6pm Brian Connell on Comment: "The police have an even higher level of job security than most others in the public sector: as ‘Crown Servants’ they’re not classed as employees and cannot be made redundant."

4pm David T Breaker on Comment: Riots and Ruins

2.45pm ConHomeUSA: It's looking like Perry versus Romney (and today's other American political news)

Screen shot 2011-08-14 at 12.35.07
12.30pm Simon Marcus on Comment: Listen to the children

11.15am ToryDiary: If an outsider doesn't get a top police job, we'll know Cameron isn't serious about reform

ToryDiary: Winners and losers after the riots

Screen shot 2011-08-14 at 08.31.58
Martin Parsons on Comment: Young people used to have heroes for role models, now they have celebrities

John Moss on Local Government: A family house is the basis for stable family life

Tim Montgomerie on ThinkTankCentral: We don't need an inquiry into the riots. The Centre for Social Justice has been looking at these questions for seven years.

LISTEN: Radio 4's 15-minute profile of Theresa May

Orde launches third assault on Cameron as IDS leads Government fightback

1) Police row 

Sir Hugh attacks Bratton appointment…

Screen shot 2011-08-14 at 08.00.56 "Speaking to The Independent on Sunday, Sir Hugh issued his third rebuke in a week to Mr Cameron, suggesting that his handling of the crisis has been less than sure-footed. Sir Hugh said: "I am not sure I want to learn about gangs from an area of America that has 400 of them. It seems to me, if you've got 400 gangs, then you're not being very effective. If you look at the style of policing in the States, and their levels of violence, they are so fundamentally different from here." – Independent on Sunday

Bratton's "Policing of And": Tackle racial tensions and use water cannons – The Observer 

…But Godwin concedes that the police got it wrong

"Stung by public anger at the initial failure to control rioting last week, the Metropolitan police denied that officers had been ordered to “stand and observe” as rioters laid waste to London. However, Tim Godwin, the acting Met commissioner, privately admitted to David Cameron that he got his tactics wrong in the first two days of disorder. He told the prime minister on Tuesday that his senior commanders had initially treated the crisis as a public order problem and not as an outbreak of large-scale criminality." – Sunday Times (£)

Met scrapped plan to swamp rioters – Sunday Times (£)

2) Government fightback

Cameron promises zero tolerance

Screen shot 2011-08-14 at 07.59.42 "He pledges to support “zero tolerance” — a tough system of policing first popularised in the US which sees even minor offences prosecuted vigorously to send out the message that no form of law-breaking will be tolerated. “I will be saying much more about that because I think it is true,” Mr Cameron says. “We haven’t talked the language of zero tolerance enough but the message is getting through." – Sunday Telegraph

Full Cameron interview – Matthew D'Ancona, Sunday Telegraph

Hilton and Herbert want Bratton for the Met.  Boris wouldn't block him.  The big obstacle is Theresa May‬.

"Bratton has huge support inside Downing Street and is the favoured candidate of Nick Herbert, the  Minister for police reform. Steve Hilton, Cameron’s senior adviser, takes the straightforward view that as Bratton is the most successful crime-fighting police chief in modern memory, it is a no-brainer that he should be encouraged to apply." – James Forsyth, Mail on Sunday

Police Federation Chairman: next time we could be too few to cope – Sunday Express 

IDS targets gangs and blasts Boris…

"Duncan Smith, who is heading David Cameron’s taskforce on gangs following the riots, wants police to target the leaders with dusk-till-dawn curfews, daily visits and to trawl through their lives and finances for even the most minor infringement. In a move that may alarm some human rights activists, the work and pensions secretary says gang leaders should receive a knock on the door at least once a day from the police and be subjected to an official campaign of harassment to make their lives “hell”….

…He also criticised Boris Johnson, the mayor of London…"I want the mayor’s office to be behind this and to say that dealing with street gangs is our number one priority — not knife crime. Instead of going around denying there is a broken society, he has to recognise that in these communities are problem people who are going to destroy the position of London … long before we get to the Olympics,” he said. – Sunday Times (£)

Full IDS interview – Sunday Times (£) 

…As Clegg commits to riots research…

CleggNickDeclaring "The Government said it is to commission research into the root causes of England’s riots as Labour stepped up the pressure for a full-scale public inquiry. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg told Liberal Democrat activists yesterday there would be independent research “to get to the bottom of what happened on our streets.  The research will be done alongside Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith’s probe into strategies to tackle gang violence." – Sunday Express

…And Miliband to his own Labour-led inquiry

The prime minister said yesterday he thinks it is simple. It is not simple; it is very, very complex," said Miliband. "The idea that you could just have a home affairs select committee inquiry into the policing, into the home affairs issues involved, is ridiculous."…He will give the government another 48 hours to respond to his call for a full public inquiry or he will set up his own to listen to the views of people up and down the country in a "national conversation". "We owe it to them to listen," he said." – Observer

Dominic Lawson: To blame bankers and MPs is to let rioters off the hook

"However much people might resent the behaviour of bankers, to equate their threat with that faced by shopkeepers in Tottenham and Haringey in the face of looters and arsonists…is to trivialise the sheer physical terror that residents have endured over the past few days. What they have confronted is pure malevolence and wanton physical destruction of their homes and property: to conflate it with MPs’ expenses claims or bankers’ bonuses is to treat their horrifying experiences as a mere political debating point." – Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times (£) 

Bryan Appleyard: The dignity of Tariq Jahan had its roots in his rejection of extremism

Screen shot 2011-08-14 at 08.05.51 "He came under the influence of radical Islam in the form of Hizb ut-Tahrir…“The things that were being put into my head, and looking at the world with what was happening to Muslims, I felt there were certain things going wrong. It got me thinking like an extremist. I was quite hardcore,” says Tariq… “I realised how relaxed Birmingham was and it changed my attitude. I love it here, the Muslim community is so relaxed and I saw that it was the HT scholar I had been talking to that was stressing me out. Slowly I calmed down.” – Bryan Appleyard, Sunday Times (£)

Tim Montgomerie: Will Clegg let Cameron mend the broken society?

"The PM should allow his Chancellor to do more of the heavy lifting on economic policy and concentrate on putting social renewal at the heart of his premiership. Cameron lives, breathes and embodies a love of family. His politics is all about social relationships. He is fascinated by education policy. This is his moment. A moment to embark on a crusade to ensure a child born in August 2011 doesn’t become the 16-year-old looter of 2027. That is, if Nick Clegg will let him." – Tim Montgomerie, Sunday Telegraph

Riot news and comment in brief

> Yesterday on ConservativeHome:

Tory women against fox hunting: Crouch, Dinenage, McVey and Sandys (with Mike Weatherley in support)

Screen shot 2011-08-14 at 08.08.16 "David Cameron’s pledge to hold a free vote on restoring fox-hunting was last night declared ‘dead and buried’ by a new breed of modernising Tory MPs. The so-called Blue Fox group of ambitious young urban Tories boasted that they had finally killed off any prospect of a Commons vote on reviving bloodsports before the next Election." – Mail on Sunday

Osborne ready to scrap 50p rate

"The chancellor has signalled that he will not hesitate to scrap the 50p top tax rate if it is found to be raising less money than expected. Speaking this weekend, George Osborne dismissed suggestions that there is a “moral” case to maintain the levy on earnings over £150,000, which was introduced by Labour. Osborne has commissioned HM Revenue & Customs to assess how much money the levy is raising for the public finances." – Sunday Times (£)

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: Highlights of George Osborne's interview on the Today programme

Maude and O'Donnell at war over civil service "gold cards"

"Ministers are locked in an extraordinary power battle with Britain’s most senior civil servant over the scandal of taxpayer-funded credit cards. Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O’Donnell is being blamed by key members of the Government for blocking moves to reveal the true extent of spending on the cards, which are given to officials to pay for their ‘expenses’." – Mail on Sunday

£1.5m tab for Commons staff includes hotels and lingerie – Sunday Times (£)

Other news and comment in brief

  • Bachmann wins Iowa presidential straw poll – BBC
  • New free school will teach creationism – Mail on Sunday
  • Sarkozy bond plan to save euro – Sunday Times (£)
  • Pensions of state-backed banks most exposed to stock market losses – Sunday Telegraph
  • Islamist enforcers infiltrate Libyan rebel government – Sunday Times (£)
  • Redwood to Brits: dump your Greek Euro notes – Mail on Sunday
  • £70m of British aid "paid to the Taliban" – Mail on Sunday
  • News of the World witnesses face Select Committee recall – Sunday Express
  • Syrian tanks attack centre of Assad protests – Independent on Sunday
  • Sally Bercow's stint on Celebrity Big Brother is bad news for the Speaker – Nigel Nelson, The People


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