Screen shot 2011-07-20 at 21.29.48 9.30pm WATCH: Answering question from Dennis Skinner, Cameron denies any "inappropriate conversations" with News Intl about BSkyB bid

5.45pm ToryDiary: The 1922 Committee doesn't speak for me, Louise Mensch tells Channel 4 News

2.45pm VIDEO:

12.15pm ToryDiary: Cameron toughens position on Andy Coulson: I wouldn't have hired him if I knew what I know now

Screen shot 2011-07-20 at 11.38.44

11.30am ToryDiary: Open thread on Prime Minister's special statement

11.15am ConHomeUSA: Today's US political headlines

ToryDiary: David Cameron needs to show he's earnt the right to move on from Hackgate and then he needs to move on. Quickly.


ToryDiary: The £1.5 billion backbencher: Jesse Norman MP

Andrew Lilico on Comment: Five ways forward for the Eurozone

Parliament: Caroline Spelman announces culling badgers will be allowed, in plan to reduce bovine TB

Local government: Volunteers taking over a library is different to closing a library

PMQS AT FIFTY: Tony Blair's first PMQs as Prime Minister

CameronLookingRight Cameron returns from foreign trip – to discontent

"Mr Cameron returned last night from a trip to Africa he was forced to cut short by a growing crisis which some Tory MPs fear is in danger of destabilising his premiership. Loyalists believe the Prime Minister looks increasingly isolated and are concerned that cabinet members, including the Chancellor George Osborne and the Tory chairman Baroness Warsi, have failed to rally behind him while he has been away. But one backbench leader said: "The feeling is that this is a crisis of his own making – he employed Andy Coulson."" – The Independent

"The Prime Minister promised to get to the roots of the scandal in all its forms … But he also appealed to both the public and the press to put the hacking saga in perspective. “These are big problems. But we are a big country and we are going to sort them out.”" – The Times (£)

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: Where is the Downing Street counter-attack?

Benedict Brogan: This is a stress test for the bigger crises that David Cameron will face

"While Westminster has been transfixed by the hacking saga and its increasingly bizarre twists and turns, the world economy has been edging closer to the precipice. The eurozone is flirting with disintegration, America is contemplating default on its debt, and the banking system is inching closer to another brush with systemic failure." – Benedict Brogan, in the Daily Telegraph

CameronSouthAfrica Cameron warns Africans about Chinese influence

"David Cameron warned African states over China’s ‘authoritarian capitalism’ yesterday, claiming that it is unsustainable in the long term. In possibly the most critical comments made by a modern British Prime Minister about China’s growing global influence, Mr Cameron admitted the West is increasingly alarmed by Beijing’s leading role in the new ‘scramble for Africa’. China has poured billions into Africa in recent years – buying up natural resources and infrastructure while asking few questions about some of the unsavoury regimes involved." - Daily Mail

Coulson Andy PC2 Arrested News of the World deputy editor Neil Wallis was an adviser to Andy Coulson

"Neil Wallis helped Andy Coulson, the prime minister's director of communications, in 2009, as they prepared for the election campaign. A source said Wallis worked on a "short-term project" believed to have lasted around a week, although he did not receive payment. It is understood Wallis, who was Coulson's deputy when he edited the News of the World, was advising on how best to get coverage in tabloid newspapers on a "specific" policy proposal." – The Guardian

  • "Today, it is the Prime Minister’s turn in the spotlight. Despite his promise of transparency, new facts continue to emerge about his relationship with News International. His decision to appoint Andy Coulson, a former News of the World editor, as his spokesman threatens to become a millstone around his premiership. We now learn that Mr Wallis was advising Mr Coulson before the general election." – Daily Telegraph
  • Loyalty to Coulson leaves Cameron a lame duck - John McTernan, in the Scotsman
  • How can Cameron stop hackgate contagion? – Nick Denys, at Platform10

Cameron's Chief of Staff Ed Llewellyn warned Scotland Yard not to tell the Prime Minister about phone hacking

"MPs heard yesterday how Ed Llewellyn, Mr Cameron’s chief of staff, rejected an offer by outgoing assistant commissioner John Yates to talk to Mr Cameron after the New York Times ran an article alleging that Mr Coulson ‘actively encouraged’ phone hacking while he was editor of the News of the World. Mr Llewellyn … flatly rejected the offer on the grounds that it was ‘inappropriate’ and adding that he ‘would be grateful if it were not raised please’." – Daily Mail

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: The Ed Llewellyn/ John Yates emails


Committee Hearings: Rupert Murdoch denies knowledge of phone hacking or secret paymentsDaily Telegraph

Rebekah Brooks denies going riding with David Cameron or speaking to him about the appointment of Andy CoulsonThe Independent

News International 'deliberately thwarted' police phone hacking inquiry Daily Telegraph

  • Quarter of Yard’s PR men ‘had worked for News International’ - The Times (£)

Protester charged after Murdoch attack Sky News

  • Rupert Murdoch attacked: an eyewitness account – James Kirkup, in the Daily Telegraph

> WATCH: Left-wing protestor attacks Rupert Murdoch

Daniel Finkelstein points to the dominant position of the BBC, not News International

"Mr Miliband is right that there is a concentration of media power in one organisation in Britain. But it is not Rupert Murdoch’s" – Daniel Finkelstein, in the Times (£)

The ConservativeHome analysis about BBC market share.

  • "The Murdoch story is not a Berlin Wall moment – just daft hysteria" – Simon Jenkins, in the Guardian

Matthew Norman: Boris Johnson embodies the amorality of the passing age

"Yet if he was the ideally amoral politician for a startlingly amoral age, morality is suddenly back in vogue, and will remain so for a while. Glancing at his post-Eton CV – Bullingdon sense of entitlement, dodgepot News International hack, pliant NI hackee, enabler of Met fecklessness in the guise of ostrich supervisor – he looks much less like the future than a semi-fossilised piece of living nostalgia." – Matthew Norman, in the Independent

Daily_Mail_newspaper_front_page20thJuly The Daily Mail urges a turn to the "REAL scandal MPs ignore: As Murdoch grilling turns into farce, bankers get £14bn bonuses and IMF warns of euro meltdown"

"World financial watchdogs issued an extraordinary warning of a global economic ‘earthquake’ triggered by the failure of many countries to get to grips with massive debts.To add insult to injury, it emerged yesterday that those largely responsible for bringing Britain’s economy to its knees – bankers and finance workers – have scooped bonuses totalling £14billion this year." – Daily Mail

  • The Times leader also urges focus on the Eurozone crisis – The Times (£)
  • IMF warns the Eurozone of £400bn global 'earthquake' and urges them to rescue Greece - Daily Mail
  • Let Europe pay for its policy failures – Alan Beattie, in the FT (£)
  • Angela Merkel: can she rescue the euro? - Daily Telegraph
  • City pays out £14bn in bonuses – The FT (£)
  • Hamish McRae: The EU matters much more than the euro – The Independent

Gove in Commons Gove unveils £2bn PFI schools scheme

"A new £2bn programme to build schools under the private finance initiative is to be launched, Michael Gove, the education secretary announced on Tuesday … Despite mounting scepticism on both the Commons’ Treasury and public accounts committees over the way PFI has been used, Mr Gove said a new programme of between 100 and 300 schools will be launched to help deal with a growing shortage of school places and a multi-billion pound backlog of repair." – The FT (£)

> Yesterday on Parliament: In case you're interested in things other than hacking, Gove has found £2.5 billion extra for school buildings

Alexander Danny Public sector unions win pensions deal but refuse to rule out autumn strikes

"Trade unions secured a number of concessions over public sector pensions yesterday but refused to rule out strike action this autumn. Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, announced that 500,000 low-income workers would pay lower pension contributions than originally proposed. But the decision will mean that higher-paid workers, such as doctors, teachers and top civil servants, will have to pay more." – The Times (£)

LANSLEY ANDREW QT Ministers want more NHS treatment to be provided by private companies

"Patients could have X-rays, blood tests and heart scans at Boots and other high street chemists under Government plans. … In future, patients could be able to pop into their high street pharmacy for a blood test or even an echocardiogram to look at their heart during their lunch-hour, rather than having to wait several days or weeks for a hospital appointment." – Daily Mail

  • Private sector firms invited to bid for £1bn slice of NHS – The Independent

IFS questions Coalition tax breaks for married couples Daily Telegraph

Greg Clark appointed "Minister for Cities" Yorkshire Post 

Plans for badger cull pit farmers against animal rights activistsThe Independent

Left-wing trade union official Iain McNicol named as new Labour general secretaryBBC




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