8pm LeftWatch: "What's in a name? That which we call a Rose."

Screen shot 2011-07-10 at 20.12.28 5pm WATCH: Inside the political life of the Deputy Speakers of the House of Commons

1.45pm WATCH: David Willetts: Office of Fair Access needs to do better

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's Republican and US political news

11.45am ToryDiary: How many Conservative MPs will fall for Miliband's ploy next week?

Screen shot 2011-07-10 at 11.38.35 11.30am WATCH: Chris Huhne: Clegg raised the hiring of Andy Coulson with the Prime Minister

ToryDiary: Away from Hackgate there is the small matter of the British economy

James Gray MP On Comment: What are MPs for? Is not the increase in casework distracting us from our parliamentary duties?

Local Government: Labour Party museum fined for not displaying EU logo

WATCH: ‪Final News Of The World edition goes to print‬

Miliband's next gambit on Hackgate chessboard: he moves to hive off LibDems, flush out Tory rebels and destabilise Cameron by forcing Commons vote on BSkyB bid

Miliband Ed Official "The Labour leader is confident of splitting off some Liberal Democrat and Tory MPs for the vote, to be held on Wednesday, in a move which significantly raises the stakes in the crisis. The vote will be held on one of the days in which the Opposition sets the business of the Commons – meaning that even if Labour wins ministers do not have to act on the result. However, senior party sources say that if the Commons were to send such a powerful message, David Cameron would have little choice but to accept the will of MPs." – Sunday Telegraph

"The vote will present the coalition with a major test of unity as the Labour leader, Ed Miliband, seeks cross-party support for a motion in parliament which would halt progress on the takeover until the criminal investigation into the News of the World is completed. With many Liberal Democrats and Tory MPs deeply uneasy about Murdoch gaining an even bigger slice of the UK media market…Labour is optimistic it can mobilise enough support to achieve a majority." – Observer

In the meantime, Tory MPs seethe as party class war stirs

"Within the Conservative Party, Cameron has always treated his friends more leniently than his opponents."  Conservative MPs are furious.  Downing Street needs a strong Chief of Staff to manage the creative tension between Osborne and Hilton – Tim Montgomerie, Sunday Telegraph

Another senior Conservative MP said: “At what point does this stop becoming a question of judgment but more a question of character?  – Sunday Express

Poll latest: Labour opens up nine point lead with YouGov.  The party jumps to 44 per cent.  But there is no Conservative vote collapse.

Screen shot 2011-07-10 at 06.00.15

Today's Hackgate news. 

1) The Conservatives: Cameron given personal Coulson guarantee by Murdoch.  Sunday Times attacks Tories over Google.  (Don't forget who owns it.)

Screen shot 2011-07-10 at 08.52.48 "David Cameron was given a personal guarantee by Rupert Murdoch that Andy Coulson was safe to take on as his Downing Street press chief, The Independent on Sunday learnt yesterday, as the fallout from the News of the World phone-hacking scandal threatened to escalate into all-out war between the UK's two most powerful men.  The Battle of Wapping 2011 will be intensified by the revelation that Mr Cameron was told by Mr Murdoch twice that, despite fears over Mr Coulson's connection to the phone-hacking scandal, there was no problem with the former editor." – Independent on Sunday

Ashdown and Clegg warned Cameron over Coulson – Observer

"A government minister intervened on behalf of a fellow Tory MP to secure an official meeting with Google, the internet search giant, in which she was given advice about tackling websites that criticise her. Details of the private meeting set up by Ed Vaizey, the creative industries minister, for Nadine Dorries, an outspoken backbencher, have emerged in freedom of information (FoI) requests focusing on the close relationship between Google and the government." – Sunday Times 

  • Cameron to meet Dowler family over hackingBBC
  • Was Cameron a hacking target?The Independent on Sunday
  • Coulson to Gove: "I don’t have time for one of your tantrums now, Michael." – James Forsyth, Mail on Sunday
  • The Chipping Norton Set: Who lives where, who does what – Mail on Sunday


  • Cameron exposed, but not at risk – John Rentoul, Independent on Sunday
  • David Cameron and Rupert Murdoch are swept up in a public fit of morality – Matthew D'Ancona, Sunday Telegraph

2) Labour: Gordon Brown's little helpers are out and about

Brown's friends, episode one: Blair urged Brown to silence Watson

Screen shot 2011-07-10 at 08.54.10 "Tony Blair urged Gordon Brown to persuade the Labour MP who led the campaign to expose News of the World phone-hacking to back off, friends of Mr Brown said last night. Well-placed sources said Mr Blair, who has close links with the paper’s owner Rupert Murdoch, wanted Mr Brown to get his ally Tom Watson to lay off the News International (NI) title, but Mr Brown refused." – Mail on Sunday

Brown's friends, episode two: Brown threatened Murdoch.  Brown circle prepared Hackgate enquiry (which, er, never actually happened)

“When Gordon spoke to Rupert to complain about the way The Sun had behaved over Afghanistan he got pretty angry,” a former aide of Mr Brown’s said. “He told Rupert he had made his choice politically and we would see what happened after the election.”At the time, The Sunday Telegraph was told that some members of Mr Brown’s inner circle were secretly preparing a package of measures which included an inquiry into phone hacking at the News of the World and an investigation into media “plurality” – Sunday Telegraph

Blair switched EU policy to appease Murdoch – Lance Price, Mail on Sunday

Labour comment:

Miliband gambles that News International is a paper tiger – Martin Ivens, Sunday Times (£)

3) The papers: New cache of records allegedly show Coulson discussed buying information. Internal News International report on hacking wasn't passed to the police.  Six News of the World gatekeepers to Mulcaire named.

"At least nine journalists and three police officers are facing jail in connection with the News of the World phone hacking scandal. Senior Scotland Yard officers said it was “very likely” there would be further arrests soon. Yesterday detectives released on bail a 63-year-old man after questioning him over hacking and alleged bribery. Police also moved to secure computers and other evidence in the News of the World (NoW) newsroom in Wapping, east London, as it produced its final edition after 168 years, having been closed down by its owner News International." – Sunday Times (£)

Yates: my decision not to re-open the News of the World investigation was "a pretty crap one" (but I'm not resigning)

Screen shot 2011-07-10 at 08.58.28 He employed a team of ten to input the information but still failed to re-open the investigation. “I’m not going to go down and look at bin bags. I am supposed to be an Assistant Commissioner. Perhaps I should have been more demanding. I am accountable, and it happened on my watch, and it’s clear I could have done more,” he said. “If I had known then what I know now of course we’d have widened it. I could have handed it over to the specialist crime directorate.” The decision, he admitted, “was a pretty crap one”." – Sunday Telegraph

Where is Murdoch?

"The understanding early yesterday was that he would be landing at a private airfield in Kent having flown in on his private jet from Washington…According to sources close to the media baron, he will now travel a day later than expected and is likely to arrive in the UK at some point today. Meanwhile two Mercedes cars with blacked out windows were spotted driving away from the Chelsea apartment block of embattled News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks." – Sunday Express

  • Brooks tells Vaz she has "no knowledge whatsoever" of hacking on her watch at News of the World – Mail on Sunday – Mail on Sunday
  • Brooks to be questioned by police – Sunday Telegraph
  • Brooks destroyed the Sun – Murdoch insider, Mail on Sunday

So much remains unanswered – Charlotte Harris, Sunday Telegraph


And lest we forget…the end of the World takes place today

Screen shot 2011-07-10 at 07.52.45
"After this, the last edition, lots of people will breathe that little bit easier. Hypocritical politicians, inner-city gangmasters and bent sportsmen." – Fraser Nelson, News of the World (£)

Other news

Son's texts to Huhne urged him "to come clean" over driving offence

HuhneSnarl "Chris Huhne discussed the possibility of his ex-wife going to prison over allegations that he persuaded her to take his penalty points for a speeding offence, it is claimed. In an exchange of text messages with his 18-year-old son Peter, the Energy Secretary is alleged to have said his former wife, Vicky Pryce, could spend six weeks inside Holloway women’s prison in London, a source close to the case has told The Mail on Sunday." – Mail on Sunday

60 per cent of voters say Huhne should quit – Sunday Times (£)

Patten brands Clegg's University access plans "populist drivel"

"He said the coalition’s approach to promoting social mobility by changing university admissions policies was “perverse” and “confused”. It comes as universities prepare to publish “access agreements” this week, setting out how they plan to attract more students from poor backgrounds in return for charging up to £9,000 a year in tuition fees. Patten accused the government of taking “cheap shots” at elite universities, and made clear he was not in favour of positive discrimination." – Sunday Times (£)

Bercow in bid to shield staff from "young, gauche, abrasive" new intake MPs…

"Boorish MPs who shout at their secretaries are to be named and shamed as part of a new Commons drive to improve their ‘dreadful manners’. The policy has been introduced by Speaker John Bercow following complaints from staff about the aggressive behaviour of many of the huge wave of new MPs who entered Parliament at the last Election." – Mail on Sunday

…As wife taps out hate tweets about tourists

"Commons Speaker John Bercow’s wife Sally has attacked tourists for crowding pavements, taking pictures and getting in her way. On a family day out at Hampton Court in West London yesterday, Mrs Bercow, 41, tweeted: ‘God I hate tourists, shuffling along, blocking pavement, stopping to take pics every two seconds.’ " – Mail on Sunday

Other Labour news

Miliband U-turn over Government U-turns

Screen shot 2011-07-10 at 09.03.19 "Ed Miliband has banned members of his Shadow Cabinet from accusing the Coalition of U-turns – because he thinks voters approve of them. Labour front-benchers say they have been given strict orders to cease attacking David Cameron for policy somersaults. Instead, they are to accuse the Government of ‘chaos’ and indecision over vital policies." – Mail on Sunday

Alan Sugar's blazing row with Chuka UmunnaMail on Sunday

Mandelson parties at Nat Rothschild's 40th birthday bash as billionaire's yacht sails in (No sign of Osborne, though) Mail on Sunday

Single pensioners to be hardest hit by Huhne energy bills hikeSunday Telegraph

And guess what?  After the week in which Cameron, Miliband, and the Commons took on the media, there's an outburst of anti-MP stories in the Sundays…

Other Political News and Comment in brief

  • Pilots "cleared" over Mull of Kintyre Chinook crash – Sunday Telegraph
  • Coalition MPs condemn abolition of Rural Advocate – Independent on Sunday
  • Iain Duncan Smith's Work Programme has one fatal flaw – there isn't any work – The Guardian
  • How the BBC's silence on immigration damaged the country – Jenny McCartney, Sunday Telegraph
  • Every pupil should benefit from music’s power to change lives – Jesse Norman MP, Sunday Times (£)

And finally…The Johann Hari scandal is still going strong: the strange tale of Hari, Wikipedia, David Rose, Methuselah Productions, and gay incest pornDavid Allen Green



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