Miliband Ed May 2011 6pm On LeftWatch Tim Montgomerie defends his article in yesterday's Daily Mail in which he argued that the Labour leader was failing: "Ed Miliband is a disaster. Not just for Labour but for democracy."

5.30pm Timothy Barnes on Comment: An elected Lords should not become inevitable

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ToryDiary: Conservative grassroots turn against an elected House of Lords

Oberon Houston on Comment: Let's help the economy grow and create additional jobs by abolishing our archaic Sunday trading laws

Seats and candidates: The fragility of many Conservative MPs' majorities should be a cause for concern

SHAPPS GRANT-1 Local government: Shapps backs end to rent subsidies for tenants on over £100,000 a year

Also on Local government: Suffolk's "enabling authority" plans on hold

ThinkTankCentral: Phillip Blond's Respublica think tank in financial difficulties

In victory for Cameron over Clegg, new anti-terror strategy will include broader definition of extremism

"Home Office sources say that Cameron has quashed Nick Clegg's argument for a more tolerant attitude to Muslim groups by insisting on a strategy centred upon the notion that violent extremism is incubated within the ideology of non-violent extremism. The shift in approach will be outlined when the government's counter-terrorism strategy is unveiled by the home secretary, Theresa May, on Tuesday. Central to the Prevent strategy is a broader definition of extremism that will be extended beyond groups condoning violence to those considered non-violent but whose views, such as the advocacy of sharia law, fail to "reflect British mainstream values"." – Observer

  • Michael Gove demanded tougher anti-terror laws in cabinet committee clashes with Theresa May – Mail on Sunday

More evidence of judicial system's weak approach to serious crimes

Patel Priti "Nearly half of all sex beasts are being freed by the courts – despite a rise in the number of crimes. A staggering 2,485 sex offenders were spared jail last year and let off with cushy community sentences, fines or just a ticking off. The shock figures will fuel concerns that soft- touch Justice Secretary Ken Clarke is not treating sex crimes seriously enough. Anger is mounting in Tory ranks that he is failing to honour the party's election pledge to be tough on law and order… Tory MP Priti Patel last night accused him of ditching the party's tough stance on crime. She said: "Community sentences and fines are wholly inappropriate for such horrific crimes. "Ministers must stop letting more sex offenders walk the streets and start protecting the public from these vile criminals."" – News of the World (£)

The Tories' own faint hearts have scuppered their NHS reforms – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

  • Adults in care to receive legal protection – Paul Burstow, the Care minister, promises the Independent on Sunday that he'll deliver the most radical shake-up of the system in 60 years
  • Under plans being drawn up by ministers, nobody will have to pay more than £50,000 for long-term care, with any further bills being picked up the state – The Sunday Times (£)

Returning from Ibiza today Cameron will focus on the NHS and crime – James Forsyth in the Mail on Sunday

Three in four Tory members back Lansley on NHSThe Sunday Telegraph

"[Conservative members] approve of George Osborne's economic message, they love Iain Duncan Smith's welfare overhaul, and they are beginning to appreciate the significance of Michael Gove's school reforms. There are always grumbles – and the cuts have yet to bite – but for the moment, Cameron is master of his party." – Tim Montgomerie in The Sunday Telegraph

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Hague and Mitchell go to Benghazi and meet rebel leaders

Hague FCO long

"William Hague, the foreign secretary, has held talks in Benghazi with the Libyan National Transitional Council, in a show of support as the UK and France deployed attack helicopters against Mumer Gaddafi’s forces for the first time… Andrew Mitchell, the secretary of state for international development, who was also in Benghazi, announced fresh support to help with the clearance of mines in Misrata, Benghazi and other affected areas." – FT (£)

  • From mission creep in Libya to the replacement of Trident, the coalition shows no evidence of any Liberal Democrat principle – Craig Murray in the Independent on Sunday
  • Labour should attack Tory defence cuts – John McTernan for Scotland on Sunday

John Major: Britain's aid budget should make us proud

MajorJohn "When spent wisely, Aid works: UK funding saves three million people from poverty each year. It has helped to eradicate smallpox; reduce polio cases from 350,000 a year in 1988 to just 1,500 last year; and increased the number of people on vital anti-Aids drugs from 400,000 in 2003 to more than 4 million in 2008. A child can be immunised against the killer childhood diseases for less than one would pay for a cup of coffee. It's no surprise that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, the high-priests of global capitalism, have chosen to focus their vast philanthropic energies on tackling killer diseases in poor countries." – John Major in The Sunday Telegraph

Peter Oborne: Cameron is the most pro-EU leader since Edward Heath


"Far from pursuing a rigorous policy of Euroscepticism, the Prime Minister has consistently conducted himself as a pro-European. Indeed, he has been a far more steadfast supporter of the EU than Tony Blair, who is conventionally held up as the most Brussels-friendly premier in recent decades. While Blair's rhetoric was consistently warm about Europe, he routinely failed to deliver. Although Cameron still articulates the language of Euroscepticism, he is in practice the most pro-European prime minister since Sir Edward Heath." – Peter Oborne in The Sunday Telegraph

Former Tory backing economists urge Chancellor to find a 'Plan B' for the economyObserver

  • For the government to persist with its devastating deficit reduction programme is madness – Observer leader

Britain's chaotic asylum system costing £1 billion each yearSunday Express

Nadine Dorries MP: Too much sex in British cultureSunday Express

Bagshawe Louise May 2011 Tory MP Louise Bagshawe is leading a campaign to overturn a decision to exclude Annunziata Rees-Mogg from the Conservatives' list of approved parliamentary candidatesMail on Sunday

  • "If Dave thinks names such as Annunziata and Petronella are too outlandish, why did he call his youngest daughter Florence Rose Endellion? Endellion! That's her political career finished off, then." – Petronella Wyatt in the Mail on Sunday

> Last week's Seats and candidates: Sunday newspapers suggest that Conservative HQ has purged "right-wingers" from candidates list

Labour wants a vote on a new tax on bank bonuses to fund schemes for youth jobs and thousands of new homesBBC

The war on drugs war is lost – Ian Birrell in The Observer

Against drug decriminalisation: "Information and education is more important than legal prohibition, but decriminalisation would predictably lead to more mental illness and, in the case of other drugs, addiction. And, yes, addiction should be seen more as a medical problem than a law enforcement one. But that does not mean that you give up on the law or, because alcohol and tobacco cause more harm than illegal drugs, that the simple consistency of legalisation would be better. For all the vogue for "experiments" with decriminalisation, it is notable that nowhere in the world has conducted such an experiment successfully, while the medical evidence against cannabis has mounted." – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

The goal of a property-owning democracy will wither and die if Britain doesn't start building many more homes – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer

And finally… Keep fit Dave calls in £250-an-hour physio to keep tummy trimMail on Sunday