8pm ConHomeUSA: Watch this video and you've gotta believe Sarah Palin is running for President

HELMER ROGER6.15pm Roger Helmer MEP on Comment: Sorry, Tim, but a mansion tax is WRONG. Nine reasons why Conservatives should oppose a wealth tax…

3.45pm ToryDiary: Back on holiday, is Cameron squandering the opportunity to relaunch his premiership?

1.45pm ConHomeUSA: Today's American politics

ToryDiary: Eric Pickles rejects a mansions tax


Lord Risby on Comment: Don't just blame MPs and bankers. Blame big government.

On ThinkTankCentral: Matt Oakley of Policy Exchange looks at the contribution that welfare reform can make to lifting young people off the conveyor belt to crime

Cllr Alex Williams: Trafford leads the race to publish every penny it spends

WATCH: Jacob Rees-Mogg MP defends Sally Bercow's starring role in Celebrity Big Brother

The major social networks including Facebook and Twitter have been called to meet Theresa May to discuss the riotsBBC

150 people caught after rioting swept across UK ‘were foreign nationals and will be deported’

Green Damian New Immigration Minister Damian Green quoted in the Daily Mail: "We strongly believe that foreign national lawbreakers should be removed from the UK at the earliest opportunity. We also have the power to cancel the visas of foreign nationals found guilty of criminal activity, and this is something we will be looking to do when cases arise."

Lawyers are predicting a flood of successful appeals against “hysterical” sentencing

"Convicted rioters are being handed prison sentences that are on average 25 per cent longer than normal, an analysis of 1,000 riot-related cases has found… Mike O’Brien, QC, a former Labour Solicitor-General, called for the Court of Appeal to rule on the extent by which the normal sentence for offences should be increased because of the seriousness of the disorder…. Patrick Mercer, Conservative MP for Newark, said: “I hope that the judicial system is going to be consistent on this and that the exemplary nature of some of the sentences is not going to be watered down when the memory of the severity of what happened begins to fade.”" – Times (£)

PARRIS MATTHEWIn his Times (£) column Matthew Parris defends the tough punishments for people on the periphery of the riots: "When the law delivers a sharp blow to people who were only hangers-on, peripheral offenders, suggestible individuals carried away as the streets went wild, imagining nobody was watching a minnow like them, this is not (as some critics have suggested) an unfortunate case of collateral damage, of the wrong people being in the dock. The law is right on target. The periphery, the soft edge, the followers and not just the leaders, are precisely where you have to stamp out a brushfire. These fools may not have carried the matches but they are the tinder. It’s when people who are not core agitators begin to get caught up in disorder that society is in danger. You must make examples of them fast."

"The Prison Service admitted on Friday that they are "closely monitoring the estate for any potential unrest" after the prison population broke through the 86,000 mark for the first time." Guardian

  • Fears grew for the safety of banged-up riot suspects last night – after three fell victim to savage beatings – The Sun
  • A fifth of burglaries last year were committed by suspects on bail – The Sun

Police may have to drain their own reserves for overtime, cancelled leave and equipment costs of riots – Independent

  • Peter Bone and Philip Davies renew call to cut aid budget and spend more 'at home' – Express (Yesterday's FT (£))
  • LSE: Police cuts could push crime up 6% – Telegraph
  • Are the Tories serious about law and order? It doesn't look like it – Dan Hodges at DaleAndCompany

Jeremy Hunt MP talks to the FT about the riots, the Olympics and Rupert Murdoch

HUNT JEREMY OPEN NECKED SHIRT "The businessman-turned-MP speaks to the core Tory voters as he reflects on the violence that besieged English cities. “I watched them with a deep sense of shock,” says Mr Hunt. He adds: “This is about people who have completely lost their moral compass and exploited technology to create massive public disorder.” Mr Hunt insists the government should come down “very, very hard” on the perpetrators, but also believes David Cameron, the prime minister, should leave “no stone unturned in tackling our social problems”." – FT (£)

  • Hunt says he'd like to find a way for news bulletins on local TV stations to be sponsored – BBC
  • Local TV will be fantastic for Britain says Hunt – Scotsman

Screen shot 2011-08-20 at 08.12.03 "Condemned as a racist for his comments on 'Newsnight' following the riots, the historian David Starkey speaks out against those who tried to silence him for confronting the gangster culture that has ruptured our society." – David Starkey in The Telegraph

The UK's public finances improved in July, official data showed yesterday, providing some cheer for George Osborne, the Chancellor, amid the market turmoilIndependent

  • The Daily Mail leader: Cutting spending is only half the battle; The Chancellor must do more to boost growth
  • "A failure of political leadership in the US and EU is making the economic crisis worse" – Telegraph leader
  • Britain faces £50bn bill under Brussels tax raid to bail out euro – Daily Mail

Eric Pickles says no to higher property taxes for middle classesTelegraph

Number of people waiting more than 18 weeks for NHS treatment has risen by 40% since Coalition came to powerTimes (£)

Cameron has been warned that the Army will be hit by a damaging wave of resignations if ministers make fresh cuts in allowances for the school fees of servicemen’s childrenTelegraph

We shouldn't pay for bonuses in state-owned banks but shouldn't interfere in private banksJohn Redwood

The Lib Dem plan to revive the north of England – Tim Farron in The Guardian

Has the university sector grown too much?

ARCHER Graeme "The vast fees, the concerns over degree quality, the sad complaint (because of what it says about how we view the point of education) that some graduates don’t earn huge incomes." – Graeme Archer in The Telegraph

Nigel Farage: Our political class don't understand business

"As someone who has run a company, a small enterprise that has actually employed people, I feel that I am in some position to talk about problems facing our business community unlike our current political elite. Cameron, Osborne, Clegg, Miliband: none has ever had to deal with regulations in their own business because they have never run one. I doubt they even know that small company bosses spend up to a quarter of their working week just dealing with red tape." – The UKIP leader in the Express

Britain needs to redirect resources from the old to the young – Polly Toynbee in The Guardian


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