7.30pm Tim Montgomerie on Comment: What are the best things about Britain?

7.30pm ToryDiary Update: New polling finds 50% of people think the Government's economic programme (ie cuts to government programmes) is helping fuel the rioters

5.45pm Gazette: David Cameron congratulates the England cricket team on their becoming the number one team in the world

Balls Ed School small 3.30pm LeftWatch: Every Coalition spending cut is now opposed by Labour

2pm ConHomeUSA: Today's top Republican and American political news

1pm LeftWatch: Polly Toynbee's opinion of the rioters? They were nearly as bad as the bankers!

12.15pm WATCH: David Cameron enlists American "supercop" Bill Bratton

10am ToryDiary: Highlights of George Osborne's interview on the Today programme


ToryDiary: Cutting prison numbers is like cutting front line policing. It's time for Ken Clarke to go back to the drawing board.

Lord Ashcroft on Comment: Why women such as Nancy Wake make such brilliant secret agents

Benedict Rogers on Comment: "A society in which we take responsibility not just for ourselves but for each other and our communities, a society in which we rediscover values of respect and discipline, a society in which we help those with no aspiration discover opportunity, a society in which hard work is rewarded" - Healing our sick society


Parliament: Michael Gove winds up public disorder debate and condemns "a culture of greed and instant gratification, rootless hedonism and amoral violence"

Cllr Nigel Fletcher on Local government: Riots in Woolwich meant political differences were put to one side

WATCH: David Cameron: "We need responsibility right through our country"

Police revolt against David Cameron's reform agenda

CAMERON LOOKING LEFT"Senior police officers were in open revolt over the government's police reform agenda on Friday, reacting furiously to criticism of the way they handled the riots, and turning their fire on the home secretary, Theresa May, after she suggested she had instructed the police to take a tougher line. Faced with an onslaught from all levels of the police, David Cameron tried to beat a retreat, lavishly praising the force after he and May had described police tactics in the Commons on Thursday as timid and highlighted police admissions that their initial plans to counter looting had been misguided." – The Guardian

  • "Police tell Prime Minister: 'It's us who turned tide of violence not you returning from holiday'" – Daily Mail
  • Sun editorial: "There's nothing to be gained from Downing Street and police falling out over riot tactics. There is truth on both sides." – The Sun Says

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: Cameron can win the riots debate but only if he stops Labour from outflanking him on policing

Public back Police more than politicians on riots handling…

"Only 30% say Cameron has done a good job, against 44% who say the opposite, a net negative score of -14. For Johnson, the figures are 28% good job and 38% bad, a negative of -10 points. By contrast, 45% think that the acting commissioner of the Metropolitan police, Tim Godwin, has done well against 27% who say the opposite – a positive score of 18." – The Guardian

…and want the government to reverse Police cuts

Police"More than half the public have lost confidence in David Cameron's leadership in the aftermath of this week's rioting in cities across England, a poll for The Independent reveals today. The survey by ComRes also found that more than two-thirds of the public are opposed to his plans to cut police numbers as part of budget reductions." – The Independent

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: 71% say Government should reverse planned cuts to police numbers

Britain turns to former New York and Los Angeles Police official for help – New York Times

"David Cameron's hopes of installing former US police chief Bill Bratton as head of the Metropolitan police may be thwarted by the prime minister's own police reform bill and clampdown on immigration, the Guardian has learned." – The Guardian

Young thugs 'should fear the police', says David Cameron's new crime adviser

BrattonBill"In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Bill Bratton, the former New York police chief, said many young people, especially gang members, had been “emboldened” by over-cautious policing tactics and lenient sentencing policies. … To be effective, a police force should have “a lot of arrows in the quiver,” said Mr Bratton, advocating a doctrine of “escalating force” where weapons including rubber bullets, Tasers, pepper spray and water cannon were all available to commanders." – Daily Telegraph

"Communities cannot "arrest their way out" of gang crime, the prime minister's new crime adviser, US "supercop" Bill Bratton, has warned." – BBC

Wandsworth council moves to evict mother of charged riot boy

"Conservative-run Wandsworth … has started eviction proceedings against a woman whose son appeared in court charged in connection with the riots in Clapham Junction. It is the first local authority to issue an eviction notice on a tenant in the wake of the riots although Westminster, Greenwich, Hammersmith and Fulham, Nottingham and Salford councils have all said they will consider evicting those found to have taken part in the unrest." - The Guardian

  • £50,000 fund set up for information on looters - The Guardian

> Yesterday on Local government: Wandsworth Council are the first to issue a rioter with eviction notice

Peter Oborne: The rioters are Blair's children

OBORNE"The rioters who have rampaged through the streets of Britain over the past seven days were the children of Tony Blair. Many of them were born under Tony Blair. They went to school under Tony Blair. They learnt their system of savage values and greed under Tony Blair. They are the product of the policies of Tony Blair." – Peter Oborne, in the Daily Telegraph

  • "If this was a social reaction, it was a social reaction to the need for Gucci jeans" – Times (£) interview with former Conservative candidate and charity worker, Shaun Bailey

> Yesterday on Parliament: Theresa May highlights Britain's "deep-rooted" social problems in her Commons statement on the riots

Charles Moore: Unlike after 1981, these riots are likely to lead to pro-Police attitudes

MOORE"This time, the attitudes are much better. Then as now, of course, most ordinary citizens were unequivocal in their disgust at rioting. But in 1981, the prevailing culture among our ruling elites was different. The weight of the BBC, local government, trade unions, officialdom, came down on the police for being too harsh, and, needless to say, on the prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, for the same crime. The chairman of the Merseyside Police Authority supported the rioters, saying: “They would be apathetic fools if they didn’t protest.”" – Charles Moore, in the Daily Telegraph

  • Graeme Archer: After the riots, we are going to become tougher, which means we must take even more care with how we express ourselves – Daily Telegraph
  • The Daily Mail's editorial urges David Cameron to grip a "Unique chance to mend Britain’s broken society"
  • The Daily Telegraph also wants Cameron to "seize a rare moment in recent British history"

Iain Martin: Will George stop Dave from curing sick Britain?

MARTIN IAIN "And the fact is that Osborne is markedly more liberal than Cameron. He likes to point out his parents were creative West London types who founded an interior design empire. Cameron hails from the Tory shires, his father worked in the City and his mother was a no-nonsense magistrate. Already, Osborne’s liberal influence has had key consequences. Even though the Tory manifesto promised to ensure marriage would be recognised in the tax system, by such means as transferable tax allowances between married couples, the Chancellor has resisted Cameron’s attempts to ensure it is." – Iain Martin, in the Daily Mail

Tory MP Louise Mensch backs social network blackouts during civil unrest

"Louise Mensch, the Conservative MP and one of parliament's more active Twitter users, has backed David Cameron's call for social networking services to be shut down temporarily during civil disorder. …  "Common sense. If riot info and fear is spreading by Facebook & Twitter, shut them off for an hour or two, then restore. World won't implode," she said." – The Guardian

> Robert Halfon MP on Comment yesterday: I am deeply uneasy about riot police restricting Blackberry Messenger and other social media

Home Secretary Theresa May bans English Defence League march

"Theresa May said she had stopped the march in Telford to protect "communities and properties". She said the ban would not stop an EDL presence in Telford on Saturday." – BBC

Fury over minister's help for 'Bambi' murderer described by judge as 'evil, almost beyond belief'

Blunt Crispin"Prisons minister Crispin Blunt has caused outrage by helping one of Britain’s most notorious murderers to give media interviews. Jeremy Bamber was described as ‘evil, almost beyond belief’ by a judge when he was convicted of killing five members of his adoptive family … But the gaffe-prone minister gave the green light for Bamber to give a self-justifying interview with a glossy magazine" – Daily Mail

Ed Miliband pledges inquiry into riot causes 

Miliband Ed Headshot"The Labour leader, Ed Miliband, says his party will help set up a public inquiry into the causes of the riots if David Cameron continues to insist he will not hold one. Cameron has said he will await the outcome of a parliamentary inquiry by the home affairs select committee which begins in the autumn. Speaking during a visit to Brixton, south London, Miliband said: "If the government doesn't do it, then I will make sure we do it." – The Guardian

  • Miliband blames 'me first' culture – BBC

'Pakistani spies' in the Houses of Parliament

PARLIAMENT"MPs hosted events in Parliament for an organistation which has been accused of being a front for Pakistani spies, it can be disclosed. The Justice Foundation has received messages of support from Tony Blair while prime minister, and set up a conference attended by Baroness Warsi, now co-chairman of the Conservative Party." – Daily Telegraph

Number of NHS patients waiting more than four hours in A&E doubles – The Guardian

And finally… Cameron's car dented in Salford. Rioters? No – a kerb

"David Cameron's limo was left dented and scratched during a visit to riot-ravaged Salford today after the £200,000 car crunched into a kerb. The Prime Minister was saying goodbye to staff at the looted Lidl supermarket when the driver of his dark blue Jaguar XJ manoeuvred into position to whisk the PM off – but misjudged it. Despite being bomb-proof and bullet proof it came off second best with the kerb which bashed-in its pristine side." – Daily Mail


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