6.15pm WATCH: Liam Fox announces £1billion investment in 14 new Chinook helicopters

4.45pm WATCH: Liam Fox: NATO can be "very proud" of the role it has played in Libya

3.30pm ToryDiary: Senior Tories attack Scottish government's "discriminatory" higher education policy

3pm WATCH: David Cameron makes a statement on Libya and the situation in Tripoli

2.15pm WATCH: Ed Miliband calls for a stable Libya

12.30pm Robert Halfon MP on Comment: What are the lessons to be learnt from the demise of Gadaffi?

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's American political news

11am WATCH: Alistair Burt MP congratulates the Libyan people, talks of the prevention of deaths, and urges a stable and ordered Tripoli as quickly as possible

ToryDiary: The mission isn't accomplished but the overnight news from Libya is a big vindication for Cameron

Martin Sewell on Comment: This is Polly Toynbee's Generation

Seats and candidates: Poll boosts Labour hopes of ousting Heather Wheeler MP on back of Siemens trains deal

Screen shot 2011-08-22 at 06.46.21

Local government: Utility firms to pay lane rental for digging up roads

John O'Connell on Local government: EU partly to blame for loss of weekly bin collections

Danny Kruger on ThinkTankCentral: 65% of boys with a convicted parent go on to become criminals. We need to change that.

Ming Campbell and Clegg aide warn human rights can't be sacrificed as part of riot response

Ming "Sir Menzies said: ‘The European Convention on Human Rights was one of the most important contributions which Britain made to post-War Europe. It should lie right at the very heart of our constitutional circumstances. ‘My view is that the ECHR is a fundamental right and that is something we should not depart from… Sources close to the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg last night said he would not sanction any curb on human rights in the wake of the riots. A source said: ‘Nick would not want to see a watering down of the Human Rights Act either, although there is an issue in making sure people understand what the Human Rights Act does and doesn’t allow, because we don’t want to see an overcautious interpretation take hold.’" – Daily Mail | BBC

Questions about police funding persist

  • Local newspapers are full of 'police cuts' stories of the kind you can read in today's Yorkshire Post
  • Old-style policing 'slashes crime and disorder by 80%' on troubled estate – Scotsman
  • Times (£) claims local councils may lack funds for anti-gang programmes.

BLAIR TONY serious Blair's riots intervention attacked

  • The cheek of it! Mark Pritchard MP hits back at Tony Blair after former PM comments on the riots: “The lack of respect in society is partly the result of 13 years of failed Labour social policies." – Express
  • Still no apologies as Mr Blair rewrites history (again) and denies any blame for Britain's social ills – Stephen Glover in the Daily Mail
  • The Sun describes Tony Blair's analysis as "fundamentally flawed".

Social Market Foundation: Nine in ten providers of the work and pension secretary’s Work Programme are likely to miss government targets in its third year of operation

"Iain Duncan Smith’s flagship £5bn scheme to get benefits claimants back into work is in danger of collapsing under the weight of impossible targets which threaten the viability of companies running the programme, according to a leading think-tank." – FT (£)

Ministers are proposing that utility companies carrying out roadworks at peak times should pay councils to rent the road spaceBBC

A council’s decision to end home rubbish collections abandons one of our oldest public services – Ross Clark in The Times (£)

Bombardier row could cost Conservatives South Derbyshire seatGuardian

Boris Johnson: The resurrection of English cricket can inspire us all

"Look at the number of Oxbridge entrants from Mossbourne Academy in Hackney, or the grades of the kids from Burlington Danes in Hammersmith. Yes, it is about investment in those schools, in good facilities and well-motivated teachers. But Michael Gove is right to insist it is also about a culture of discipline; of standing up when any adult walks into the room; of taking your hands out of your pockets when you are talking to an adult; of addressing your teachers with respect. It is so much better to be demanding of these children, and to insist on high standards – even if it means being frank about failure – than to give in to the endless lazy condescension of false praise. There are all sorts of ways of teaching young people self-discipline and respect for rules, not least competitive sport – and especially cricket, where one wild swipe is usually punished with ignominy." – Boris Johnson in The Telegraph

Contrary to Westminster Village's consensus, Boris doing SLIGHTLY better than Cameron in handling of riots


More at YouGov (PDF).

Tory MP Mark Field warns Osborne against economic complacency

Field Mark on BBC "In an interview with The Times (£), Mark Field, the Tory MP for the Cities of London and Westminster, said that British companies still saw little evidence of a plan for growth from the Government and that Britain remained at risk of losing its triple-A credit rating."

Could Cameron and Osborne lose the next election? It's looking more likely – says Guido Fawkes

"We are embarking on the most dangerous social experiment of my lifetime. There is a squeeze and a crack-down on the poorest – many, I admit, now culturally hostile to work and social order. Meanwhile, we are cutting government spending radically, and at the same time we face economic stagnation. This is an awesome triple whammy. It has an ugly potential to further divide us, and it is going to dominate the rest of the life of the coalition." – Jackie Ashley in The Guardian

"What can we still blame Margaret Thatcher for? Everything" – Judith Duffy in the Herald

Tory MP Damian Hinds leads attack on Labour for introducing raft of easy GCSEs that left children without competence in core subjectsDaily Mail

  • GCS-Easies: The number of pupils studying the toughest GCSEs more than HALVED under Labour – Sun

Elizabeth-smith-639 Tory MSP Elizabeth Smith attacks SNP discrimination against English students on tuition feesScotsman

"A bitter row blew up last night over the Scottish Government’s plans to charge students from England fees for studying north of the Border while Scottish undergraduates pay nothing… Sir Malcolm Rifkind, the former Scottish Secretary, denounced it as “grossly unfair”, while former minister John Redwood accused the SNP of trying to “radicalise” the English against the Union." – Scotsman

Welsh Conservative Assembly leader, Andrew RT Davies, has "called on the UK Government to deliver its promise to hold a free vote on scrapping the hunting ban"Wales Online

Benefits must no longer be unconditional – Neil O'Brien in The Telegraph

Every argument behind the private finance initiative has been demolished by MPs – Tom Clark in The Guardian

Beneath its desperate debt crisis Greece remains mired in fraud and fiddling – Jeff Randall in The Telegraph

David Steel linked to businessman facing bribery allegations

"The Liberal Democrat grandee David Steel lobbied the president of Uganda to land a profitable contract for a former business partner who is now the subject of an international bribery inquiry, an investigation by the Guardian has established."

Plonker Cameron's fifth break of 2011 becomes matter of controversy before news broke that events in Libya mean he will return early to Downing Street

"David Cameron was back in holiday mood yesterday after his family summer break earlier this month had been disrupted by the riots. The Prime Minister and wife Samantha visited a fish shop in Port Isaac, Cornwall, at the start of a trip to the West Country." – Express

> Saturday's ToryDiary: Back on holiday, is Cameron squandering the opportunity to relaunch his premiership?


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