2pm ToryDiary: Would Cameron have won an October 2010 General Election? 

Afghanistan Martin Parsons on Comment: Former Afghan President assassinated: lessons from a chapter in Afghan History

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

11.45am LeftWatch: Livingstone jokes that Eddie Izzard should poison Boris

11am: WATCH: Charles Kennedy reviews Nick Clegg's political year

10.45am MPsETC: Tory MPs go to Bangladesh as part of the party's social action project, Project Maja


ToryDiary: Should we worry about the Liberal Democrats' attempts to retoxify the Tory brand?

Stephan Shakespeare on our columnists' page: Where is the political leadership on the €uro? 

Andrew Bridgen MP on Comment: Clegg and Cable should show they are serious about growth – by dumping the 50p tax rate

Local Government:

WATCH: The IMF's chief economist, Olivier Blanchard, says there is 'no panic' over Europe debt crisis

"Ministers are locked in battle over a Liberal Democrat plan to splash out £5billion to boost the economy"

"Ministers are locked in battle over a Liberal Democrat plan to splash out £5billion to boost the economy. As the International Monetary Fund slashed economic forecasts, Vince Cable stunned colleagues by claiming there is ‘flexibility’ within austerity plans for public spending on road schemes, business parks and faster broadband links." – Daily Mail

Time "The International Monetary Fund has cut its growth forecast for Britain for the third time in nine months and warned George Osborne that further underperformance would warrant a policy U-turn. The fund said the UK continued to struggle and advised that a slower pace of deficit reduction would be necessary were the economy to continue to expand less rapidly than expected" - Guardian

  • IMF tells the Chancellor he needs a Plan B - Independent
  • The IMF says the world economy is in a dangerous new phase - Times (£)
  • Gideon Rachmann: 'The single currency's true fatal flaw' - FT (£)

Nick Clegg to end Lib Dem conference by reaffirming the Government's commitment to deficit reduction plan

"The deputy PM is expected to say they will not change course on spending cuts but can do more to encourage growth. He will argue the economic crisis shows the party made the "right call" in entering power with the Conservatives" - BBC

Clegg: the “long hard road” to recovery “just got a little bit longer” 

Clegg with LD bird Mr Clegg said he had been forced to rethink his views on the state of the economy after IMF figures suggested Britain might well be back in the recession. Earlier Mr Clegg had told the BBC that he was hopeful that there was light at the end of the tunnel. “What actually I said was of course there will be light at the end of the tunnel. We are not going to be stuck here forever. It won’t be permanent gloom,” said Mr Clegg. “But I also said that it would be a long, hard road, and that road just got a bit longer” - Times (£)

In what The Sun describes as hug-a-rioter, Clegg will outline proposals to send 100,000 children at risk of going off the rails to summer school before starting secondary school

"The £50m scheme will start next year, offering catch-up classes to help young people who he says have lost touch with their future. His response is markedly different to the punitive one offered by David Cameron in the immediate wake of the summer unrest. Rather than attacking a general collapse in morality, Clegg argues the generation that rioted appeared to have lost any stake in society" - Guardian

> Yesterday's Local Government: Yoofism is no answer to the riots

'Laws contradicts Clegg with call to cut 50p tax'Independent

Huhne hints that Coalition could collapse if Tories insist on human rights law reformThe Sun

Lib Dems looking for a bigger role in the Home Office after Cabinet reshuffle 

Browne "Allies of the Deputy Prime Minister suggest that the party feels exposed over law and order issues, especially after last month’s riots, where the coalition partners’ instincts took them in different directions. The Lib Dems are prepared to trade the senior role occupied in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office by their Minister Of State Jeremy Browne for a beefed-up job under Theresa May" - Times (£)

  • Steve Richards: 'A party that doesn't realise the power at its disposal' - Independent

Simon Jenkins says the Lib Dems have brought the country stability, yet remain "intellectually barren"

"The Lib Dems seem to bring no new ideas to this table, from left or right of the policy spectrum. They have pulled off a remarkable political coup, offering the country stable leadership at a time of economic turbulence. But as to finding a way out of that turbulence, they remain intellectually barren. They are wasting a great opportunity"

Daniel Finkelstein argues that after the Coalition, there's no turning back for the Lib Dems 

Fink "Consider the main claims that Liberal Democrats have been in the habit of making. Essential to their appeal has been the idea that they are above politics, a breath of fresh air, somehow cleaner and more trustworthy than the others. Their broken promise on tuition fees, and to a much lesser extent various personal scandals, mean they can no longer rely upon people accepting this" - Times (£)

Simon Heffer on Chris Huhne's 'tea party Tories'

"If Chris Huhne thought he would wound people on the right of the Conservative party by describing them as 'tea-party Tories', I fear he has another think coming.  Many Conservatives in Britain admire very much the small-state, tax-cutting agenda of the tea Party, and will take the application of the sobriquet to them as a distinct compliment. Mr Huhne is an unrepentant Euro-maniac" - Daily Mail

  • Baroness Williams criticises Chris Huhne and Tim Farron's Tory bashing, saying their remarks are "unhelpful" - Telegraph
  • More 'rebellion' from Tim Farron, as he calls for tuition fees to be scrapped - Independent 
  • IPSOS/MORI poll suggests the Lib Dems are divided and hard to trust  - Reuters

> Yesterday's:

David Cameron pledges to protect the countryside, personally intervening in the row over planning reforms 

ProtectCountry "The Prime Minister said that new planning laws would seek to “achieve a balance” between the environmental, social and economic dimensions of developments. He insisted that he is committed to the “magnificent countryside” and said the “beautiful British landscape is a national treasure. Poorly designed and poorly located development is in no one’s interest”. The Prime Minister’s views on the Government’s controversial planning reforms are disclosed for the first time in a letter sent last night by Mr Cameron to the National Trust" - Telegraph

  • Planning shakeup could lead to 120,000 extra homes being built each year - Daily Mail
  • Read Cameron's letter to the National Trust in full - Telegraph
  • 'Planning changes 'will make gypsy camps easier' - Telegraph

David Cameron pays tribute to former Afghan President, Burhanuddin Rabbani, killed in Kabul bomb attack 

"Prime Minister David Cameron said work towards peace in Afghanistan would go on despite the assassination by a Taliban suicide bomber of the head of the High Peace Council. Former Afghan president Burhanuddin Rabbani died at his home alongside four bodyguards and a key presidential adviser when the man detonated explosives hidden in his turban" - Independent

Cameron will make final decision on whether Prince Harry is deployed to Afghanistan - Telegraph

500,000 women will not have to wait as long as they feared to retire under controversial new pension reforms 

Dailymail "Hundreds of thousands of women hit by controversial changes to the state pension system will be thrown a lifeline. After a storm of protest ministers have acknowledged that the women affected, some of whom are in line to work for an extra two years, should be given a better deal. Under one dramatic option being considered by David Cameron, their wait to collect their pension would be cut to a year. Pensions minister Steve Webb said yesterday: ‘The crucial thing for us is fairness" - Daily Mail

  • David Cameron and Nick Clegg close to reaching a deal to help alleviate women affected badly by pension reforms - Times (£)

Toby Young writes about the FT's attempts to smear Michael Gove over claims he used an undisclosed private email address  

Gove "The FT ran a front page story this morning about an email sent by one of Michael Gove's special advisers last February urging his Conservative Party colleagues not to use his departmental email address to discuss party political affairs. The FT's education correspondent, Christopher Cook, presented this as an underhand attempt to conceal sensitive information from departmental officials and the public and claimed that the Information Commissioner had mounted an official "investigation" into the incident" - Telegraph

  • 'Hunt is on for the mole who exposed email scam in Gove's empire' - Independent
  • Following on from yesterday's FT article, shadow education secretary Andy Burnham has called for an investigation into the matter - FT

Jonathan Djangoly, legal aid reforms minister, has £250,000 invested in firms with insurance interests Guardian

We don’t have to tolerate this outrageous pay – In The Times (£) Jesse Norman says it's time to force directors to act long term and let small shareholders have a real say on the board.

Scottish Tory leadership candidate, Ruth Davidson wants more faith schools - Pink News

Ann Widdecombe: Marriage between a man and a woman must remain special

WIDDECOMBE ANN NEW "A long-term commitment between a man and a woman and recognised in law is what we rely on for the production and nurture of children.  No other arrangement, either homosexual or heterosexual, should be considered equivalent." – Ann Widdecombe in The Express

Miliband plans changes to Labour leadership elections, loosening the grip of the unions

"Ed Miliband has risked antagonising his trade-union backers with a shake-up of his party's rule book that will dilute the impact of the union vote the next time Labour chooses a new leader" - Independent

  • Amol Rajan: 'The unions backed Miliband but can he back them?' - Independent

> Yesterday's LeftWatch: Ed Miliband to open up Labour leadership elections to the public?

Michael Meacher on Labour's Purple Book: 'These are failed Tory ideas'Guardian

Fury as loan cheat MP Elliot Morley free after four monthsThe Sun

Met police drops attempts to force the Guardian to reveal confidential sources relating to the phone-hacking scandal  - Guardian

Jonathan Freedland: 'The new Met chief's U-Turn is welcome – he had made a gross misjudgment - Guardian

And finally … 700 charity walkers bump into the Prime Minister near Chequers 

Walkers "The hardy walkers were among 700 taking part to raise money for the Chalfont St Giles-based charity Iain Rennie Grove House Hospice Care. Led by the charity's president Moira Rennie, the group bumped into David Cameron and his family nearer Chequers where he was out for a walk with his friends. She said: "He was very supportive of our efforts to raise money for our cause and it gave an added dimension to what was a wonderful occasion" - Buckinghamshire Examiner


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