8pm WATCH: As Israel's relations with Turkey get worse, its relations with Greece get better

5.30pm Paul Goodman on Comment: My tweeting hero, David Jones MP

Screen shot 2011-07-03 at 15.31.49 3.30pm WATCH Five minutes with Matthew Parris – "I've gone rogue, and there's nothing more pleasant than going rogue, and being paid to go rogue. I love it."

12.15pm WATCH Lansley on Dilnot: "We will not be able to give people the security they want in old age unless we have change."

ToryDiary: Now Boris takes on Cameron over HS2

Comment: Parvez Akhtar: The UK can become a centre of excellence for low carbon transport – if the Government does its bit

Local Government: Why is the DCLG funding Shelter?

WATCH:  Ken Clarke berated outside his home by protester dressed as Batman

Cameron backs "Buy an ISA and help the poor" plan

"Millions of savers are to be offered new tax-free Isa accounts to invest in schemes to turn around the lives of Britain’s poor.  The social projects, which traditionally would have been funded by the state, will be aimed at helping teenage mothers, young criminals and children from workless families to break free from a cycle of failure.  There will be financial incentives to firms which succeed in steering children away from a future of crime and alcohol and drug abuse." – Sunday Times (£)

A bold plan to tackle the underclass – Sunday Times Editorial (£)  

Maude "ready to tear up workers right laws"

Maude Smiling "Union chiefs will be stripped of £86million of perks if they steam ahead with a summer of strike chaos.  Ministers are furious that more than 6,000 activists have taken paid time off to organise disputes.  As well as taxpayer- funded time, they also get free use of offices.  New figures show militant union barons are relying more than ever on public handouts as their membership dwindles…A senior Whitehall source said: "We're looking closely at the huge levels of support unions receive. This is high on our agenda." – News of the World

May bids to review Article 8 of ECHR

"A consultation paper to be launched within days will open up a debate on the future of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees "the right to a family life".  Article 8 is increasingly being used by foreign criminals and illegal immigrants to dodge deportation.  A highly-placed source told The Sunday Telegraph that the issue would be raised in a paper on immigration to be issued by Home Secretary Theresa May before Parliament breaks up for the summer." – Sunday Telegraph

Osborne and Fox "in rift over Chinook helicopters for Afghanistan"…

"Liam Fox and George Osborne are locked in a battle over plans to buy 12 Chinook helicopters for our troops in Afghanistan.  Defence Secretary Dr Fox believes the machines are desperately needed to move soldiers and equipment around the region.  But Chancellor Mr Osborne is stalling over the Chinooks – which would cost around £35million – amid speculation he is about to order £1billion more MoD cuts." – Sunday Mirror

…As Cameron prepares to withdraw more troops

"The troops, some of whom will be front-line soldiers, will be withdrawn next summer. It is the first time fighting troops are to be brought home.  The decision goes against the advice given to the Prime Minister earlier this year by commanders.  They warned that cutting troop numbers, which currently stand at 9,500, should not be done too quickly or too deeply and said that it could reverse hard-won gains made by the Army since 2006." – Sunday Telegraph

Boris throws weight against HS2

"Just days ago the Prime Minister, on a visit to Birmingham, insisted he and his government was "committed" to HS2 adding: "I think it's right that Britain gets on board the high-speed rail revolution.  However, in the latest of a series of political spats between the pair, Mr Johnson has listed his objections to the project in a letter to Jerry Marshall, chairman of a group of anti-HS2 campaigners known as AGHAST." – Sunday Telegraph

Lady Thatcher won't attend Reagan statue event tomorrow

Screen shot 2011-07-03 at 08.49.04
"Baroness Thatcher has cancelled plans to attend the unveiling of Ronald Reagan’s statue on Monday due to growing mental and physical frailty.  She had hoped to be present at the U.S. Independence Day celebrations to honour her political soulmate in London’s Grosvenor Square.  But it has been decided that the 85-year-old former Prime Minister will find it too tiring to sit for an hour in front of the world’s media." – Mail on Sunday

Will IDS win battle to control our borders?

"I can reveal, however, that they lost one import battle inside the Coalition. May and Green argued that, in addition to the cap on the number of people applying to Britain for a work visa, we also need a cap on the number of students who can enter the workforce after they have studied. Downing Street rejected this idea, and sided with the Liberal Democrats, who have long taken a softer position on immigration." – Tim Montgomerie, Sunday Telegraph

> Yesterday in ToryDiary: Cameron stopped Theresa May imposing work restrictions on immigrant students

Cameron to review Downing Street guest list policy after gay event invite to "Porn idol" nightclub owner

"Jeremy Joseph, who runs London's G-A-Y club, attended a Downing Street event last month designed to celebrate the 'importance gay people play in national life'.  But his contribution to society includes cajoling young audience members to take their clothes off in front of a baying crowd at the weekly Porn Idol nights he hosts at the Heaven nightclub." – Mail on Sunday

Leaked letter from Pickles's office warns over benefits cap…

Screen shot 2011-07-03 at 08.11.52 "The extraordinary claim, in a letter to the prime minister from the office of Eric Pickles, the communities secretary, exposes deep splits at the heart of government over plans to cap benefit at £500 a week per family.  The letter, leaked to the Observer, reveals Pickles's belief that the cap – announced with great fanfare at last year's Tory conference – will increase the burden on taxpayers, because thousands of families will be unable to pay their rent and will have to seek local government help." – The Observer

…But bureaucrats beware: Pickles sacks anti-Conservative "Naked Civil Servant"Sunday Times (£)

Leaked letter about government’s strategy – John Redwood's blog

Unions attack Gove plans to tear up school trip red tape

"Teaching unions have criticised plans to make school trips easier to organise amid government fears about the over-zealous application of safety laws.  The Department for Education is publishing new guidance to help schools ditch "unnecessary paperwork", and has cut 150 pages of guidelines to eight.  But the National Union of Teachers (NUT) said it feared reducing best practice could lead to more accidents.  Education Secretary Michael Gove said it was a "more common sense" approach." – BBC

…As Education Secretary is deluged by almost 300 free schools applications

"Hundreds of parents have flooded the government with applications to set up their own free schools.  Education Secretary Michael Gove has been inundated with 281 bids to launch lessons in derelict SHOPS, empty offices and disused pubs.  Even Chuckle Brother Barry Elliott hopes to help launch a school in his native South Yorks.  And 400 families – backed by Dame Helen Mirren – want one in Tower Hamlets, East London. Everton, Spurs and Manchester City football clubs also hope to launch free schools." – News of the World

Jobsworths misusing rules to ban fun at school, says health and safety chief – Observer

Screen shot 2011-07-03 at 08.52.14 Stewart Jackson battles to find out how much Cameron's older brother and other top barristers are  paid in legal aid feesMail on Sunday

Foreign Office review says that it's ‘too slow’ to react to crisesIndependent on Sunday

Crispin Blunt cancels move to let prisoners watch latest movies in jailThe People

Camerons given portrait of themselves with baby Florence by visiting Pakistan Prime MinisterMail on Sunday

Coalition and Political News in Brief

Police seize Huhne's son's mobile phone from wife's home in dawn raid

HuhneSnarl "The officers… are understood to have woken the teenager and asked him to hand over his mobile phone so that it could be examined by police forensic analysts.  According to sources, the phone contains an exchange of text messages between Mr Huhne and his son in which they discuss the possible consequences for the family of a prosection for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice." – Mail on Sunday

Procedure Committee prepares way to oust Bercow

"There is endless, growing talk among Tories of plots to remove him. In the next few weeks the all-party Commons procedure committee will issue a report that could lead to changes in the way senior officials are elected and re-elected, including the Speaker. It is expected that the report will float the idea that the Speaker should have to be re-elected in a secret ballot at the start of every parliament. This would give Tories a chance to oust Bercow after the next election without risking their careers." – The Observer

  • Let’s shunt Bercow off to Fifa, where a disregard for democracy is a precursor to success. – Nick Ferrari, Sunday Express
  • Bercow is the best Speaker for years – Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday

Where Conservatives have Purple Plots, Labour has Purnell plots…

"Mr Purnell quit the Cabinet in a failed attempt to help his ally, Mr Miliband’s brother David, oust Gordon Brown before the last Election. Disillusioned with politics, Mr Purnell later stood down as an MP and now heads Tony Blair’s favourite think-tank. But The Mail on Sunday has learned that senior Labour figures close to Mr Blair have told Mr Purnell that he should return to the Commons to save Labour from defeat at the next Election."" – Mail on Sunday

Miliband offers talks over care for the elderly

Screen shot 2011-07-03 at 08.12.11 "The Labour leader said he would put aside party politics – and Labour's own proposals – to agree a solution to how to look after the old properly.  On the eve of the publication of a landmark report on caring for Britain's aging population, the Mr Miliband told the Sunday Telegraph he had written to the Prime Minister and Nick Clegg to offer talks "in good faith" with no pre-conditions.  Andrew Dilnot, head of the independent Commission on the Future Funding of Care and Support, will present his report tomorrow." – Sunday Telegraph

Dilnot wants tight deadline for reform of care – The Observer

> Yesterday: Robert Leitch in Comment – It would be immoral not to pay properly for social care for the elderly

As poll shows people think economy getting worse and believe that Osborne's doing a bad job, Fraser Nelson calls for tax cuts

"There's an easy way out of this: Emergency tax cuts. It is the obvious button waiting to be pressed. It'll alleviate misery, and speed the recovery. And what should pay for the tax cuts? More ambition in finding savings from a government machine that's grown out of all proportion to its usefulness.  A statue of Ronald Reagan is being unveiled in London tomorrow. He won power after asking the killer question: "Are you better off than you were four years ago?" This is what decides elections. But people feel things are getting worse. And this should worry David Cameron. Our PM specialises in optimism. But what Britain needs now is radicalism." – Fraser Nelson, News of the World (£)

Other comment

  • One-nil to the Coalition – but the battle over public sector pensions has only just begun – Matthew D'Ancona, Sunday Telegraph
  • Teachers and nurses brandish a fake halo – Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times (£)
  • Why Miliband won't support the unions over strikes – Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer
  • Barroso offers Britain £23 billion to give up EU rebate – Jose Manuel Barroso Sunday Times (£)
  • England versus Scotland: A cross-border dispute – Analysis by Matt Chorley and Brian Brady, Independent on Sunday


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