6.30pm LeftWatch: Will the Left stop pretending Michael Gove is planning a mass expansion of faith schools?

4.15pm Parliament: Majority of the 50 most "cost-efficient" MPs are Conservatives

2pm ConHomeUSA: Today's Republican and American political news

Lord Strathclyde19th12.15pm WATCH: Lord Strathclyde: "There is a lot of bad feeling" about Lords reform "in all parties"

11am ToryDiary: Fraser Nelson misrepresents Cameron's pro-fatherhood message

ToryDiary: Runaway dads deserve to be shamed like drunk drivers

Francis Hoar on Comment: Mladic, Gaddafi and the limitations of international justice

Glyn Gaskarth, on the Local government blog, says innovation in public services means accepting risks: We must allow the risk of failure

On ThinkTankCentral: Huseyin Djemil of the Centre for Policy Studies: The state must stop dealing drugs and start doing rehab

Screen shot 2011-06-19 at 08.35.17

Also on ThinkTankCentral, On the eve of Wimbledon, Dan Lewis of the Economic Policy Centre calls for a debate over how state funding for tennis should be spent

Gazette: It's my human right to take my dog to work, says Tory MP Matthew Offord

David Cameron's Father's Day message: Runaway dads are as bad as drunk drivers

"Mr Cameron said Britain needs to be made a "genuinely hostile" place for runaway fathers, who deserve the "full force of shame heaped upon them" and are "beyond the pale"." – The Sunday Telegraph

By 39% to 37%, voters see changes to NHS bill as proof government is ready to listen rather than as evidence of weakness

The YouGov survey for The Sunday Times (£) also finds that 61% think the Government was right to change its NHS reform plans. Just 16% disagree. 43% versus 27% do agree however that recent U-turns suggest the Government is losing its way. Labour leads overall by 42% to 37% with the Lib Dems on 10%.

> Yesterday's LeftWatch: Tories and Labour tied on 37% in ComRes poll that finds Ed Miliband's personal ratings falling

Andrew Lansley: We listened and we have improved the NHS reforms

LANSLEY ANDREW NW "I expect to bring forward more than 150 amendments to the Health and Social Care Bill. These will deliver stronger benefits for patients and will reinforce the principles of NHS modernisation: shared decision-making with patients, a relentless focus on quality and outcomes, clinical leadership, and accountability." – The Health Secretary in the Independent on Sunday

  • Twenty hospitals must shut to tackle NHS crisis, urges key health thinktank – Observer
  • NHS negligence bill tops £1bn a year – Independent on Sunday
  • Great Ormond Street's been put on a pedestal it doesn't deserve, says father of disabled girl treated there – Ian Birrell in the Mail on Sunday
  • The electorate deserves to be treated like grown-ups on public service reform but the politicians are too afraid of the vested interests and their friends in the media – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

The Social Liberal Forum – the Lib Dems' Left-wing – gather to hear Evan Harris claim "victory" in NHS saga – Independent on Sunday

  • But one Liberal Democrat isn't happy. Brian Paddick tells Mail on Sunday readers that the NHS needs more reform.

IT challenges threaten delivery of Iain Duncan Smith's Universal Credit

DUNCAN SMITH DECEMBER 07 "Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, plans to introduce the much-vaunted universal credit – designed to make work pay for those currently on benefits – by 2013. But the success of the reform depends entirely on building a computer program to establish how much each universal credit claimant is earning in work and how much they are due from the state." – Observer

Steve Hilton's 'Big Society Bill' nears completion

The Sunday Times (£) sets out its key components:

  • "Old people can choose how money is spent on their care.
  • People with long-term health conditions can choose their own therapies.
  • Parish councils can take control of local parks, playing fields, parking and traffic restrictions.
  • Parents of children with special needs can make their own decisions about schooling."

"The government hopes its white paper on public service reform will end widespread public confusion about the big society policy devised by Steve Hilton, Cameron’s strategy chief. Ministers have struggled to convey Hilton’s vision of a society in which individuals play a far more active part in making decisions about their own lives and neighbourhoods." – The Sunday Times (£)

Hilton&Cameron Steve Hilton backs calls to leave the European UnionMail on Sunday

In defence of Steve Hilton

  • "The Prime Minister needs to make sure that his senior adviser stays in Downing Street. The Government needs what one member of the Downing Street team calls Hilton’s ‘natural impatience’. Without it, everything will be done at the Civil Service’s pace – and that means very little will change between now and 2015. In the words of one colleague, ‘Steve is the necessary grit in the oyster’." – James Forsyth in the Mail on Sunday
  • "Despite being caricatured as a hippy, Hilton is actually more Thatcherite in his views on education, family policy, the EU and the failings of the Whitehall machine than anyone else in Downing Street."  – Tim Montgomerie in The Sunday Telegraph

David Mundell MP warns Alex Salmond that wording of any independence referendum must be agreedScotland on Sunday

Michael Howard becomes latest senior Tory to back David Cameron on aid budget

HOWARD-MICHAEL "David Cameron and the coalition’s decision to protect the aid budget is right: the world’s poorest people should not have to pay the price for the economic mess the government inherited. But as a Conservative and an economic liberal, I believe that while smart aid has and will save lives — millions of them — it is trade and economic growth that hold the key to long-term development." – Lord Howard in The Sunday Times (£)

Trial by jury is the jewel in the crown of British justice and we must preserve it – David Davis in The Observer

Ed Balls appears to warn public sector unions against strike action

Balls ED QT "Let’s be clear what George Osborne’s game is. He knows the economy has flat-lined over the last six months. He knows he’s losing the economic argument on the deficit and jobs, and needs to change course. But instead he’s trying to pick a fight about pensions, provoke strikes and persuade the public to blame the stalling economy on the unions. That’s why trade union leaders must avoid George Osborne’s trap. He wants them to think that going on strike is the only option and the best way to win the argument." – The Shadow Chancellor in The Sunday Mirror

  • Unison builds £30m strike fund – Independent on Sunday
  • "Even Red Ed Miliband, who was installed as Labour leader thanks to union barons, can't bring himself to support their national strike. Yet almost 40 years ago, the unions forced another Tory Prime Minister to U-turn in a 1972 strike. From that moment on, Ted Heath was dead in the water. If Cameron buckles to the unions, he will be too." – Fraser Nelson in the News of the World (£)
  • The News of the World (£) lists the massive pension pots of top public sector workers.
  • "As Britain becomes an ageing society, we all face some hard choices. Strikes and industrial action will not make these hard choices go away." – Lord Hutton in The Sunday Telegraph
  • Neither the Tories nor the unions want public sector strikes – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer

Miliband Ed ITN Ed Miliband must make public penance for Labour's economic mistakes – Martin Ivens in The Sunday Times (£)

"Osborne wants to make his tax cuts later for electoral reasons, rather than now, as Balls has suggested, via a temporary VAT reduction to stimulate the economy when it is crying out for such a stimulus." – William Keegan in The Observer

Ed Miliband calls four hour, crisis meeting of his shadow cabinet

"The shadow cabinet will meet for a mammoth session designed to produce new and effective ways of "attacking the Tories", it is understood… At Tuesday's meeting, shadow cabinet members will be told to come up with plans for directly attacking the Conservatives in their own fields. Law and order, the economy and health are considered to be particularly fruitful areas." – The Sunday Telegraph

"Nonsense, nonsense, that's nonsense. It's nonsense." – Ed Miliband responds to Independent on Sunday suggestions that his wife is at war with David Miliband's.

  • Ed Miliband couldn't contain his glee when Margaret Thatcher was ousted from office – Mail on Sunday
  • "What afflicts Labour today is not civil war, but something much worse. A Freudian would call it a "conversion disorder" – namely, a group neurosis, in which outbursts, conflict and disturbances are symptoms of much deeper psychic tensions and unresolved anxieties. It is no accident that the party's crises seem almost invariably to involve a profound clash between two personalities: Tony versus Gordon, David versus Ed (or, further back, Gaitskell versus Bevan, and Benn versus Healey.)" – Matthew d'Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph

The Archbishop of Canterbury was a leading member of a left-wing group labelled "subversive" by the security services in a report to Baroness ThatcherThe Sunday Telegraph