5.15pm WATCH: Nick Clegg: Criminals must understand "there are consequences"

Project Umubano 3.30pm Gazette: Stephen Crabb, Fiona Bruce, Brooks Newmark and Andrew Mitchell review Project Umubano 2011

3pm WATCH: David Cameron: "I am confident" the new authorities in Libya will cooperate with Yvonne Fletcher investigation

2.30pm Parliament: Ten new MPs responsible for a quarter of all rebellious votes by Tory MPs

2.15pm LeftWatch: Lib Dem MP challenges the Prime Minister to a debate on the NHS Updated: Andrew George MP announces public debate tonight called "Is this the end of the NHS?" and attacks the government for not sending a representative

DC 1.45pm WATCH: David Cameron: "We do need to make sure that our banks aren't taking risks that put the economy at risk"

1pm Gazette: Eurosceptics debate with Euro-enthusiasts; an invitation to attend a European Reform debate

12.30pm ToryDiary: More students are studying core GCSE subjects thanks to the introduction of the EBacc

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

11.15am WATCH: Maria Miller MP: There will be a "more objective assessment in place" for disability benefits

ToryDiary: What should be taxed? Not wealth and land, if we can help it

Screen shot 2011-08-31 at 08.40.45
Rachel Wolf on Comment: Free schools mark the end of the era when politicians and bureaucrats decide your children's education

Also on Comment: Roger Helmer MEP – Green Jobs? What Green Jobs?

Local Government: Kent Police Authority use taxpayers' money to attack the Government

WATCH: Daniel Hannan refers fellow ‪MEPs to the Gospel of St Luke, Chapter 41‬

Cameron returns from holiday and gives ministers a month to find answers to Broken Britain…

Screen shot 2011-08-31 at 07.14.18
"David Cameron yesterday gave his ministers one month to come up with new policies to tackle Britain’s ‘broken society’ in the wake of the riots. The Prime Minister returned from his holiday in Cornwall to launch a ‘no- holds-barred’ review of all Government policy designed to address the ‘moral collapse’ blamed for the riots that swept across towns and cities earlier this month." – Daily Mail

Prime Minister rejects claim politicians' behaviour was to blame for riots – The Independent

…As Miliband threatens Commons police cuts vote

"Labour leader Ed Miliband has pledged to engineer a parliamentary vote on police cuts as part of a fresh campaign against forces’ budget reductions following the riots that flared across the country earlier this month. Warning that the 20 per cent cuts would “weaken the forces of law and order”, Mr Miliband on Tuesday accused the government of recklessness in its attempts to drive through cost savings which police say will result in the loss of 16,000 officers." – Financial Times (£)

> Yesterday:

Clarke withdraws probation choice after select committee opposition

"Kenneth Clarke has withdrawn his choice as the next chief inspector of probation after she failed to win the backing of MPs on the justice select committee. The Justice Secretary has bowed to the committee and is now to readvertise the £100,000 a year job, which has been vacant since the retirement of the previous chief inspector in May. It is one of only a few occasions when MPs have forced the Government to think again over a senior appointment in Whitehall." – The Times (£)

  • Thousands of career criminals spared prison in Coalition's first year – Daily Mail
  • Criminals are up to fifty times more likely to be locked up by courts in some areas than in others – Sun Editorial
  • One in eight prisoners in Britain are foreign nationals – Ross Clark, Daily Express

Osborne and Cable "at war" over banking reform…

 "The Business Secretary is demanding the immediate introduction of proposals to force the banks to ring-fence their high street and riskier investment arms that are due to be published by the Independent Commission on Banking. But David Cameron and George Osborne, the Chancellor, are sympathetic to the banks' demand for them to be given several years to build the "Chinese walls" to be proposed by the commission chaired by Sir John Vickers – which could see the reforms delayed until after the next general election." – The Independent

…And Business Secretary turns on bankers over euro fears

Screen shot 2011-08-31 at 05.16.12 "Vince Cable has attacked Britain’s banks for attempting to use the euro crisis as an excuse to delay reform, describing lobbying as “disingenuous in the extreme”. In an interview with The Times, the Business Secretary criticised the “special pleading” of bankers who claim that the summer of economic and financial turmoil is reason to shelve efforts to toughen bank regulation. Dr Cable said that the chaos underscored the need for change to make the banks stronger and protect taxpayers from the need for future bailouts." – The Times (£)

Clegg’s NHS reforms "futile", insist lawyers

"Nick Clegg is facing embarrassment at his declaration of “victory” before the summer over the reforms as influential party figures begin a campaign to make clear the plans are still unacceptable to the party. Key concessions won by the Liberal Democrats on the NHS are “futile”, leading QCs suggest today, as the party prepares to demand a second round of changes to health reforms. Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, would strongly resist any further changes." – The Times (£)

Time to remind the Lib Dems who's boss – Daily Mail Comment

> Yesterday: LeftWatch – Lib Dem MP challenges the Prime Minister to a debate on the NHS

Diplomatic standoff after Gaddafi's family make a break for the border

"Any attempt to detain Gaddafi and his remaining sons would be carried out by Libyans, British sources stressed. The diplomatic row that has blown up in the wake of the family's escape reflects the tensions caused by the western spread of the Arab spring, as the Algerian government tries to ensure it is not the next domino to fall. It has so far refused to recognise the provisional NTC government in Tripoli." – The Guardian

  • Suspect in killing of WPC Yvonne Fletcher found by rebel government – Daily Telegraph
  • Justice, not revenge, would be best for Libya – Dominic Raab MP, The Times (£)
  • The new Libya needs Britain to give, not take – Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday: WATCH – Lockerbie bomber Al-Megrahi "at death's door"

UK debt "rising fastest in the world"

Screen shot 2011-08-31 at 06.18.21 "Steve Cecchetti revealed we have seen the biggest rise in household, company and public sector debt of any G7 nation since 2000. And he said it was likely to cripple growth as the Government and consumers are forced to save far more. Mr Cecchetti is the chief economist for the Bank of International Settlements…He said debts in all major nations were alarming and had risen at rates normally seen only during World Wars. But the UK is the only one that smashes three "safety limits"." – The Sun

  • Nine out of ten jobs created last year went to foreign nationals – Daily Mail
  • Double-dip fears across the West as confidence crumbles – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Daily Telegraph

Yesterday: LeftWatch – Lib Dem MP challenges the Prime Minister to a debate on the NHS

Mitchell No 10 blunder with memo "welcoming" Karzai departure

"President Karzai is slowing Afghanistan’s chances of reform, according to a private British assessment unintentionally revealed by a Cabinet minister as he walked from Downing Street. Andrew Mitchell, the International Development Secretary, clutched papers marked “Protect — Policy” after a meeting of the National Security Council yesterday morning. The document shows that British policy is at odds with its public statements over Mr Karzai, revealing concerns over his role and enthusiasm at his departure." – The Times (£)

Soldiers and airmen return from Afghanistan to face dole – Daily Express

Hate mail, death threats and why pro-abortion zealots won't stop me trying to help women when they need it most

DORRIES NADINE "Only yesterday, I received an email from a former journalist who wrote of his fantasy of watching me burn as a bomb explodes under my car. ‘I have a vision, people, a happy vision,’ it declared, in which ‘explosives detonate, sending a jet of energy and flame upwards. The interior of the car lights up, a brilliant, iridescent orange and Dorries falls forward, still alive but burning in the grim embrace of a melting seatbelt.’ " – Nadine Dorries, Daily Mail

Fertility chief's attack on pro-life campaigners – The Independent

Wandsworth Council plans to issue £250m of bonds Financial Times (£)

Cheney insists that torture halted Heathrow attackThe Times (£)

Benefit fraud and error bill hits £3.3bnDaily Mail

News and Comment in Brief

  • Huhne speeding file back with prosecutors – Daily Mail
  • Israel boosts security after warning of attacks from Egypt – The Independent
  • Whitehall told to cut contract red tape – Financial Times (£)
  • Seven killed in Syria Eid protests – The Times (£)
  • Two schools become first in Wales to share costs through "federating" – Wales Online
  • Vanessa Redgrave backs travellers' “fight to the death” – Daily Express
  • Homelessness could spread to middle class – The Guardian
  • Old Firm in backlash over sectarianism law – Herald Scotland
  • It is a myth that house prices rose too fast because there was insufficent new build – John Redwood's Blog
  • Britain needs a new kind of National Service – David Blunkett, Daily Mail
  • Scotland has been indulged for too long – Daily Telegraph
  • Monitors should be attached to every hunt – Ann Widdecombe, Daily Express
  • Martin McGuinness’s Sinn Fein-employed chauffeurs have been involved in more car accidents than all the other Stormont ministers’ drivers put together – Newsletter


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