Screen shot 2011-09-16 at 16.09.48 4.15pm Tim Montgomerie on Comment: Simon Jenkins, Matthew Parris, Camilla Cavendish and Max Hastings lead Fleet Street's rush towards Euroscepticism

4pm MPsETC: Alistair Burt refuses to be drawn on whether the Government will support a Palestinian statehood bid

3pm Catherine Marcus on Comment – In defence of marriage: "I am sympathetic to Ms. Courtney’s feeling that her relationship has been diminished in the eyes of society, because she and her partner are not married. But the legislation that would rectify this state of affairs would effectively condemn the most enduring social construct in mankind’s history to irrelevance. Once there is no reason to get married, an already fragile institution will take another step towards the dustbin of history."

2pm Lord Ashcroft on Comment: My gratitude that more VCs and GCs have been loaned to my heroes' gallery

12.15pm WATCH: George Osborne: "a successful Euro is massively in Britain's interests"

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news 

Robertgoodwill 11.45am MPsETC: Robert Goodwill is appointed Pairing Whip

10.30am Columnists: Anthony Browne gives his Reflections on Kweku and Vickers

ToryDiary: David Laws should be put in charge of a Government drive for growth

On our columnists' page Danny Kruger argues that There are many issues where our collective conscience is a surer guide than individual choice

Philip Booth on Comment: Socialists may be clever but they’re certainly not humble

Local Government: Councils measured for cutting services for the disabled

WATCH: Ken Clarke talks of "paralysis" in Washington and Europe with regards to the financial crisis

Osborne will admit that Britain is "not immune" to international crisis as spectre of credit crunch returns   

Osborne "George Osborne, the Chancellor, is to admit that Britain is “not immune” to the international crisis, telling The Daily Telegraph Festival of Business that recent events make it all the more important for the Coalition to stick to its deficit-reduction plans.  The eurozone debt crisis has led to growing fears in financial markets about the stability of major European banks, especially those in France.  Investors, particularly US money-market funds, are increasingly worried that the European banks are exposed to huge losses on loans they have made in Greece and other indebted eurozone countries" - Telegraph

Clarke claims that European and US leaders are gripped by financial "paralysis" 

Ken-clarke2-415x275 "The former chancellor said governments appeared incapable of dealing with the growing prospect of another credit crunch and accused them of playing "short-term politics"."The main thing I take from this crisis is unfortunately the political leadership in the USA and large parts of western Europe have been totally overwhelmed by the dimensions of the crisis, not able to cope," he said" - Guardian

  • Michael Burleigh: "The bond that unites Europe is at breaking point" - Telegraph
  • Simon Jenkins: "Europe is turning back to national identity – and it's exhilarating" - Guardian
  • Sebastian Mallaby: "A cheer for ECB's attempt at shock and awe" - FT (£)

> Yesterday John Stevens on Comment: Why we must become patriots for Europe

Headlines today dominated by the Rogue trader Kweku Adoboli amid allegations that he cost Swiss bank UBS $2bn

Guarfi Timesfri Sunfri Ftfri







"UBS has become the latest bank to experience a rogue trading scandal as it revealed that a 31-year-old trader had been arrested in London on suspicion of blowing a $2bn hole in its books, exactly three years after Lehman Brothers collapsed.  Kweku Adoboli, a director on the little-known “Delta One” derivatives desk, was being held on Thursday at Bishopsgate police station after he was arrested at 3.30am, as the Swiss group’s shares plunged 10.8 per cent" - FT (£)

  • Alex Brummer: "Bankers shouldn't be trusted with anyones's money but their own" - Daily Mail
  • William Rees-Mogg: "Banks are now the danger, not the safety net" - Times (£)
  • Martin Wolf: "Of course it is right to ring-fence rogue universals" - FT (£)

Cameron and Sarkozy are greeted with jubilation on their trip to Libya …but concerns still remain

Camsarlib "As David Cameron took to a podium to address the crowds massed in Liberation Square, which not long ago cowered under Col Gaddafi's bombardment, they chanted their greeting in unison: "Thank You Cam-Ron; Thank You Cam-Ron"But both are aware of law and precedent. The law – the United Nations Security Council resolutions they promoted – says they are not the liberators of Libya, and that the bombers which destroyed tanks and militias and cleared paths for the rebel armies were just protecting civilians" - Telegraph

  • Andrew Pierce on Cameron's "misadventure" and how Libya "could yet turn into a quagmire like Iraq" - Daily Mail
  • "A visit that Cameron and Sarkozy might have delayed" - Independent
  • Cameron deserved his reception in Libya - Daily Express
  • Nicholas Watt: "Leaders will savour Benghazi moment for years" - Guardian
  • Quentin Letts describes Cameron as "a giant among ducklings" - Daily Mail

> Yesterday's WATCH: 

Britain cautious that Palestinian move for statehood my ruin peace process 

Netabb "Britain is urging Palestinian leaders to ease their demands for statehood or risk a bust-up at the United Nations next week that would set the Middle East peace process back years.  David Cameron may yet put himself at odds with President Obama by using Britain’s vote at the UN Security Council to back Palestinian demands for recognition" - Times (£)

> Yesterday Stephen Crabb MP on Comment: British international aid ensures value for taxpayers, as well as for recipient countries

Paul Goodman on the new Tory thinkers who "offer a glimpse of life after Cameron"

"In the three curt words of its title, "After the Coalition" sends an unmistakable signal to the Prime Minister…We will continue to support the arrangement during this Parliament, its authors suggest. But once it’s over, Clegg’s band of “yellow bastards” – the term that some on the Tory benches use when referring to their Coalition colleagues – must be sent promptly packing."Telegraph

Phillip Collins craves an ideal political party combining Tory "toughness" and Labour "compassion"  

"Under the current electoral system, British politics has a sweet spot. You find it by combining basic fiscal conservatism with a tough stance on law and order and a programme for public service reform. I don’t say that as an endorsement of those positions… I am offering it instead as a raw political fact. Right now, the party that gets closest to this compound will win" - Times (£)

> Yesterday Columnist Stephan Shakespeare: Three reasons why political leadership is becoming less visionary and more inclusive

"The liberal myth that prison doesn't work", after the announcement of 3/4 of rioters had criminal records 

Londonriots "For Britain’s liberal media, led by the BBC, and the small but noisy band of ‘penal reformers’ – which worryingly includes the Justice Secretary Ken Clarke – it was a sobering day.  For  weeks, based on Mr Clarke’s announcement that three-quarters of last month’s rioters had criminal convictions, they have been insisting that these thugs were the product of a ‘broken’ prison system which had put them on the road to a life of crime" - Daily Mail

  • Government's panel of victims, set up in response to riots, calls for evidence - BBC
  • Paul West on the corrosive relationship between ministers and the police – "blighted by soundbite" - Guardian

> Yesterday's MPsETC: Nick Herbert calls for "swift and sure" local justice

> Yesterday's WATCH:  Nick Herbert on how the Policing Act will put the 'public at the heart of policing'

Protestors target the London home of Ken Clarke over his plans to make squatting a criminal offence

Squat "Members of the Squatters' Housing Action Group clambered onto the porch roof of Clarke's terraced house in Oval,s erved a mock six-month eviction notice on him, and unfurled banners declaring "housing is a human right" before climbing down.  They are campaigning against a Ministry of Justice (MoJ) consultation on a proposal to criminalise squatting in England and Wales, as is already the case in Scotland, which is due to conclude early next month" - Guardian

Video of the protest - Guardian

David Laws: "We must tackle the economy and mend our broken economy" 

Davidlaws "While it is essential that our identity is not lost, it would be a disaster if the Lib Dems were simply to evolve into an internal Opposition.  Conservatives and Lib Dems must work together to address Britain's biggest challenges — economic recovery and mending our broken society.  Our solutions will be better as a consequence of drawing on the talents and traditions of two parties" - Sun

Martin Kettle argues that the Lib Dems should face reality of cuts agenda and find a way out of the coalition

Cameron-clegg "Sometime between now and the next general election, the large number of Liberal Democrats who believe in social justice and the reduction of inequality are going to have to face up to where the actual experience of the government's cuts programme leaves them. This could be forced on them quite suddenly, as in 1931. But it will happen one way or another anyway. Better to start now" - Guardian

  • Steve Richards: "Clegg has turned disaster on its head" - Independent

MPs told that as many as 10 millions voters could fall off electoral register under plans to reform system

"MPs on the political and constitutional reform select committee only realised the implications of the plans following three evidence sessions with election experts over the past week to examine the white paper which proposes to introduce individual electoral registration rather than household registration before the 2015 election" - Guardian

Scottish government accuse Coalition of "holding a financial gun to their heads over public sector pensions" 

AlexSalmond_1394330c "The latest confrontation came after it emerged that Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, had warned the Scottish government that he would reduce its budget by £8.4 million a month if it did not increase members’ contributions to public sector pension schemes from next April, in line with the rest of the UK" - Times (£)

Row breaks out between unions and Lord Hutton after he accuses them of "fundamental dishonesy"Guardian 

Blair considered quitting after Hutton report into Dr David Kelly's death 

Davidkelly "The former Prime Minister asked Philip Gould, his long-time polling and strategy chief, early in 2004 whether he should go because voters felt someone should take responsibility for the aftermath of the Iraq War, including the failure to find deadly weapons, mistreatment of prisoners and Dr Kelly’s death" - Times (£)

Nick Gibb backs new phonics reading testBBC

Two thirds of Lib Dems oppose plans to remove benefits from cancer patients Telegraph

On the question of high speed rail, "Phillip Hammond understands his train set but has no idea about people" Telegraph

MPs are right to be worried by higher flight taxes Huffington Post

Margaret Thatcher: an unlikely source of fashion inspiration "the latest gal to electrify the fashion world" – Telegraph

And finally … Boris trendsetting in New York, as the city adopts identical bike scheme – "Mike Bikes" 

Boris "Its bicycles, identical to the so-called 'Boris Bikes' unveiled by the Mayor of London last year, were promptly nicknamed 'Mike Bikes' after Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York City.  But, true to form, the US version will be bigger and better. About 10,000 bikes will be available to New Yorkers, compared to the roughly 6,000 installed around the streets of London" - Telegraph


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