5.15pm WATCH: Rebel forces in Libya move in on the Gaddafi strongholds of Sirte and Bani Walid

2.30pm Gazette: Launch of Tory Hoose, a blog to debate Scottish Conservatism

2pm ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news 

11.45am WATCH: David Cameron: 9/11 lessons must be learnt 

Screen shot 2011-09-10 at 17.24.10 11.30am ToryDiary: Cameron speaks frankly on Al Jazeera about past mistakes in response to 9/11 and his optimism for the Arab Spring

ToryDiary: As new Eurosceptic Tory group flexes its muscles, Hague says Coalition limits his capacity to fight Brussels

Rehman Chishti MP on Comment: Libya's National Transitional Council must deal with the extreme rebel fighters reportedly in its alliance

Local Government: CPRE distort quote from Eric Pickles

Also on Local Government: Council byelections results from Thursday

LISTEN: It is "very dangerous, very unwise, very foolish" to keep 50p tax band says Nigel Lawson

WATCH: Tony Blair remembers 9/11 and the time he had to consider whether to shoot down a passenger plane

William Hague urges a rethink on Britain's relationship with Europe, and says the country is "being held back by" the Lib Dems on this issue  

William-hague "The Foreign Secretary uses an interview with the Times to throw his weight behind Tory Eurosceptics who want to recast the relationship with the European Union.  He raises the prospect of Britain standing increasingly apart from the EU core. “It’s true of the euro, it could be true of more areas in future,” he says. “In fact we may get ahead as a result of being outside” - the Times (£)

  • In the same interview, Hague also discusses Libya and Syria, describing the Arab Spring as the "most important event of the 21st century so far" and says that "the Foreign Office is the busiest since the Second World War" - the Times

EU Treaty talks will have to wait until 2013 – after elections in France and Germany

"The Eurosceptic Tories may be disappointed to learn that they are likely to face a long wait. Britain will only place its demands on the table in Brussels when large scale negotiations are held to reform the governance of the euro. These are not expected to begin until 2013 at the earliest" - the Guardian

> Yesterday Andrew Lilico on Comment: European federalism and "Comical Collins"

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: What should happen to Britain's relationship with the EU?

  • Ukip leader Nigel Farage attacks David Cameron for deceiving voters - Daily Express

Cameron defends Britian's deficit plans as IMF chief, Christine Lagarde gives qualified support  

Lagarde "David Cameron and George Osborne were forced to defend their fiscal deficit reduction plan after the head of the IMF said Britain may have to change tack if the economy struggles to recover.  As Labour claimed that Christine Lagarde's warning showed the danger of cutting too quickly, Downing Street insisted there would be no change because Britain still faced "fiscal risks".  The row broke out after Lagarde, the managing director of the IMF, offered a qualified endorsement of the plan to eliminate Britain's structural deficit by 2015" - the Guardian

> Yesterday: WATCH: David Cameron: Britain's economy is facing "very difficult" times with a big budget deficit

Former Chancellor, Lord Lawson, calls for the 50p tax rate to be scrapped - BBC

Cameron says families of truants could lose benefitsIndependent

Cameron attacks complacency in "coasting" schools, urging schools in affluent areas to do better 

“It’s not just failing schools we need to tackle,” he said. “It’s coasting schools, too – the ones whose results have either flat-lined, or where they haven’t improved as much as they could have" - the Telegraph

  • Cameron also says he would like his old school, Eton, to set up a state school –BBC

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Cameron stresses elitism as he backs free schools

> Yesterday's LocalGovernment: Fisking Melissa Benn's Guardian article on free schools

The Daily Telegraph reports that the Conservative Party has received millions of pounds from property developers who would gain from the Government's planning reforms  

Telsat "Dozens of property firms have given a total of £3.3 million to the party over the past three years, including large gifts from companies seeking to develop rural land.  Developers are also paying thousands of pounds for access to senior Tories through the Conservative Property Forum, a club of elite donors which sets up “breakfast meetings” to discuss planning and property issues.  The disclosures are likely to provoke a new “cash-for-access” row and will give rise to fears that planning policies could have been influenced by powerful figures from the property industry" - the Telegraph

Max Hastings writes how the 'planning fiasco adds insult to injury to the Tory faithful': "It is a characteristic of David Cameron’s government, brave or reckless according to taste, that he treats with disdain what Margaret Thatcher used to call “our people”. Since gaining power 16 months ago, he has given his own party’s supporters zero comfort and much grief. They are required to pay more tax while their incomes fall and denied concessions on their deepest concerns, immigration and Europe foremost among them." - the FT (£)

Pickles and Osborne accused of hypocrisy for pushing planning reforms, yet opposing developments in their own constituencies the Guardian

George Osborne expected to lose his seat after electoral boundary review

"The Chancellor is tipped to be the most prominent victim of an electoral boundary review that is about to convulse all the political parties. At midday on Monday, MPs will learn whether they still have a seat as part of David Cameron’s plan to cut the number of MPs by 50 to 600" - the Times (£)

Nadine Dorries describes George Osborne's comments at the GQ Awards as "tacky and immature" the Independent

> Yesterday: WATCH: That controversial George Osborne GQ Awards speech

  • 'Naughty little boys' – more on the recent antics of Osborne and Cameron - the Express

Ahead of David Cameron's visit, Russia's ambassador to London reveals that Britian and Russia will share security secrets, but will not extradite the killer of Litvinenko 

Litvin "Mr Cameron’s decision to visit Russia has caused some surprise, since Moscow has refused to budge over the extradition of Lugavoy, an ex-KGB agent.  Despite the hard line on Lugavoy, the ambassador revealed that Russia was prepared to reopen intelligence sharing with Britain in the fight against terrorism. ‘Co-operation stopped after the Litvinenko case,’ he said.  ‘We believe we have to re-establish these relations.  Everything is in the hands of the British side. We’re ready" - the Daily Mail

  • Lugavoy jokingly suggests he would happily meet David Cameron on his visit to Russia - Sky News
  • Russian ambassador says there is evidence to support Georgian provacation in 2008 invasion - the Times (£)

Citing the example of Guantanamo Bay, and the Iraq war, Cameron tells David Frost that Britian lost some "moral authority" in its response to the 9/11 attacks 

"The prime minister cited the establishment of the Guantanamo Bay prison camp as one of the main mistakes. "Yes of course mistakes were made and of course you know what happened at Guantánamo Bay, there were mistakes made," Cameron said told Frost on al-Jazeera TV.  "Yes, we can certainly see with hindsight, and in some ways at the time, mistakes were made in that we lost some of our moral authority, which is vital to keep when you're trying to make your case in the world" - the Guardian

> Yesterday Andrew Murrison MP on Comment: Ministers must put right the state's share of responsibility for Baha Mousa

  • The Scotsman lists some of the key quotes in the Cameron/Frost interview - the Scotsman
  • David Cameron on his fears, that wife Samantha has been killed in the 9/11 attacks - the Daily Mail

After Tony Blair's comments on Syria and Iran, Matthew Parris says "we should never forget how little he actually acheived" 

_40924516_matthew_parris_bbc_203 "Brazen is the word. Tony Blair’s apparent belief that he is not in disgrace teeters, as our former Prime Minister has always teetered, on the delusional. That Mr Blair, who doesn’t use that potent phrase “regime change” heedless of its connotations, should this week be dog-whistling for a renewed threat to invade Iran, fair takes your breath away" - the Times

  • Matthew Norman argues that Tony Blair is proof of God's sense of humour - the Telegraph
  • 'Britain must escape Tony Blair's corrosive legacy' - the Scotsman

Daniel Hannan MEP remembers how ten years ago Iain Duncan Smith became Tory leader the Telegraph

Graeme Archer on how the Liberal Democrats are neither liberal, nor democratic

"Now imagine that you are a Liberal Democrat. Your organisation has been in the wilderness for 80 years, since the time of Lloyd George. The general election of 2010 gives you the chance to share government with the Conservatives; this is the first time in recent history that an administration will have a serious Liberal presence. How would you behave?" - the Telegraph

Three Derbyshire Tory MPs say they support the sentiment of the Early Day Motion in support of train maker, Bombardier, but will not sign it – Derby Telegraph

Tea Party Tories in the backbenches?the Guardian

Edwina Currie interviewed about Strictly Come Dancing the Telegraph

And finally … anarchist band Chumbawamba furious about Ukip using their Number 1 hit, 'I Get Knocked Down' at their party conference in Eastbourne  

Nigel-Farage_1585806c "The Burnley band – who have penned several songs protesting against war, supporting animal rights and miners' strikes – may not seem a natural fit for the right-wing party, but leader Nigel Farage arrived on stage at the conference to the band's best-known hit. The band complained to Ukip and threatened to take further action if the song was used again" - the Guardian


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