7.15am WATCH: Boris Johnson: "London riot police did a good job"

DAVIS DAVID 5pm ToryDiary: David Davis slams New Labour for police failures and calls for new leadership of the Met, perhaps from outside of Britain - Updated 6pm with clarification on the status of non-EU police appointments

4.15pm Matthew Barrett on Comment: Two minute Today interview underlines rationality of Manchester's young looters

3.45pm ToryDiary: Is Boris Johnson or Theresa May right on police budgets?

2pm John Glen MP on Comment: We need a change in direction… there are deeper causes for the rioting over recent nights

12.45pm Matt Sinclair on Comment: What does the empirical evidence tell us about the causes of riots?

12.30pm ConHomeUSA: Today's American political stories and comparing Obama's job record to Governor Rick Perry's

11.45 ToryDiary: Readers will know I'm often been a critic of Cameron. This is the best I've ever seen him. He's angry. He's determined. He's found his mission. - Updated with video

11am Parliament: MPs have little confidence in the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority

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11am ConHomeUSA: Powerful Pawlenty video blasts Obama's lack of leadership

GoveMichaelNewsnight 10.15am WATCH: Michael Gove clashes with Harriet Harman on Newsnight – "I used to have an enormous amount of respect for Harriet"

10am JP Floru on Comment wants clarification on the Government's definition of "reasonable" use of force, and says we should allow self-defence of property

ToryDiary: Cameron wins first battle in war to restore order. He must now use this crisis to define his premiership's mission.

Lord Flight on Comment: The Euro's decline and outrageous rioting are both symptomatic of irresponsible political leadership

Local government: 

WATCH: Michael Gove tells Channel 4 News that the riots are a battle between right and wrong 

David Cameron's 16,000 police in London successfully deterred disorder… but riots spread to Manchester, Salford, Liverpool, Nottingham and Birmingham

Cameron-and-police-officer "Sporadic violence has broken out in several cities around England, although London remained largely quiet with a heavy police presence on the streets. With 16,000 police officers deployed in London, the streets remained calm after three previous nights of rioting." – BBC

"The most serious disorder came in Manchester. Groups of young people consistently evaded police attempts to stop them from the late afternoon onwards, breaking into a series of upmarket shops and setting a branch of the Miss Selfridge clothing chain ablaze. As evening fell, up to 200 youths raided an off-licence and other shops in the main shopping precinct of Salford, a couple of miles to the west." – Guardian

  • Insurers face more than £100m of claims – FT (£)

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: 

The use of plastic bullets has been authorised

"Cops are ready to use plastic bullets after David Cameron yesterday demanded a tougher crackdown on the anarchy. The PM flew back early from holiday to call for a "more robust response" from police. Within hours, the Met said plastic bullets could be used in London "if deemed necessary". And Home Secretary Theresa May refused to rule out calling in troops if the trouble continued." – The Sun

> Yesterday on Comment, Nick Wood: Mrs May was once worried about the Conservative Party seeming nasty. She should relax. The average pussy cat is more intimidating than our so-called forces of law and order.

369156831 90% want police to have water cannon; 65% support rubber bullets; 77% support deploying the Army; 33% advocate live weaponsThe Sun

Charles Moore: A Tory PM must always deliver peace and order

"Mr Cameron has always preferred “general well-being” to the “standard of living”. He devised the idea in boom times. In the current, grim state of the world, general well-being matters all right. But it does not mean sun-dried tomatoes and renewable energy grants for all. It means the peace of a well-ordered society, where neighbours can trust one another as they face hard times together. If a Conservative Prime Minister does not understand this, he cannot survive." – Charles Moore, in the Daily Telegraph

  • Cameron's biggest test has arrived. Is he up to the job? – Matthew Norman, in the Independent
  • The next few days will decide the future for David Cameron and George Osborne – Benedict Brogan on Telegraph Blogs

Yesterday on Comment, Lord Ahmad: The scenes witnessed across London last night were unprecedented. Carnage and mayhem ruled the roost as many brave police officers battled against the odds to bring some semblance of peace to the anarchic situation on the streets of our capital city.

Danny Kruger: "Our young people have nothing to lose and nothing to gain, except thrills and new trainers"

KRUGER"Meanwhile the wider culture – that is us – has abandoned virtue and adopted the ethics of indifference, dressed as liberalism. We have substituted welfare payments for relationships, rights for love, and the sterile processes of the public sector for the warm morality of living communities. Once the police have put down the riots, the rest of us have more to do than clean up the broken glass." – Danny Kruger, in the FT (£)

  • Years of liberal dogma have spawned a generation of amoral, uneducated, welfare dependent, brutalised youngsters – Max Hastings, in the Daily Mail

Graeme Archer: This is dis-civilisation

"I have my views about how we got in this state: these riots aren’t spontaneous, but the result of years of incubation. We have de-civilised boroughs like Hackney. This is dis-civilisation. This is what happens when middle-class liberals suspend judgment, for fear of causing offence. But what we need now, immediately, is control of our streets." – Graeme Archer, in the Daily Telegraph

More riots opinion:

  • In this crisis, our cities need local leaders with real power – Simon Jenkins, in the Guardian
  • The long retreat of order – Philip Johnston, in the Daily Telegraph
  • The real causes of chaos on streets – Allister Heath, in City AM
  • The year we realised our democratically elected leaders can no longer protect us – Jonathan Freedland, in the Guardian
  • 'Looting opportunists' and hyper youths do not a revolution make – Amol Rajan, in the Independent

David Cameron to convene second Cobra meeting on London riots…Guardian

…And Cameron recalls Parliament for Thursday

PARLIAMENT "On Thursday Cameron will make a statement to MPs about the situation. There will also be a full parliamentary debate, which will be opened by a statement from May, but the government is not proposing any emergency legislation." – Guardian

…Although some MPs are unhappy: "Many have been forced to fly back from abroad to be present at tomorrow's debate, which will head Parliament's response to the civil unrest. … One budget airline said it had been inundated with calls from MPs trying to get home in time for the debate. The carrier says that so far it has helped more than 60." – The Independent

  • "Expressing outrage is not enough. MPs must ask how they can help police defeat the anarchy engulfing our cities. The Sun demands decisive action. The law on rioting must be toughened. Our brave police must be given a free hand to smash the mobs whatever it takes." – The Sun Says

John Redwood is pleased Parliament has been recalled – John Redwood's Diary

Boris Johnson heckled by angry London residents on trip to survey damage

JohnsonBorisClapham"Johnson faced severe criticism from local residents, who complained that they had not had enough protection from police. … Straining to make his voice heard over the heckling, he thanked everybody who had come to clear up. "That is the real spirit of London," he said, before telling those who owned a shop or business in the area "how very sorry I am for the loss and damage you have suffered". But the local residents who had gathered refused to be placated by his words, shouting: "What happened?" and: "Where were the police?"" – Guardian

"Senior Tories have voiced fears that Boris Johnson may have damaged his campaign to be re-elected London mayor next year after delaying his return to Britain from a family holiday in North America." – Guardian

> Yesterday, WATCH: Boris Johnson heckled by Clapham crowd

John McTernan: Boris's bad call stoked anger – John McTernan, in the Scotsman

Michael Gove comes close to losing cool with Harriet Harman on TV over riots

Minister Hugh Robertson: Olympic security will be robust

"Hugh Robertson, the Minister for the Olympics, spent last night assuring representatives from 200 countries that security plans for next year's Games will prove adequate in the wake of rioting across London and in areas around the main Olympic Park." – Independent 

Screen shot 2011-08-10 at 10.07.04 Liam Fox takes FIVE STAFF on £15,000 two-week jaunt to Spanish resortThe Sun

George Osborne to make a statement to the House on the economic recovery

Osborne on AM"Mr Osborne will make a statement and answer questions in the House of Commons, after a week of stock market gyrations following the US credit rating downgrade and ongoing concerns over the eurozone debt crisis. The latest evidence on the performance of the domestic economy yesterday was also downbeat, with official data showing a shock contraction in manufacturing output in June." – Independent

  • Loans to small firms plunge to record low: Monthly total drops to just half pre-crunch level – Daily Mail

High-speed rail link to the North is wrong at every turn, Tories warn

HAMMOND-PHILIP-BIG-BEN"The Transport Secretary’s plans for a high-speed rail link from London to the Midlands and the North have been rubbished as “fundamentally flawed” by the Conservative Party’s specialist transport group. The Conservative Transport Group says that the proposed link, known as HS2, is on the wrong route and ends up in the wrong places." – The Times (£)

Jackson Carlaw first to declare interest in leading the Scottish Tories

"Mr Carlaw, 52, became the first person to confirm his candidacy, starting a contest that is set to run throughout the autumn. The new leader will take over from Annabel Goldie, who announced following the May election that she would step down after six years in the job, when the party lost ground in its share of the vote." – The Scotsman

Government to announce local TV stations for 65 towns and cities The Times (£)

Row breaks out over Welsh Government's donations to Labour-supporting unions Western Mail

UK shipping industry rejects EU's carbon reduction programmeGuardian

And finally… Boris joins the Riot Cleanup

BorisBroom "The campaign began with just 10 people, said Mr Thompson, but has ballooned to see thousands up and down the country head out, broom in hand. He said seeing hundreds of people in Clapham waving brooms in the air was a symbol of what Londoners and the British stand for, "It's phenomenal," he said. He added that when Boris Johnson visited the area this afternoon there were cries of "Boris where's your broom?" before the London Mayor got stuck in to help volunteers." – BBC

> Yesterday, WATCH: Boris Johnson picks up broom as London begins the clear up


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