QueenKirk5.30pm WATCH: The second Royal Wedding of 2011…

3pm ToryDiary: For the end-July ConservativeHome grassroots survey, any questions for you?

1.45pm ConHomeUSA:  Today's US political highlights, including the latest news in the debt deadlock: The House Republican budget plan was passed… and quickly shot down in the Democrat Senate

Noon WATCH: US debt deadlock continues as Congress splits over Boehner plan

11.45am Parliament Update: Three Four MPs support the restoration of the death penalty

10.45am Parliament: Priti Patel, Philip Davies and Andrew Turner support Guido's campaign to bring back the death penalty

LANSLEY ANDREW QT ToryDiary: Andrew Lansley condemns the "cynical environment" created by Primary Care Trusts limiting patient choice

ThePoliticalReader on Comment reviews "Chavs: The Demonisation of the Working-Class" by Owen Jones, and explains how Conservatives can win the Working Class vote

Alex Thomson on Local government: Business rates reform will help kickstart growth

ConHomeUSA: The $917 billion man: Republican Speaker John Boehner's budget proposal passes in Congress

David Cameron defends Coalition as "doing what's right", in message to activists

CAMERON LOOKING LEFT "David Cameron sought to steady the nerves of Tory activists last night as he insisted the Government was "doing what's right for our country in the long-term, however difficult that may be today". In a message to the party before starting his summer break, he urged it to look beyond phone hacking, the retreat on NHS reform and union protests over public service pensions." – The Independent

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: In end-of-term message Cameron encourages supporters to be patient

Cameron is the most hawkish National Security Council member

CAMERONinAFGHANISTAN "Mr Cameron wanted to go farther than anyone else, particularly in the opening weeks, where he appeared impatient at restrictions placed on him by international law, say people who attended the meetings. “There is no doubt he is usually the most hawkish person in the room,” said one of those present. It is an assessment shared by several in Government. Having won support from the international community, the blame, if it goes wrong, may be placed entirely at Mr Cameron’s feet." – The Times (£)

  • Soldiers face longer tours in Afghanistan because of savage cuts to troop numbers – Daily Mail

> Yesterday on Comment: Steve Baker MP: Egypt teeters, exposing lessons for the UK

Lansley attacks NHS managers for "letting patients die to save cash"Daily Mail

  • Private healthcare group lobbied competition body for NHS inquiry – The Guardian
  • A sickening way for the NHS to behave – Daily Mail editorial
  • Polly Toynbee: David Cameron's NHS chaos won't save money – let alone lives – The Guardian

Louise Mensch accused of taking drugs

BAGSHAWE LOUISE NEW "The MP for Corby said she had been emailed by journalists who said they knew she had taken drugs at Birmingham nightclub Ronnie Scott’s with violinist Nigel Kennedy. Reporters claimed to have photographs. Mrs Mensch, 40, responded by saying it was “highly probable” the incident had taken place, but MPs were “entitled to a life before politics, including making mistakes”." – Daily Express

Read Mensch's response to allegations – PoliticsHome

"Conservative MP Louise Mensch has apologised to former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan for accusing him of "boasting" about hacking phones." – BBC

Baroness Thatcher's office closed

ThatcherNoTurningBack "Sir Mark Thatcher, the son of Lady Thatcher, confirms that his mother's office in the House of Lords has been shut down. In what amounts to Baroness Thatcher’s final and irrevocable withdrawal from public life, the former prime minister’s office in the House of Lords has been closed down." - Daily Telegraph

Boris Johnson "embroiled in new row over high-speed rail link"

Johnson Boris On Tube"A senior government source said Johnson, whose interventions on spending cuts and a ban on airport expansion have angered the cabinet, had "overstepped the line in his opposition to HS2." It is understood that Philip Hammond, the transport secretary, has dismissed Johnson's request for more investment in London's transport, on top of funding for the £16bn Crossrail project and a multibillion-pound tube upgrade." – The Guardian

> Yesterday on ThinkTankCentralThe Countryside Alliance's Sarah Lee: HS2 is too expensive, but the human and environmental cost is even more devastating

MPs ready to re-call James Murdoch to Culture Select Committee - Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday WATCH: John Whittingdale tells the BBC that the Culture Select Committee won't be recalling James Murdoch immediately

New government e-petitions will attract EU and hanging campaigns

EU and BRITAIN"The great British public is today given a new chance to join a bid to force a key vote on Britain leaving the European Union." - Daily Express

"A Downing Street initiative to allow voters to act collectively to force debates in Parliament has been hijacked by campaigners who want to bring back the death penalty." - Daily Mail

Two Conservative MPs come out in favour of the death penalty: Priti Patel and Philip DaviesThe Sun

  • The Sun comes out against the death penalty: "It is right that MPs should again debate capital punishment. Many people argue it is the only fate child killers deserve. But The Sun cannot support it. It has no place in a civilised society. And yes, we know our society is often far from civilised." - The Sun Says

Yesterday on Parliament: Should the centre right blogs unite behind a parliamentary petition campaign?

European Commission investigates government plans to privatise Royal Mail

"The European Commission has opened an investigation into the UK government's plans to privitise the Royal Mail. It will look at plans to relieve the postal operator of a pension deficit of some £8bn as well as a state-supported debt restructuring to determine whether the Coalition's proposals breach EU state aid guidelines. " – Daily Telegraph 

Iain Martin: Are we on the brink of REAL reform in Britain's schools?

MARTIN IAIN "When the Coalition government came to power last year, there were only 203 academies out of more than 3,000 secondary schools in England and Wales. Now there are 801, with hundreds more expected to become academies this autumn. … By the end of this parliament (in 2015), it is estimated that as many as 80 per cent of all the country’s secondary schools will have become academies." – Iain Martin, in the Daily Mail 

Matthew Parris: The coalition’s fate does not depend on making us richer. Standing still will be good enough for victory

"If unemployment is not much higher, take-home pay not much lower, the value of our assets not plummeting, the economic climate not much stormier and the path before our feet not noticeably stonier — and if no rival political party is able to propose any alternative in which it is possible to believe — then the Chancellor and his Prime Minister will be home and dry. I believe that is possible." – The Times (£)

Graeme Archer: After the "human rights" law has allowed immigrants to stay in Britain, it is often no good to them thereafter

Immigration "When Vince Cable tells us that businesses need immigrant labour: remember that man. When we demand the repeal of the Human Rights Act, and our liberal countrymen tell us that we must not, because great evil will happen if we do: remember that man. He stood weeping and alone in the witness box, because “human rights” prevented us from stemming immigration. He was there because “human rights” encouraged communities without English to grow. The final, bitter irony: the worst sins visited by the consequences of that act do not fall on us, the jury, the majority. They fall on “them”, the people the Act was meant to protect in the first place." – Graeme Archer, in the Daily Telegraph

  • What about our human right to a common language? – Amanda Platell, in the Daily Mail

Charles Moore: It is time for Western conservatives to prove that they are for the many, not the few

MOORE"Perhaps the main reason the messages of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan resonated in the 1980s was because of their faith in the capacities of the many. People could own their own council house if you let them; they could start a new business if you got out of their way. “Every earner an owner!” Mrs Thatcher used to cry, and she scurried up and down Whitehall trying to find ways of letting this happen."  - Charles Moore, in the Daily Telegraph

Five green taxes on industry to raise electricity price

"The Government has acknowledged it will have to prop up struggling British industry hit by five green taxes that are forecast to add between 7pc and 58pc to electricity prices."Daily Telegraph

Chaos at the tax office: After six million pay wrong tax, MPs launch a scathing attack on 'ineptitude' Daily Mail

  • Civil servants spend thousands on limousine tour of California - Daily Telegraph

Miliband Ed Open Mouth Ed Miliband's attempt to woo "Mumsnet" rejectedThe Times (£)

Labour lures veterans with 1p membership offer 

"Millions of veterans are to be offered cut-price membership deals by the Labour Party as part of an aggressive recruitment campaign targeting traditional Tory voters." – The Independent 

David Miliband takes first step to Labour rehabilitation with new role

"David Miliband has taken a tentative first step to rejoining frontline Labour politics by accepting an offer from his brother, Ed, to act as an unofficial ambassador for the party on university and college campuses." – The Guardian 

Radical Muslim jailed for calling for jihad against MPs The Guardian

And finally… Arthur Scargill sues his own union for stopping his expenses 

"Arthur Scargill is demanding £25,000 from the National Union of Mineworkers after it stopped his perks such as paying all his phone bills and meeting 80 per cent of the cost of running a car.The former NUM president, 73, faced current union officials in a 25- minute private hearing at Barnsley County Court." – Daily Express