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Cameron in Russia3.45pm WATCH: David Cameron on Russia visit: "We still disagree with you over the Litvinenko case"

2pm JP Floru on Comment: The 50p tax rate destroys jobs for some of the poorest in society

1.45pm WATCH:

HUHNE BBC INTERVIEW 1.30pm LeftWatch: Former City investor Chris Huhne warns Conservatives against "helping their friends in the City" by scrapping the 50p tax rate

12.30pm Bernard Jenkin MP on Comment: The meeting of 90 MPs today to discuss the European Union is not a rebellion, but it might be the genesis of something big

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

10.30am Local government: 160,000 council homes are being illegally sublet

Welcome to the new ConservativeHome: Read about the changes!

ToryDiary: Be afraid. Be very afraid. The boundary proposals are coming.

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On our new columnists page Bruce Anderson explains David Cameron's mission: Cameron would like to combine the social stability of the 1950s with the economic dynamism of the 1980s

Andrew Haldenby on Comment: A productive public sector poses a challenge to the unions – and the Government

FutureConservatism: Boris Johnson, David Davis and five new Tory MPs launch the debate about the future of the Conservative Party

MPsETC: Heather Wheeler becomes tenth Tory MP to publicly support leaving the EU

ConservativeAccountability: Damian Green explains what he's doing to 'Make Britain Better'

Local government: The cynical approach to spending cuts

WATCH: IDS tells Andrew Marr about his plans to get people into work, cap benefits and raise the retirement age

David Davis previews the forthcoming 'Future of Conservatism' book that he is editing and which ConservativeHome is publishing

MailGrab "We cannot afford taxes that penalise effort, energy, and innovation, and which drive away entrepreneurs and capital. The argument over the 50 per cent tax rate, which punishes talent and effort, is just the tip of the iceberg. Capital gains tax and corporation taxes have similarly depressive effects on savings and investment. Neither can we afford massively expensive environmental policies which have serious consequences for economic growth but uncertain impact on global greenhouse gases." – David Davis writing in the Daily Mail

James Chapman, Political Editor of the Daily Mail, previews the 26 chapters of the book.

  • "On human rights, Europe, business taxes, NHS reforms, elected police commissioners – again and again, the Lib Dems have been allowed to water down Conservative policy, exercising an influence out of all proportion to their feeble performance at the ballot box." – Daily Mail leader
  • Clegg, meanwhile, says Clegg must tell his party conference that the Lib Dems must act like a party of power, not opposition – Julian Glover in the Daily Mail

Boris Johnson calls for massive investment to renew the nation's Victorian infrastructure

JOHNSON BORIS 2006 "We can’t afford to keep muddling along and relying on historic investment. On sewers, rail, river crossings, ports and airports it is time for neo-Victorian boldness. It is the right thing for jobs now, and the right thing for this country’s long-term competitiveness." – Boris Johnson in The Telegraph

Tories plan to scrap 50p tax to help City friends 'put their feet up' says HuhneDaily Mail

The Times: Cameron has decided the political cost of not enacting banking reforms is too high but full implementation may not be until 2019The Times (£)

Osborne will promise further consultation with the banks – Independent

  • Vickers' Independent Commission on Banking set to outline how banks should ring-fence their retail and investment businesses – BBC
  • Cameron should enact Vickers' banking reforms immediately – Mary Ann Sieghart in The Independent
  • Danny Alexander says it's "nonsense" Cable will quit if banking reforms are rejected or long-grassed – Express
  • "Some analysts predict ring-fencing could reduce the profits of RBS by up to 15 per cent, which would wipe billions off the value of the taxpayers’ stake in the bank and further diminish the chances that Mr Osborne will be able to sell any of the shares in time to improve the public finances ahead of the next election." – David Wighton in The Times (£)
  • "At this point in the economic cycle, the Basel III rules imposing higher capital requirements, which will reduce bank returns and their ability to lend, pose a much greater threat to the UK’s economic recovery than any likely ringfencing." – George Mathewson in the FT (£)

Mail joins Telegraph's crusade against Planning reforms

PHILLIPS-MELANIE In the Daily Mail Melanie Phillips launches a double-barreled attack on the Planning reforms: "Conservatives have watched with dismay as the Cameroons have ridden roughshod over one conservative principle after another. However, it is in the meadows and copses of England that Mr Cameron may meet his Waterloo."

  • Planning and banking reforms are two huge tests for Cameron – James Forsyth at The Spectator
  • Greg Clark fears No10 may wobble on Planning reforms – Telegraph
  • "The revelations that the planning minister, Greg Clark, has privately urged developers to lobby David Cameron undermine his claims of objectivity." – Telegraph leader
  • Latest developments in The Telegraph's 'Hands off our land' campaign.
  • UK planning system is "manifestly dysfunctional" and needs simplification – Jackie Sadek in The Times (£)

OSBORNE GEORGE BLUE George Osborne reveals that William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, was drawing up a list of demands for powers to be repatriated to Britain in return for treaty changeTelegraph

  • Tory fears of 'a new EU treaty in two years' as Eurosceptics demand power back from Brussels – Daily Mail

> Saturday's ToryDiary: As new Eurosceptic Tory group flexes its muscles, Hague says Coalition limits his capacity to fight Brussels

Cameron's one day Russia trip with 24 senior businessmen aims to sign £215 million of dealsBBC

Cameron holds landmark talks with Russian leaders on Monday, aiming to strengthen business and political ties with Moscow despite a long-running dispute over the murder of a Kremlin critic in London five years ago – Reuters

  • Mr Cameron's meeting with Putin will be the one that counts – Independent

Retirement at 67 is brought forward by 10 yearsSun

Senior MPs fear a huge breakdown in party discipline as 50 MPs learn today whether they are going to lose their seats

"Three Cabinet ministers are among the MPs whose constituencies could be axed under the shake-up. Chancellor George Osborne, Energy Secretary Chris Huhne and Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander are at risk of losing their seats or seeing them merged. Other high-profile MPs at risk include shadow chancellor Ed Balls." – Daily Mail

Former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy could be offered a seat in the House of Lords as part of a deal to secure the political future of Lib Dem Cabinet minister Danny Alexander – Telegraph

A hospital that David Cameron vowed to save while in opposition is set to lose its A&E and maternity unitsTelegraph

Screen shot 2011-09-11 at 16.16.26 Ruth Davidson wins Lord Forsyth's backing in a major boost to her bid to become Scottish Tory leaderScotsman

Ruth Davidson has sacked a Holyrood assistant who burned a European Union flag amid obscene anti-Catholic taunts – Herald

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Only 6% of Scots think Scottish Tories put Scotland first

  • Cameron appoints two Downing Street advisers to coordinate Scottish matters – Herald

TUC leader will begin annual conference with attack on spending cuts as cruel and unfairly targetedIndependent

"Puffed up with the hot air from their own fatuous rhetoric TUC bosses will spend the next few days denouncing the Tory-led coalition, issuing lurid threats of industrial action and indulging in synthetic outrage over invented grievances. In reality the gap is wider because 90 per cent of state workers receive generous final salary pension schemes underwritten by tax- payers, whereas such schemes have largely been phased out in the private sector." – Leo McKinstry in the Express

> Yesterday's LeftWatch: Unite leader Len McCluskey declares war on the Coalition

IFS predicts 10% cut in average family's living standardsGuardian

  • Google: The internet now drives 20% of UK growth – Express

Yvette Cooper warns that elected police chiefs will cost the equivalent of 3,000 police officers


Cooper's anti-police chiefs campaign is a straight copy of the No2AV campaign

"Elections, transition costs and 40 new politicians on £120,000 a year would cost well over £100m – the equivalent of 3,000 police constables. The public rightly don't believe a few elected police chiefs will be better than thousands of police officers at cutting crime, so to make this a priority shows how out of touch on law and order the government has become." – Yvette Cooper in The Guardian

Centre for Social Justice: Parents who refuse to tackle disruptive pupils should have handouts cutTelegraph

David Cameron and Prince Charles join relatives of British 9/11 victims for a touching memorial service by the American Embassy in LondonDaily Mail


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