HagueWilliamPresser 7pm WATCH: William Hague expels Gaddafi's diplomats

4.45pm WATCH: One year until the London 2012 Olympics

3.15pm International: Former Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar urges the EU to "stop smashing the club rules" and return to fiscal conservatism

1.15pm WATCH: William Hague recognises the National Transitional Council as the sole governmental authority in Libya

1pm ToryDiary: Tests by the Department for Work and Pensions find many claiming sickness benefits are fit to work

Noon Stuart Andrew MP on Comment: Why the Core Cities need High Speed Rail

Noon ConHomeUSA: All the latest on the American debt ceiling crisis

BoehnerJohn11.30am WATCH: Time is running out for next week's deadline to raise the US debt ceiling

10.30am ToryDiary: Is Boris right? Should Osborne cut taxes? Updated with Boris' praise for Osborne on Radio 5 Live

ToryDiary: Is Boris right? Should Osborne cut taxes?

Anthony Browne on Comment: Time for European localism

ThinkTankCentral: Three updates to ConservativeHome's growth manifesto:

  • Open Europe recommends liberalisation in the EU
  • The Social Market Foundation advocates reform of the Competition Commission
  • Civitas proposes a more activist industrial policy including local enterprise banks

Greg Clark MP on Local government: We need a new generation of leaders in local and national government with the courage to face up to our deepest problems


International: Is it really crazy to say 'stop the spending'? Ryan Streeter defends US Republicans from Vince Cable's attack

Gazette: Owen and Rose Paterson will raise £50,000 for good causes in world's longest horse race

Economic growth stalls - BBC

Osborne LargeOffice for National Statistics says growth figures hit by the royal wedding, unseasonably warm weather and the impact of Japan's tsunami – The Independent

"The UK economy is still smaller than it was when it entered the recession and is unlikely to return to the peak output levels of 2008 before the year 2013, breaking all records in the past century for the length of a slump." – The Independent

  • The Daily Mail looks for positives: "Encouragingly, half a million jobs have been created in the private sector over the past year and, thanks to the commitment by George Osborne to reduce public spending, Britain can borrow on the money markets at a lower rate than almost any other country." – Daily Mail editorial
  • Whereas the Guardian attacks "The recovery that isn't" – Guardian editorial
  • The Sun says the Chancellor must do better: "The problem is that George Osborne won't accept that a dash for growth is not incompatible with reducing the deficit." – The Sun Says

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: So, the economy grew by 0.2%. Four reactions to those numbers

Osborne promises tax cuts for business to fire up sluggish economyDaily Mail

  • Cameron says he is 100% behind Osborne growth plan – BBC
  • John McTernan: The current Chancellor may be caricatured as a typical Tory, but he is very much a man of new ideas – The Scotsman

> Yesterday WATCH: Osborne says Britain is growing, is creating jobs and is a safe haven in a global debt storm

It is time for George Osborne to take bold steps in order to bump-start the economyDaily Telegraph editorial

  • Splits begin to show in coalition as worries mount about rekindling growth - The Guardian

> Yesterday on ThinkTankCentral: Here you go, George; A Growth Manifesto

Boris Johnson tells George Osborne to cut National Insurance and 50p tax

BORIS JOHNSON YOUTUBE "His demand came amid growing pressure on George Osborne to develop new policies to boost economic growth. The Daily Telegraph disclosed that there was impatience among No 10 advisers, who wanted the Treasury to be more imaginative in kick-starting the economy." – Daily Telegraph

City AM's Allister Heath praises Boris' call for tax cuts, and says: "Johnson is playing a clever game: his economics are far more optimistic, pro-growth and imbued with supply-side understanding than Osborne’s. Johnson is sounding more like a Ronald Reagan on tax; Osborne is more of a traditional fiscal conservative."

  • George Osborne is facing questions over how to kick-start the economy as Downing Street aides become increasingly impatient with a lack of growth – Daily Telegraph
  • Businesses call for growth plan – City AM

Benedict Brogan: The push for growth will now focus on tax

"The Chancellor welcomes the demands for him to deliver growth as a useful lever to force action from other departments. But he is the one with the best hand to play, and the focus will now be on tax – in particular, on scrapping the 50p rate, which, when National Insurance is taken into account, pushes the marginal rate above 60p and makes Britain one of the most punitive places for wealth in the European Union." – Benedict Brogan, in the Daily Telegraph

  • Sir Richard Branson is to move a key part of his Virgin empire to Switzerland, leading to renewed concerns over the business environment in Britain – Daily Telegraph

Allister Heath: Budget deficit reduction not to blame for lack of growth

HEATH ALLISTER"This year’s planned £20bn reduction in the budget deficit, which will probably end up being closer to £13bn, is the absolute minimum needed to show Britain’s creditors that the government is serious. It is astonishing that some economically illiterate commentators are calling on Britain “to pay its debts down more slowly” as a result of yesterday’s figures – the truth is that the debt pile is still rocketing, albeit at a slightly less rapid rate." – Allister Heath, in City AM

  • Britain still needs smart deficit cuts – FT (£) editorial
  • Forget about blaming 'cuts' for the 'weak growth' – it's inflation George Osborne needs to worry about – Andrew Lilico at Telegraph Blogs

> Mark Field MP on yesterday's Comment: Britain's essential deficit reduction programme can only succeed if much more is done to promote growth

Toys from Versace and an iPad from Arnold Schwarzenegger are among gifts given to the PMDaily Telegraph

Rupert Murdoch's chiefs met Cabinet ministers 100 times

MurdochCommittee"The close links between the Cabinet and Rupert Murdoch’s scandal-hit empire were laid bare last night by documents detailing almost 100 meetings since last year’s election. George Osborne and Michael Gove feature most prominently in a list of meetings between ministers and News International executives rushed out in the wake of the phone hacking controversy." – Daily Mail

"On two occasions, James Murdoch and former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks were given confidential defence briefings on Afghanistan and Britain's strategic defence review by the Defence Secretary, Liam Fox." – The Independent

Daily Mail editorial condemns the government's new stance on Gaddafi

Screen shot 2011-07-26 at 08.52.20 "This week, after more than four months of bombing by RAF jets, Gaddafi remains stubbornly in power, and the Prime Minister is staging a humbling retreat. The tyrant must relinquish control, Downing Street now says, but can remain in the country he has brutalised over the past four decades. … What is most worrying is the lack of political judgment this debacle has exposed. First Mr Cameron ignored warnings – not least from this paper – that it was a mistake to make an open-ended commitment to Libya when our military resources were already so stretched." – Daily Mail

  • First Afghanistan, now Libya. Can Nato actually win any of its wars? – The Guardian
  • "For the moment the attrition of the tyrant’s repressive capability remains the best and most honest strategy." – The Times editorial (£)
  • Officials and senior military figures at the Ministry of Defence have spent almost £1 billion on taxpayer-funded credit cards – Daily Telegraph
  • "The Ministry of Defence has been notorious for decades for its shambolic procurement record, while the number of bureaucrats it employs has been a standing joke" – Daily Telegraph editorial

Home Office resists call to re-classify far-right UK group

EDL "The Home Office is resisting calls to label the English Defence League as a proscribed organisation despite campaigners’ claims to have found new evidence linking the group with Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian far right terror suspect." – FT (£)

High-speed rail ‘could create 400,000 jobs’

"Politicians, councillors and economists have thrown their weight behind an economic analysis of the benefits of high-speed rail that claims today that 400,000 jobs could be created in cities outside London." –The Times (£)

  • High-speed rail link "will get economy back on right track" - The Scotsman

Wellbeing index gets the go ahead

"Government plans to rate happiness in the UK have been given the go-ahead, following a positive response from the public. Statisticians have announced that Britain's first Well-being Index indicators will be unveiled in the autumn, followed by annual life satisfaction ratings in July 2012." - Daily Telegraph

Daniel Finkelstein on nudge theory: If people are subtly persuaded to act more honestly or helpfully, it’s not only the Treasury that will be better off

"The right criticism is not that the Government is taking all this behaviour stuff too seriously. It is that it is not taking it seriously enough, moving fast enough, doing enough." – Daniel Finkelstein, in the Times (£)

School called 'brilliant' by David Cameron faces cheat probe over examsDaily Mirror

THATCHER Mrs Thatcher's Hillsborough papers must be released, government told - The Guardian

National Trust warns planning changes could tear up countryside - The Guardian

> Yesterday on Local government: National Trust attacks Government's planning changes

Politics in Brief:

  • Probation officers spend 75% of time not dealing with offenders, report finds - The Guardian
  • 75% of people on sickness benefits are fit for work - Daily Express

Lockerbie bomber al-Megrahi seen at pro-Gaddafi rally in Tripoli The Guardian




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