9.30pm ToryDiary: Alan Duncan withdraws Palestine video after pressure from Jewish leaders

5.30pm Local government: Council byelection results from yesterday

4pm Alistair Thompson on Comment: Early success should fool no one that rebuilding Libya will take a long time

12.15pm Local government: Labour councils offer mixed views on evicting rioters from Council housing

Noon Damian Green MP on Comment: We have taken significant steps towards achieving sustainable levels of immigration but success won't happen overnight

Noon ConHomeUSA: Obama's back to blaming Bush and today's other American political news

11.30am WATCH: Liam Fox on Libya: NATO needs to know whereabouts of regime figures so they cannot counter attack

11.15am WATCH: Nick Hurd MP urges private investors to help poor families


ToryDiary: With every passing day the Liberal Democrats are dragging the Coalition further away from the Conservative manifesto

6a00d83451b31c69e20147e3bc3947970b-150wi Brandon Lewis MP: With regulatory safeguards the gaming industry can produce real economic benefits

Also on Comment: Britain's most important political commentator is Ian Hislop and he paints Britain's MPs as "corrupt, second-rate and incompetent"…

Local government:

ThinkTankCentral: The EBacc may discriminate against poorer students, warns Civitas

WATCH: William Hague promises to help Scottish government if they seek return of Lockerbie bomber

Nick Clegg says Liberal Democrats will not let Tories water down human rights lawsGuardian

Clegg with LD bird Writing in The Guardian the Deputy PM praises human rights laws: "The Human Rights Act and the European convention on human rights have been instrumental in preventing local authorities from snooping on law-abiding families, in removing innocent people from the national DNA database, in preventing rapists from cross-examining their victims in court, in defending the rights of parents to have a say in the medical treatment of their children, in holding local authorities to account where they have failed to protect children from abuse, in protecting the anonymity of journalists' sources, and in upholding the rights of elderly married couples to be cared for together in care homes."

Government backs down on plan to shut Twitter and Facebook in crisesGuardian

  • The Independent notes how ministers are now talking of "co-operation" with social networking sites rather than a crackdown.

Tories will have to accept CCTV as police prepare to examine 40,000 hours of images in massive effort to prosecute rioters and lootersTimes (£)

Community work for ex-offenders can succeed – Jonathan Aitken in The Times (£)

Daily Mail and Sun warn Cameron against failure on immigration… but The Telegraph says he will miss his target

  • "The Tories — shackled by Nick Clegg’s obsessively pro-immigration Lib Dems — have not been remotely firm enough on reducing non-EU workers and overseas students… Eleven million people voted Tory because, after the madness of the New Labour years, they wanted immigration reduced to manageable levels.  Mr Cameron will not be easily forgiven if he lets them down." – Daily Mail leader
  • "David Cameron and Nick Clegg talked tough on immigration during the election. And once in Coalition they vowed to drastically cut the numbers coming into the UK. So the revelation that migration figures rocketed by more than 20 per cent last year is frankly appalling." – Sun Says
  • "David Cameron did finally promise us a coherent policy on immigration. It is vital for the health of the economy and our communities that he sticks to it and delivers it." – Express
  • "Mr Cameron’s hopes of fulfilling his pledge by 2015 are forlorn." – Telegraph leader

Green Damian August 2011 "The immigration minister, Damian Green, said: ‘These statistics cover a period  before we introduced our radical changes to the immigration system to bring net migration back down to the tens of thousands.’" – Metro

…but writing in The Sun, Andrew Green of MigrationWatch says the Coalition won't hit his targets: "The changes announced so far won't be enough to reach their target. There must be a crackdown on bogus students, and it's time economic migrants were limited to five years while British workers are trained to take their place. We've been lied to for years. Cameron must get a grip and soon."

"Dr Carlos Vargas-Silva, a senior researcher at Oxford University’s Migration Observatory, said it was likely that the UK’s population of eastern Europeans would continue to increase for some time to come. “The factors that created the initial pull for A8 workers to the UK are still in place – there is a demand for their labour, wages are still much higher than Poland or other A8 nations and there are now well-established communities and networks here,” he said." – FT (£)

> Damian Green yesterday: "Britain is addicted to immigration" and it will take a while to break the addiction

Vince Cable has agreed to a controversial European directive to give agency workers the same rights as full-time employees of British companies

Cable July 2011 "An analysis of the new laws by the Department for Business discloses that it will cost firms more than £1.8 billion a year, leading to warnings from major employers that they will have to cut jobs… The laws are being introduced despite a pledge by George Osborne, the Chancellor, to boost economic growth by cutting red tape and other obstacles facing businesses." – Telegraph

Nick Hurd MP launches social impact bonds to encourage private investors to reduce costs of social problems

"The Government expects to raise up to £40m across pilot schemes in Hammersmith and Fulham, Westminster, Birmingham and Leicestershire, which are expected to be up and running early next year." – Independent

"The government has put the annual bill for assisting the UK's 46,000 most deprived families at more than £4bn a year, representing an average of nearly £100,000 per family. They are often affected by multiple issues, such as poor education and drug or alcohol addiction, and ministers are concerned the current focus on treating the problems of individuals creates a costly cycle of deprivation, which they find almost impossible to break. It is hoped the use of social impact bonds, where investors get paid a return for successful projects, can intensively tackle several problems in a family setting." – BBC

26 million Britons will be obese by 2030 as Health minister Anne Milton promises action plan by end of year Independent

Anne-milton3.ashx Anne Milton quoted in the Daily Mail: "Tackling obesity is a priority for the Government and through Change4Life, we are encouraging people to make simple changes, such as eating more fruit and vegetables, cutting down on fatty foods and being more active,’ she added. If we are to find new ways of  supporting people to change their behaviour and achieve real sustained improvements in public health  we need to work with public health, voluntary and commercial organisations."

Commentary on Cameron, Libya and foreign policy

  • The Economist's Bagehot describes Libya as "a first foreign-policy win" for Cameron.
  • But Cameron still lacks a foreign policy vision according to Rafael Behr – New Statesman
  • Whether it's foreign policy or deep social problems, Cameron needs to be realistic about what's achievable – Bruce Anderson in The Telegraph
  • "The overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi has been messy and is likely to get more so. For those used to watching armoured columns streaming in triumphant order across the desert to depose a dictator and pull down his statues, it doesn’t look very impressive. But this is what the future probably looks like. Better get used to it" – Paddy Ashdown in The Times (£)
  • Liam Fox says he cannot comment on whether Britain's special forces have entered Libya – Telegraph

Unions are planning a rolling series of targeted strikes instead of mass walkouts, if talks over pension reforms failGuardian

Anti-Bercow Tories may use boundary review to oust Speaker from Buckingham seat

BERCOW SPEAKER "If Mr Bercow’s seat is redrawn to take in parts of a seat now held by a sitting Conservative MP, they believe, the party should be able to contest the new constituency. A senior Conservative said it would be “quite unfair” if Mr Bercow was allowed to stand for a redrawn constituency while another MP was not." – Telegraph

Police arrest man over online threats to Tory MP Louise MenschScotsman

Conservative Central Office collegaue of Cameron's, Andrew Honnor, becomes Interim Director of Public Affairs at News InternationalIndependent

Blue paintbomb thrown at Nick Clegg splashes his face

"He shrugged off the attack during a party question-and-answer session in Glasgow as “not a big deal”. Mr Clegg was accompanied by Lib Dem MSP for Mid-Scotland and Fife Willie Rennie, who took the brunt of the paint. He said: “It was two disgruntled individuals who chose not to speak about their concerns in advance but were purely interested in a stunt." – Express

British Beer & Pub Association: High UK alcohol taxes are threatening jobs and leading to less drinkingExpress

And finally… No more babies for us says David Cameron after visiting hospital where their daughter, Florence, was bornExpress

"David Cameron boasted he was a hands-on Prime Minister yesterday – at nappy changing. During a visit to the Cornish maternity unit where his daughter Florence was born, the nation’s leader claimed he had done the last five nappy changes." – Herald

> Yesterday's video: The Camerons take baby Florence to visit the hospital where she was born


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