7.15pm ToryDiary: For the end-August ConservativeHome grassroots survey, any questions for you?

7pm WATCH: NATO on Libya: "We will carry on with our mission"

4.15pm LISTEN: Greg Clark MP: All current environmental protections are contained in the new planning framework

3.30pm On Comment, James Clappison MP responds to comments on his previous article: "I still believe that withdrawal of benefits would be a deterrent, but the question is; is that deterrent effect important enough to outweigh the other problems which arise with such a step?"

Andrewmitchell 3pm ToryDiary: Highlights of Andrew Mitchell on the Today programme discussing Libya

1pm WATCH: Nick Clegg: "It is only a matter of time" before Gaddafi is defeated and Libya is free

12.45pm LeftWatch: The next Scottish Labour leader… Tom Harris MP?

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's American political news

11.45am Parliament: E-petition launched to review the smoking ban – and the 10 most popular e-petitions so far

Saif Gaddafi 10.45am WATCH: Gaddafi's son, Saif al-Islam, who was rumoured to be captured, makes a defiant appearance in Tripoli

ToryDiary: Today's newspapers offer warm endorsements for Britain's part in the Libyan intervention

Tobias Ellwood MP on Comment: Libya – avoiding the mistakes of Afghanistan and Iraq

Also on Comment, Quentin Langley: National opinion polls can't be trusted to predict election results

Local government: 

WATCH: Obama on Libya: "It's not over yet"

Cameron and Obama: Gadaffi must "relinquish power once and for all"

Cameron & Obama "In a telephone conversation on Monday night the UK and US leaders agreed the crisis had "reached a tipping point". They also reaffirmed the need for a peaceful transition of power in the country, a White House statement said. … The prime minister also discussed plans for the UN Security Council to help Libya's National Transitional Council with "diplomatic, legal and financial support" in the coming weeks and months." - BBC

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: The mission isn't accomplished but the overnight news from Libya is a big vindication for Cameron

Britain and France battle to secure credit for fall of Gaddafi regime – The Times (£)

Cameron Sarkozy"President Sarkozy sought to outflank his British counterparts by inviting Mustafa Abdul Jalil, the head of the rebel leadership to Paris, as well as proposing a meeting of the contact group that co-ordinated the conflict, putting France at the centre of efforts to welcome in the new era for the wartorn African country. Hours later, Mr Cameron suggested in a statement that an early meeting of the Contact Group, involving foreign ministers from the United States, Britain, Arab States such as Qatar, the Arab League and the United Nations, was his idea."

  • Cameron looks to release cash for Libya rebels, but steers clear of triumphalism – Guardian
  • Huge poster in Benghazi square thanks the "Fantastic 4" – including Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron - Huffington Post

> WATCH: David Cameron makes a statement on Libya and the situation in Tripoli

British troops may act as peacekeepers if Libya descends into chaos

Cameron-and-troops"Hundreds of British soldiers could be sent to Libya to serve as peacekeepers if the country descends into chaos, Downing Street indicated last night. Number 10 repeatedly refused to rule out deploying ground troops to the war zone to prevent anarchy after Colonel Gaddafi is toppled. A spokesman insisted a deployment remained ‘unlikely’ at this stage" – Daily Mail

  • SAS in hunt for beaten Gaddafi – The Sun
  • Rebels and British diplomats had planned for Gaddafi collapse – The Times (£)
  • Secret role played by Britain creating path to the fall of Tripoli – Daily Telegraph

> WATCH: Liam Fox: NATO can be "very proud" of the role it has played in Libya

MoD to buy 14 new Chinook helicopters in £1bn dealBBC

> WATCH: Liam Fox announces £1billion investment in 14 new Chinook helicopters

Theresa May and Iain Duncan Smith "clash" over plans to tackle gangs

DUNCAN SMITH AT CSJ"…Mr Duncan Smith, who spent months in opposition working on problems of social exclusion, has long-term plans to set gang members back on the straight and narrow. He wants to introduce an anti-gangs strategy modelled on those tried out in Boston, Massachusetts, and in Strathclyde, both of which were highly praised by David Cameron. But his ambitious proposals are not popular with the police, who face drastic cuts to their budgets and object to the potential cost. Theresa May, who is involved in introducing directly elected police commissioners and changes to police pay, is anxious to avoid another source of friction with chief constables." – The Independent

> From yesterday - Danny Kruger on ThinkTankCentral: 65% of boys with a convicted parent go on to become criminals. We need to change that.

Lord Heseltine: We’ll only mend society from the bottom up

HESELTINE MICHAEL "A society based on families and parental authority has strength. Parents should encourage their children, provide discipline, instil shared values, live within the law, respect the police and expect them to enforce the laws that protect the quiet enjoyment of life and keep the streets safe. Of course this idyllic world has its blemishes: things go wrong, parents fail and children disappoint. Nonetheless the language of repair, of restitution, of putting right the broken society resonates. But is this the society where hooligans run riot? I think not." – Michael Heseltine, in the Times (£)

> From yesterday - Martin Sewell on Comment: This is Polly Toynbee's Generation

Youth workers in David Cameron's constituency to go on strike The Independent

Cameron rules out Bombardier rethink

"Prime Minister David Cameron has personally ruled out any rethink of the £1.4bn Thameslink deal which Derby-based Bombardier lost to a German firm. The Derby trainmaker is planning to cut almost half its 3,000 workforce after missing out on the contract." – BBC

  • Cameron writes in a letter to Derby North MP, Chris Williamson: "I am afraid that neither I nor the Secretary of State for Transport can … justify stopping the procurement process to reinvite tenders. This would cause very substantial delays to the programme and moreover, would not help Bombardier which, even if it were successful at retender, would still not have the work for several more years." - Guardian

> Yesterday on Seats and candidates: Poll boosts Labour hopes of ousting Heather Wheeler MP on back of Siemens trains deal

Greg Clark criticises National Trust over planning reform FT (£)

  • Tory takes countryside battle to middle England - FT (£)

Ken Clarke's Ministry of Justice has wasted £6million on union activities

CLARKE-KEN-dark-shirt"The Ministry of Justice is so short of funding it is slashing prison places, but figures have revealed there are dozens of taxpayer funded full-time union officials embedded in the court service, tribunals and prisons. The data was released under Freedom of Information laws to Tory MP Dominic Rabb. He said it was a ‘scandal’ that taxpayers fund the trade union duties of public sector workers." - Daily Mail

Louise Mensch's children threatened by online hacking groups

"Conservative MP Louise Mensch says she has received email threats against her children from the hacking groups Anonymous and LulzSec. She said she had contacted House of Commons authorities which have referred the matter to the police. A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said officers were examining an email." - BBC

Andy Coulson was "paid by Murdoch while working for PM"

COULSON ANDY TO DCMSSC "The Electoral Commission is to be urged to hold an investigation into whether Rupert Murdoch's newspaper empire was covertly funding the Conservative Party while David Cameron was leader of the opposition. The call from the Labour MP Tom Watson, who has played the lead role in uncovering the telephone-hacking scandal at Rupert Murdoch's former newspaper the News of the World, follows a BBC revelation about large payments to David Cameron's former spin doctor, Andy Coulson." - The Independent

  • James Forsyth suggests it could be part of a severance package, but this "implies quite [a] remarkable level of incompetence on CCHQ’s behalf" - Spectator Coffee House

Proposal to pay bonuses to senior civil servants criticised – The Times (£)

Automatic pay rises for public sector staff - Daily Telegraph

New threat to Margaret Thatcher's EU rebate

ThatcherNoTurningBack"European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso wants to give the UK lump-sum cheques of £3.2billion for the next seven years in return for ditching the annual refund won by Margaret Thatcher in 1984. The handouts are roughly equal to what Britain gets from the rebate. But analysts warn that the benefit would have to be negotiated every seven years. Diplomats insist they will reject any offer that affects the permanence of the rebate." - Daily Express

> From yesterday - John O'Connell on Local government: EU partly to blame for loss of weekly bin collections

Prince Charles "is using his charities to lobby ministers" to change Government policy - Daily Mail

Marines from HMS Montrose who tackled Somali pirates ordered to take health and safety checkDaily Telegraph

Universities set to reject 100,000 who aimed too high, UCAS saysThe Independent

And finally… John Redwood labels Anne Boleyn "the first Eurosceptic"

"She comes across as an early Eurosceptic, wishing England to settle its own affairs at home without recourse to Rome. She dislikes the intervention of Roman authority between a person and their God, and  seeks the issue of the Bible in English to all" - John Redwood's Diary


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