5.30pm Dr Andrew Murrison MP on Comment: My amputee recommendations have been submitted to Number 10

3.30pm WATCH: The Queen opens new session of the Scottish Parliament

2.15pm Paul Smyth on Comment: In post-Gaddafi Libya, the UK must not take the lead

CameronRunning1.15pm WATCH: Video of Cameron jogging in Hyde Park, wearing Aston Villa shirt with 'CAMERON 10' on back

1pm Seats and Candidates: Liberal Democrats poll 2 per cent in yesterday's Inverclyde by-election

12.30 Parliament: Jacob Rees-Mogg celebrates the monarchy as "the greatest institution in our land"

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's Republican and American political news

11.15am LeftWatch: Updated with video – BBC Question Time's most biased panel yet?

10.15am Local Government: Council byelection results from yesterday

10am LeftWatch: BBC Question Time's most biased panel yet?

ToryDiary: IDS speaks out: No immigration control = no welfare reform

Screen shot 2011-07-01 at 08.50.50
Comment: Mark Field MP: These bailouts are appeasement by another name

Also on Comment: Lord Ashcroft: A tale of one unconventional RAF hero, and two daring missions to target Germany's war-time leaders

Local Government: Miliband condemns "attempting to cut Local Government out of education"

Screen shot 2011-07-01 at 08.51.19
Parliament: The six Tory MEPs first elected in 2009 agree that they are more Eurosceptic now than when they arrived in Brussels

Dylan Sharpe on ThinkTankCentral: The Countryside Alliance launches a new campaign for honest, fair and simple meat labelling

Gazette: MPs Owen Paterson and Dan Byles seek sponsorship for their respective charitable adventures

WATCH: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive in Canada

Strikes: First round to the Government as most schools stay open

Screen shot 2011-07-01 at 07.55.31
"Figures showed 104,000 civil servants went on strike, representing only a minority of those who were members of the unions taking part.  And only 27 per cent of schools were closed, with another quarter facing disruption – far less than the nine in ten schools which the unions predicted would be affected.  The biggest impact was among Metropolitan Police 999 call handlers, where 95 per cent of workers went on strike." – Daily Telegraph

Dominic Raab, a Tory MP, said yesterday: "What you can't have is a very militant minority inflicting maximum damage in vital public service infrastructure on the hard-working majority, when it's got such little support."  Boris Johnson, who has faced a series of strikes by London Underground workers, renewed his call for a 50 per cent threshold…Ministers say there are no immediate plans to change the strike laws but that the issue could be considered in the event of a wave of co-ordinated strikes this autumn." – The Independent

Miliband booed by public sector workers

"Labour leader Ed Miliband denounced the strike by public sector workers for the third time in six days, saying it was a mistake, wrong and would not help them win the argument.  Miliband's name was booed and he was branded a disgrace at a union rally in London, while the TUC general secretary Brendan Barber was also highly critical. One of many dissenting Labour blogs suggested Miliband's performance in a BBC interview had been reminiscent of a hostage video." – The Guardian

Daily Mirror reports that "Miliband is caught joking with Cameron and Clegg on the day thousands come out on strike".

Strike comment:

Labour Holds Inverclyde In By-Election, but its majority is slashed by over half (and the LibDems get 2% of the vote) Sky News 

Balls joins Conservative attack on EU's €1tn budget proposal The Guardian

(Vice-President of European Commission says it's a "miracle" that Brussels doesn't want even more money – Daily Mail)

Prescott wasted nearly half a billion pounds on fire brigade control roomsThe Sun

IDS warns that majority of new jobs go to foreigners

Iain Duncan Smith speaking "A new generation will be condemned to a life on benefits without tougher measures to stem the flow of migrant workers, Iain Duncan Smith is to warn today. The Work and Pensions Secretary will lift the lid on simmering Cabinet tensions over immigration, telling David Cameron that expensive back-to-work schemes will fail without strict controls on incomers." – Daily Mail

UK population growing at fastest rate for 50 years – Daily Telegraph

Michael Gove "is the Cabinet's greatest success story"

"Since becoming Education Secretary last May, Mr Gove has scythed back the powers of the state. He has displayed shrewdness about the politics of deficit reduction. In short, he has been, by some distance, the most impressive member of the Cameron Cabinet…Mr Gove has gone about his task with precision, loosening the grip of egalitarianism on our schools." -  Quentin Letts, Daily Mail

Young Gove on picket line photo shocker – Daily Mail 

Mark Harper moves to cut voting fraud

"The Government has announced that it will bring forward a new individual electoral registration system by a year to 2014 to cut down on electoral fraud and save money.  It will replace the current system under which an adult at an address fills in names and nationalities of all adults who live there. Everyone will be asked to provide “personal identifiers” such as their NI number and date of birth when they register to vote." – Daily Telegraph

It's EasyPet for EasyJet: Spelman eases rules on animal travel

"Yesterday the Environment Secretary, Caroline Spelman, announced that the "outdated rules which have caused hardship to generations of pets and pet owners" would be overhauled. From the start of next year, the UK will broadly adopt the much more relaxed EU pet movement scheme, greatly easing the burden in time and cost that owners of dogs, cats and – yes – ferrets must currently bear." – The Independent

Hammond steers electric cars to slow lane

Hammond "The great electric car revolution stalled yesterday as ministers said it was uneconomical to have ‘a charging point on every corner'. Instead, the majority of charging for electric vehicles should happen at home, said Transport Secretary Philip Hammond. Setting out the government’s strategy, he said putting a charging point on every street corner was ‘not the right approach’." – Daily Mail

Royal household financial announcement

1) Osborne proclaims new rights for female heirs…

"The law will also be changed so that a female heir will be entitled to the income from the Duchy of Cornwall, currently held by the Prince of Wales and previously reserved for male heirs. The Treasury proposals set out yesterday will add to expectations of a wider change in the law to ensure that a first-born daughter of the Duke would accede to the throne even if she had younger brothers…George Osborne published the Bill to overhaul the royal finances, which he said would mean a real cut in the Queen’s annual spending over this Parliament." – Daily Telegraph

2) …And adopts Prince Charles's money plan for the royal household

"George Osborne, the chancellor, has proposed to do away with government grants to the royal household – first introduced in 1760 when George III agreed to transfer income from Crown lands to the government. They will be replaced with a 15 per cent share of the profit that the Crown Estate pays into national accounts…The arrangement would mark a personal victory for Prince Charles, who first floated the idea 20 years ago." – Financial Times (£)

Tape of Chris Huhne discussing claims he lied about wife taking speeding points could be handed to policeDaily Mail

How clean energy can drive economic growth – Chris Huhne, Daily Telegraph

Allister Heath supports Sajid Javid's plan to cut the national debt

Javid Sajid "Javid, a former executive at Deutsche Bank, would ideally like to cap the national debt at 40 per cent of GDP, though such a laudable goal would be at least a decade away given the current explosion in the UK’s liabilities. Writing down a debt limit would be a good idea because it will help remind everybody that money doesn’t grow on trees – if a government wants to spend, it needs to raise the funds somehow." – City A.M

Christopher Shale death "blow to Tory detoxification"Financial Times (£)

Chief Rabbi says that equality laws are leading to new Mayflower exodus of religious believers from BritainDaily Telegraph

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