental treatment with no anaesthetic"." – That, and other anecdotes, at the Guardian

  • "According to leaks of the memoirs, Mr Brown first tried to appoint a henchwoman called Baroness Vadera to a Treasury post to keep an eye on Mr Darling." – Stephen Glover, in the Daily Mail


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