8.30pm ToryDiary: A Prime Minister's speech should be an occasion

6.45pm Local government: Commission to probe multi billion pound super sewer

4.45pm WATCH: Theresa May: "Police reform should be a cause for optimism"

3.45pm Tom Burkard on ThinkTankCentral: Diamonds into glass: why the Coalition proposals for universities risk destroying great English institutions

3pm ToryDiary: Jonathan Isaby is leaving ConservativeHome

US12.45pm Local Government: The DCLG flies the United States flag as Eric Pickles pays tribute to Ronald Reagan

2.30pm WATCH: William Hague: Ronald Reagan "would have been on the optimistic side" and supported intervention in Libya

2pm ConHomeUSA: Fourth of July Republican and American political news

12.45pm ToryDiary: "Dead on arrival": The Dilnot Commission presents problems for the Coalition

12.30pm WATCH: Reagan statue unveiled 

Noon Andrew Lilico on Comment: Family-based welfare - "Why shouldn't the state demand assistance – if not financial, then as carers – from children and grandchildren, if they are wealthy enough to provide it?"


11.45am Gazette: William Hague reads Thatcher's tribute to Reagan at London ceremony to unveil the former President's Grosvenor Square statue

ToryDiary: Is Cameron the heir to Heath?

John Heubusch on Comment: London’s turn to honour Ronald Reagan, after a week of Reagan Centennial Celebrations in Europe

LeftWatch: The pro-€uro wisdom of Chris Huhne

Local government: Councillors told to register as data controllers

UK pledges to feed 1.3 million starving people in drought hit EthiopiaTelegraph

500 more troops will leave Afghanistan by next year, Cameron saysDaily Mail

Big report 1: Taxes must rise to reform elderly care

Cameron David Dieu Et Mon Droit

"The Prime Minister will today welcome a major review by economist Andrew Dilnot which will recommend a cap of up to £50,000 a year on the amount the elderly will have to pay towards the costs of their care. Any costs in excess of the cap should be met by the taxpayer, Mr Dilnot is expected to say… Mr Cameron has been told that the proposals – which the Coalition is broadly in favour of – can only be afforded by raising taxes or cutting spending in the next Comprehensive Spending Review in 2013." – Telegraph

"Council-funded home help and care home places for the elderly and adults with disabilities are currently only offered to those with under £23,250 of assets. The independent Dilnot report, being published later, will say the threshold should rise to £100,000 and suggest a £35,000 cap on costs would be "fair"." – BBC

  • In offering to work with the Tories and Lib Dems, Ed Miliband grasps that some things are too big to be left to partisan politics – Jackie Ashley in The Guardian

Big report 2: "Early intervention should be seen as the best deficit reduction programme available to governments"

"Society will suffer "immense penalties" unless more money is spent improving the lives of children from deprived backgrounds, a report has warned. The prime minister asked Labour MP Graham Allen to look at the benefits of intervening to improve the life chances of children from poorer backgrounds." – BBC

Savers could be offered a £200 boost to their ISA limit if they agree to invest  their money in schemes to help the poor – Daily Mail

Theresa May launches review of human rights laws that let illegal immigrants and foreign criminals stay in Britain on the grounds of their “right to a family life”Express

Sir Hugh Orde, President of the Association of Chief Police Officers, will warn that elected police chiefs threaten public safety – BBC

PICKLES ERIC NW Lib Dem opposition to benefit cap grows after leaked Eric Pickles letter warns of homelessness Times (£)

  • Lords may ambush plans to limit benefits – Independent
  • Some families still receiving £100,000 a year in housing benefit – Telegraph
  • "The Government was under fire last night for giving £10million a year to the charity Shelter which is fighting its attempts to cut the housing benefits bill." – Express

> Yesterday's Local government: Why is the DCLG funding Shelter?

Most workers in five UK areas are immigrants

"Immigrants make up well over half of the workforce in five areas, The Sun can reveal. They have at least a third of jobs in a further 22 parts of Britain and around a quarter in more than 20 others, our investigation has found. It backs claims by Iain Duncan Smith that Britain must tackle immigration to curb unemployment. The Work and Pensions Secretary warned last week that rising joblessness risked "losing another generation to dependency and hopelessness"." – The Sun

Gove appoints "adoptions czar" to fight for rights of children

"Martin Narey, the former head of the Prison Service who stepped down as chief executive of Barnardo’s in January, is to be asked to overhaul the system in response to a campaign by The Times. It is a signal that ministers are finally taking the issue of adoption seriously. Mr Narey will also be charged with stripping out delays in the system and speeding up the process substantially." – Times (£)

Boris challenges Osborne on tax burden

"I am not saying that the 50p rate is the only problem: if we were to cut taxes now, it might be best to start with VAT to get people shopping again. But we need to remember that we can’t compete endlessly with other nations that set their income taxes substantially lower than ours." – Boris Johnson in The Telegraph

> On ToryDiary yesterday Paul Goodman listed the Boris/Cameron differences.

The Treasury has dismissed an offer from European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso to give Britain a lump sum of £23 billion in return for giving up its annual EU budget rebateTelegraph

Retired civil servants drawing gold-plated taxpayer funded pensions now outnumber those employed in the civil service for the first timeTelegraph

  • Frank Field seeks to secure £250 pay rise for ALL low-paid public sector workers at £500m cost – Guardian

Michael Portillo is to chair a scheme to help arts and heritage organisations build long-term funding


"Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt wants to boost private donations to the arts. In a speech later, he will invite organisations to bid for grants of up to £5m to support their own long-term endowment schemes, matching funds from private donors. Mr Portillo will chair an independent advisory panel which will review the bids." – BBC

Ruth-davidson-391 Gay MSP Ruth Davidson said to be backed by Annabel Goldie to lead Scots ToriesScotsman

Tory MPs seek to stop SNP charging English and Welsh students from going to Scottish universities

"SNP plans to charge English and Welsh students up to £36,000 for a degree in Scotland – while Scottish students go free – could be derailed by equality legislation at Westminster. Conservative MPs have branded the fees proposals "unfair discrimination" and are now considering how to amend the law to stop them, to ensure equal access for non-Scottish UK students, including those from Northern Ireland who would also be hit." – Scotsman

Thatcher towers over Cameron and Blair


"Overall, 36% of those questioned said Thatcher – Tory Prime Minister from 1979-90 – was the most capable leader of the past 30 years, followed by Mr Blair on 27%, Gordon Brown on 11%, Mr Cameron on 10% and Sir John Major on 7%. When asked about the PMs' likeability as a person, some 26% put Mr Blair first, followed by 22% for Lady Thatcher, 17% for Mr Cameron, 13% for Mr Brown and 10% for Major." – Telegraph

From Alastair Campbell's latest diary: More evidence of Ed Balls' hostility to Tony Blair

"Blair repeatedly told Campbell that Balls, then Brown's chief lieutenant, was a highly disruptive influence who used to treat him like a junior official. "TB … said he had just about had enough of Ed Balls talking to him like something on his shoe."" – Guardian

Ed Miliband 'yet to find his feet as leader' says Lord Goldsmith

Miliband Ed ITN "Mr Miliband was also accused of damaging Labour’s prospects by excluding ‘the Blair heavy-hitters’ from his shadow cabinet. ‘There are very powerful intellects, very powerful figures still able to help Ed Miliband and they are being excluded and that is a problem,’ Lord Goldsmith told Sky News." – Metro

Three reasons to be optimistic about the UK economy and three reasons to be pessimistic – Allister Heath in City AM

Revealed: BBC's 20 stars on £500,000 as annual 'talent' bill is cut to a mere £212millionDaily Mail

Speaker replaces Commons Gin with 'Speaker Bercow's Triple-Distilled Vodka'

"For decades the House of Commons shop has sold bottles of gin branded with the distinctive Parliamentary portcullis label. But the pompous Speaker John Bercow has replaced it with vodka — under his own label, 'Speaker Bercow's Triple-Distilled Vodka'. Tory MPs are in revolt. One said: 'Gin is the drink of the Home Counties and Bercow represents Buckingham, which is classic Home Counties…" – Andrew Pierce in the Daily Mail


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