9pm WATCH: Brown tells Commons that Cameron gave News International everything it wanted

FoxLiamParliament6pm WATCH: Liam Fox apologises to families of Mull of Kintyre Chinook crash pilots

4.45pm Local government: Labour's London Assembly candidates lack local credentials

3.30pm ToryDiary: Spectator warns that Osborne may be leading Britain into a "low-growth, high debt trap"

3pm Parliament: PMQs: Speaker Bercow vs. Minister Loughton

2.45pm George Eustice MP on Comment: Why journalists should welcome clearer regulation

1.30pm Parliament: David Cameron's statement on the inquiry into phone-hacking

Screen shot 2011-07-13 at 12.04.5412.30pm ToryDiary: Cameron was prime ministerial at PMQs today

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's American and Republican political news

11.15am Parliament: Charles Walker and Anne Main highlight the burden of green taxes and carbon charging during Chris Huhne energy statement

10.30am Neil O’Brien on ThinkTankCentral: Andy Burnham is failing to provide a serious challenge to the Coalition's schools policy

ToryDiary: George Osborne reads riot act to EU finance ministers as sense of crisis grips €urozone


Lord Ashcroft on Comment: Why the disclosures of how Gordon Brown was targeted have saddened but not surprised me

Ruth Porter on ThinkTankCentral: Sharper Axes, Lower Taxes – The British people agree


Local Government: 

WATCH: David Cameron on visit to address the Welsh Assembly: "I am determined that devolution will work, and work well for Wales"

Party leaders unite against Rupert Murdoch

Cameron,Osborne,Hague"All three main political parties will today unite against the man they have spent decades wooing in an unprecedented attack on Rupert Murdoch and his business empire. The party leaders will order their MPs to vote for a motion calling for Mr Murdoch to abandon his takeover bid for BSkyB in the wake of the hacking scandal. The show of unity came after a dramatic intervention by David Cameron. He made the decision after realising he could lose the vote in the House of Commons in the face of opposition from Labour and the Liberal Democrats. The mood in Downing Street was said to be "grim" yesterday." – The Independent

  • "David Cameron will announce on Wednesday that a judge will oversee a full-blown inquiry into the background to phone hacking and a panel that will examine media regulation, as Downing Street scrambles to regain the initiative after a series of decisive interventions by Ed Miliband." – The Guardian
  • "Rupert Murdoch, his son James, and News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks have agreed to appear before MPs next week to answer questions about the phone hacking scandal" – Daily Mirror
  • The Sun denies Gordon Brown's hacking claims, and says the Brown family gave them permission to run the story about his son – The Sun
  • The scandal backlash reaches America: "A powerful Senate committee chairman has said that phone hacking raises "serious questions" about whether Rupert Murdoch's News Corp "has broken United States law"" - Daily Telegraph
  • "David Cameron had little choice but to back Labour's BSkyB motion" – Julian Glover, in the Guardian
  • "It’s the readers wot won it, not the press" – Daniel Finkelstein, in the Times (£)
  • Glad to see PM is showing some mettle – Ann Widdecombe, in the Daily Express

> On yesterday's ToryDiary: Under pressure from Labour, Cameron disowns Rupert Murdoch

> From yesterday: WATCH: Cameron says his "heart goes out" to Gordon and Sarah Brown over new allegations against News International

Away from the News International scandal, part one: UK public debt soars to record £2 trillion

"The total amount that taxpayers will have to pay to fund public-sector pensions in the future has risen to more than £1 trillion, the Government will announce today. The Treasury is to release figures showing that public-sector pension liabilities have increased by 30 per cent in just two years to £1.1trn. It means that total public debt is now nearly £2trn." – The Independent

"The REAL cost of Britain's debt mountain: £78,000 for every family… thanks to Labour" – Daily Mail

Away from the News International scandal, part two: Osborne urges Eurozone "action" and warns Britain is not immune – as Italian debt crisis mounts

EU-FLAG"Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne called on European finance chiefs to come up with concrete plans to solve the crisis in the euro area, saying the U.K. and world economies aren’t immune to recent market turmoil. Osborne broke his silence on the crisis engulfing Greece and other euro countries in a statement released last night by the Treasury in which he demanded “detail” on plans to end the problems. He met European Union counterparts in Brussels earlier yesterday." – Bloomberg

"The FTSE 100 has racked up a 100 point-plus loss today as fears about Italy's debt mountain sparked heavy selling across financial markets." - Daily Mail

"France is also being affected by the market volatility as the premium it pays for debt over Germany hit a new euro-era high on Tuesday. French 10-year yields were 0.7 percentage points higher than equivalent German ones. And Irish debt was downgraded to junk by Moody’s, which lowered its rating on the embattled country one notch to Ba1, saying it was likely to need a second bail-out." – The FT (£)

  • "The endgame for Europe is approaching — and much faster than anyone expected. With this week’s sudden outbreak of panic in the Italian bond market, which had previously seemed immune from the crisis, the choice between a full-scale political union and the disintegration of the euro is becoming impossible to postpone much longer. Italy, unlike Greece, Ireland or even Spain, is a huge economy. But what makes Italy’s role even more decisive is the vast size of its bond market and its national debt." – Anatole Kaletsky, in the Times (£)
  • "As markets swung violently on the fear of an Italian debt crisis yesterday, Europe signed a treaty to establish a permanent €700bn (£615bn) bailout fund – but only from 2013 onwards." – City AM
  • "Britain’s trade in goods deficit widened unexpectedly in May from April, as the value of imports rose more swiftly than that of exports, official data on Tuesday showed, suggesting that the road towards an export-led recovery will be a long one." - The FT (£)
  • Hobbling the City will also hobble the country – Mark Field MP, in the Daily Telegraph

> On yesterday's ToryDiary: Anti-EU feelings are surging. 66% of Tory voters ready for Britain to leave the EU. Only 16% want to stay

> On yesterday's Parliament: Douglas Carswell MP accuses Treasury of failure to negotiate better IMF deal for UK taxpayers

David Cameron accused of "extraordinary" slur on GPs

CAMERONinCOMMONSOFFICE"The Prime Minister alleged that family doctors go on late-night home visits to “people with money” whom they know socially, while ignoring poor residents under their care. … His comments have now come under fierce attack from medics who say they have no basis in reality.They risk triggering a new breakdown in relations between the Government and the medical profession, following bitter arguments over NHS reforms that were only resolved by a series of policy about-turns." - Daily Telegraph

  • David Cameron speaks of need for Wales to end high unemployment and dependency, to give it "a future as glorious as its past" – Number 10

New Government plans will see immigrants have to wait five years to receive benefits

Patriotism"The plan to extend the length of time immigrants must be in the country before allowing access to full benefits forms part of a series of measures to overhaul family visas. It is the latest part of the Government’s reform of immigration, which has already led to curbs on student visas and a cap on the number of skilled immigrants.." - The Times (£)

  • "Britain could be forced to pay out millions of pounds a year in pensions to foreigners who have never worked here thanks to the EU, it emerged yesterday." – Daily Express
  • "More immigrants settle permanently in Britain than any other country in Europe, a study revealed yesterday. The latest figures showed that 397,900 foreigners decided to live here in 2009 – second in the world only to the U.S. The figure marked a rise of 14 per cent from the previous year. It was the largest increase in the developed world, at a time when most countries saw dramatic falls in the number of permanent settlers." – Daily Mail

Bombardier unions to meet Philip Hammond

Hammond Philip on DP"Unions representing workers at the UK's last train builder are set to have a meeting with ministers to urge a crucial contract be reconsidered. Derby-based Bombardier has said it will shed 1,400 staff after missing out on the £1.4bn Thameslink contract. Unite and the RMT have said they will underline to Transport Secretary Philip Hammond the impact on the area and the wider UK manufacturing industry. The government has already said it is legally bound to uphold the decision." – BBC 

> David Green on Comment yesterday: Cameron needs to emulate Thatcher and fight for British business "in the teeth of international competition"

US firm could summon Liam Fox to give evidence in blackmail case

Fox Liam White House"The "unprecedented" legal action could make Fox the first serving British cabinet minister to give evidence in a serious legal case in America. The Guardian understands that American conglomerate 3M is considering serving Fox with a subpoena. It will demand that he give evidence over a claim that he was aware of a threat to interfere with the award of a knighthood to 3M's British-born chief executive, George Buckley." – The Guardian

Government reverses Payments Council decision to phase out the use of cheques

Hoban Mark"Worried members of the public sent more than one thousand letters and emails to MPs after it was announced that the 350-year-old payment system was to be phased out by late 2018. … Mark Hoban MP, financial secretary to the Treasury, wrote that the decision had caused much alarm across the country, particularly among the elderly or housebound people, schools, clubs and charities, rural communities, and small businesses." – The FT (£)

Families face £1,000 bill for Chris Huhne's new green plans

HuhneSnarl"Families face punishing increases in energy bills of up to £1,000 a year to fund a switch to green energy and build new nuclear power stations. Energy Secretary Chris Huhne yesterday outlined a new regime that will encourage firms to build thousands of wind turbines, tidal power stations and nuclear plants. The scheme is part of a government plan to shift away from fossil fuels, particularly coal, and so dramatically cut carbon emissions to meet UK and EU targets." – Daily Mail 

> From yesterday WATCH: Chris Huhne explains UK's need for £100 billion of energy investment

And finally… the Guardian says "Ed Miliband is experiencing his West Wing moment"

"Miliband is doing well this week because he is following in the footsteps of Bartlet and is being true to himself. His attacks on News International ring true because he has never made much of an effort suck up to the Murdoch empire." – The Guardian



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