9pm WATCH: Michael Gove warns against "militancy" by teacher unions

6pm ToryDiary: The Conservatives are losing female supporters. Why?

5pm LeftWatch: Peter Hain refuses to condemn strike action

1.30pm Gazette: David Cameron statement on death of West Oxfordshire Conservative Chairman Christopher Shale

1.30pm ConHomeUSA: Today's Republican and American political news

TBDP1pm LeftWatch: Blair continues to voice his concerns about Ed Miliband's leadership

10.45am ToryDiary: Michael Gove warns teachers they risk weakening their reputation by going on strike next week

ToryDiary: What could solve the Tories' northern problem… before it goes the way of Scotland?

Caroline Farrow: The Labour Government's strategy to dramatically reduce teenage pregnancies failed miserably; the Coalition should take a more robust – even judgemental – approach


Seats and candidates: Anonymous Tory MP attacks the "sycophants and plain old careerists" in the new parliamentary intake


Local government: Could localism allow Brighton's Greens to decriminalise drugs?

Also on Local government: If you are a Conservative council subscribing to the "Association for Public Service Excellence" you should know that its Chief Executive thinks like Alastair Campbell…

Interviews: Do you have any questions for Liam Fox?

PRITCHARD Mark Pritchard: Last week's circus debate wasn't just a victory for animal welfare, it was a victory for backbenchers against the executive

"Failure to respect Parliament would make Downing Street look arrogant and undermine David Cameron’s claim to want to fix Britain’s “broken politics”. The Government does not like backbench business days but they provide a much needed constitutional counter-balance to the might of the Executive. Yes, last week’s debate was a victory for animal welfare but it was also a triumph for parliamentary democracy." – Mark Pritchard writing in the Sunday Express

  • But in The Sunday Times (£), Dominic Lawson accuses Mark Pritchard of hypocrisy: "I quote from The Sunday Telegraph of May 8, 2005: “The Tory MP who unseated Peter Bradley, the anti-hunting campaigner, in the Wrekin led tributes last night to the silent army of hunt supporters whose efforts helped the Conservatives … Mr Pritchard said yesterday … ‘I am very grateful … the pro-hunting campaigners certainly assisted me.’” Mr Pritchard, then, appears to believe it is fine to kill wild animals for sport, but wicked to keep them alive for the circus. Only in the House of Commons."

Maude Francis June 2011 Coalition is drawing up plans to modernise trade unions laws and stop funding full-time public sector union officialsThe Sunday Telegraph

  • "Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude is ready to tear up workers' rights laws that force struggling families to pay the wages of full-time union officials in public services. A senior Whitehall source said: "We're looking closely at the huge levels of support unions receive. This is high on our agenda."" – News of the World (£)
  • Bob Crow 'covering up' his pay increase over four years – it rose by more than 26% – Mail on Sunday
  • "We sincerely hope that the dispute between the unions and the Government can be settled peacefully. But if that turns out to be impossible, the Coalition must fight fire with fire." – Sunday Telegraph leader
  • Martin Ivens in The Sunday Times (£) looks at the Coalition's tactics towards the unions.

> Friday's ThinkTankCentral: Taxpayers could save £67 million every year by ending funding for union organisers

Screen shot 2011-06-26 at 04.51.09 Gove urges parents into classrooms to break strike

"In an unprecedented step in relations between the Government and trade unions, the Secretary of State for Education said that classrooms threatened with closure could remain open if head teachers used the "wider school community" – including pupils' parents – to teach lessons." – Independent on Sunday

  • Michael Gove makes a thinly-veiled criticised of Eton College for failing to do enough to support state schools – The Sunday Telegraph

Herbert Nick June 2011 Crime maps could name and shame local criminals

"Hundreds of thousands of criminals could be “named and shamed” on neighbourhood crime maps. The scheme is intended to show that criminals are being brought to justice. It is also hoped that the fear of public exposure will deter wrongdoers. Nick Herbert, the Home Office minister, wants police to enhance internet crime maps, which at present show only the number of crimes committed in areas. He wants to add the names and photographs of criminals who have been convicted." – The Sunday Times (£)

Ministers are convinced High Speed Rail will provide northern breakthrough for the ToriesIndependent on Sunday

  • "With the exception of William Hague, Eric Pickles and two Lib Dem Scots, the cabinet is a very southern English affair." – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer

Eustice George June 2011 George Eustice MP organises group of 100 new 'moderate Eurosceptics'Independent on Sunday

"The new definition of Tory euroscepticism increasingly includes options that come closer and closer to rejecting the EU altogether." – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

Coalition in Brief:

  • George Osborne is set to end Lib Dem hopes for a tax on the country's most expensive homes, in a further blow to Vince Cable – The Sunday Times (£)
  • Britain is borrowing £25million a day MORE than under Labour because of coalition U-turns – News of the World (£)
  • Middle class face £35,000 bill to help pay for care in their old age – Observer
  • Tory MPs find plenty to dislike in small print of Ken Clarke's sentencing bill – The Sunday Times (£)
  • David Willetts in secret talks with banks on funding of student loans – Observer
  • "Have the Conservatives given up on radical reform of the public services?" – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

Nws26_TORY_1024_171414c Tories losing support among womenThe Sunday Times (£)

Sunday Times graphic >

Cameron accused of dodging Inverclyde by-election

"David Cameron was yesterday accused of bottling the by-election battle in Inverclyde. The PM is dodging the chance to campaign in person, even though he is in Scotland this weekend for a series of official engagements. No10 sources confirmed his plans did not include a trip to support his party's candidate, David Wilson." – Daily Record

Cameron's own Conservative association gained only 22 members in the past year


James Forsyth gets his hands on 'Operation Vanguard' – a docuiment designed to recruit members in Cameron's constituency. The document concludes: There’s "no reason to join. Lots of reasons not to". More in the Mail on Sunday.

Tim Montgomerie on the 'Class of 2010': "By sheer volume – accounting for half of the parliamentary party and two thirds of Tory backbenchers – they will pull Cameron towards more Thatcherite positions, and the old Right towards greater pragmatism." – The Sunday Telegraph

HUHNE BBC INTERVIEWChris Huhne in new danger as police win court battle to get access to possibly incriminating Sunday Times tapes

"A court has ordered The Sunday Times to hand over a recording of a telephone conversation between Vicky Pryce and Huhne discussing allegations that he pressurised her to take penalty points for speeding on his behalf. During the exchange, Pryce can be heard talking about her fears of a police inquiry if the claims became public. “It’s one of the things that worried me when I took them; when you made me take the points in the first instance,” she says." – The Sunday Times (£)

In the spirit of localism, Caroline Lucas, MP wants to decriminalise drug use in Green-run BrightonObserver

Ed Miliband in the news

  • Labour leader refuses to back planned public sector strikes – Observer
  • Petronella Wyatt to Ed Miliband: I know Margaret Thatcher and you're no Margaret Thatcher – Mail on Sunday
  • Charlie Falconer says the biography of Ed Miliband by Mehdi Hasan and James Macintyre may have finished off the Labour leader's hopes of becoming PM – Mail on Sunday
  • "Ed Miliband was wrong to talk in his speech yesterday of the "extra police officers who cut crime by 43 per cent". It was the extra PRISON places Labour built that cut crime by banging up more bad guys. Red Ed says he wants to learn from Labour's failures. He should start by learning from its successes." – Fraser Nelson in the News of the World (£)
  • "Ed Miliband's new policy guru has been accused of sexism by a key ally of deputy leader Harriet Harman. Maurice Glasman, an eccentric academic tasked with coming up  with new vote-winning policies for Labour, is accused of betraying women by ‘harking back to a Janet and John era’ and being part of an ‘entirely male clique’." – Mail on Sunday

FIELD FRANK MP Frank Field: Turn the House of Lords into a Big Society chamber

"Writing in The Sunday Telegraph today Mr Field, the freethinking MP, calls for representatives of voluntary and professional bodies – such as the Law Society and women's groups – to be made peers under plans to be mapped out by a new Reform Commission. They would be joined in the Lords by representatives of the trade unions, local authorities and employers – as well as leading cultural figures – who would be chosen from within their various spheres by different electoral or selection methods."

And finally… Left-wing MPs refuse to pay for Queen’s Jubilee gifts

"MPs and peers were last week asked to fund the £85,000 tribute themselves.  Each received a card, inviting them to tick suggested amounts from £50 to £500 – though £59 from each of the 1,438 MPs and peers would be enough. Last night Labour leader Ed Miliband said he would give £100. David Cameron and Nick Clegg refused to reveal their donations, though Coalition sources said both men were likely to give much more than £100 each." – Mail on Sunday