10.30pm WATCH: Cameron tells Commons that a very big part of his life involves "giving pleasure to Mrs [Peter] Bone"

10.15pm WATCH: David Cameron and Ed Miliband pay tribute to Christopher Shale

5.15pm Local government: Before London councils cut services they should consider collecting some of the £500 million of unpaid council taxes

3pm George Eustice MP on Comment: It should become a key objective of British foreign policy to break the power of centralised European institutions like the European Court of Justice

2.45pm Local government: Livingstone's pitch for second preferences from Lib Dem "venal sub-species"

2pm Simon Reevell MP on Comment: High Speed Rail is about demonstrating that the whole UK is open for business

CameronChinaPresser12.45pm WATCH: David Cameron announces £1.4billion trade deal with China 

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's Republican and American political news

11am Mark Field MP on Comment: Making the case for overseas aid

10.30am WATCH: Liam Fox: "We have the political and moral resolve to continue to protect the population of Libya"

ToryDiary: What is Eric Pickles's plan to counter extremism? Thirty questions arising from the Prevent Review

ToryDiary: Britain's growing commitment to the Greek bailout

Matthew Hancock MP on Comment: Labour's Ed Balls still thinks you can borrow your way out of debt


ThinkTankCentral: Max Wind-Cowie of Demos: British Muslims are being misrepresented by a leadership that is more extreme and less tolerant than the vast majority of their number

Local Government: 

David Cameron's friend Christopher Shale dies at Glastonbury after Downing Street call

6a00d83451b31c69e2014e8966033d970d-150wi"Initially it was reported that the chairman of the West Oxfordshire Conservative Association had killed himself after the festival organiser, Michael Eavis, told journalists that it was a “suicide situation”. But friends and police sources rejected the suggestion, saying that he had a “massive heart attack”. Somerset Police have confirmed that the death is not being treated as suspicious. Last night, Mr Cameron said he was “devastated” by the death of Mr Shale, who was the Conservative Party chairman in the Prime Minister’s constituency." - Daily Telegraph

  • "It has emerged that two Downing Street officials tried to reach Shale around lunchtime on Saturday to warn him about the note, in which he described parts of his local party as crass and grasping and said that it offered people no reason to join, had been passed to the Mail on Sunday. One official contacted him by text just after 12.30pm to advise him not to speak to reporters; another suggested he get in touch with Conservative headquarters." – The Guardian

> Yesterday's Gazette: David Cameron statement on death of West Oxfordshire Conservative Chairman Christopher Shale 

Liam Fox will announce the creation of a new joint command for the Army, Navy and RAF

Fox at NATO"The report by the Defence Reform Unit, a body of experts from private industry and senior, internal officials, will also propose putting Dr Fox at the head of the MoD’s most senior decision-making panel. In a humiliating loss of power, the heads of the three Services as well as the second highest officer in the Armed Forces will lose their places on the Defence Board." - The Times (£)

  • MoD top brass to be slimmed down in defence shake-up - BBC
  • "Our review was overdue. Change is fundamental" – Lord Levene writing in the Times (£)

Michael Gove's call for parents to break strike provokes union fury

Gove pointing "Teaching unions reacted with anger after the education secretary accused them of risking their members' professional reputations by taking "militant" strike action and suggested that parents could volunteer to break the strike and keep schools open on Thursday." - The Guardian

"Leaders of teachers' unions stuck defiantly to their strike call yesterday despite intense pressure from the Government to call off an action that will close 40 per cent of the country's schools on Thursday and disrupt others. The Government's anxiety to see the action called off betrays uncertainty over who will get the blame as the public is inconvenienced by industrial action, either because they cannot send their children to school, or because of the closure of government offices hit by a civil servants' strike." – The Independent

  • "Union activists urging teachers to close England’s schools are paid more than £15million a year by cash-strapped councils, it has emerged. One eighth of teachers – more than 100,000 – are to walk out of schools on Thursday in a row over changes to their pensions. It will be the first national strike in 25 years." – Daily Mail
  • Gove's collision course with teachers spells trouble for all – Jackie Ashley in the Guardian
  • Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, has risked inflaming Coalition tensions by insisting the Government is not looking at tougher labour laws to limit strikes – Daily Telegraph
  • 'I'll end culture of re-sits and toughen up GCSEs': Gove vows to bring back REAL exams – Daily Mail
  • Bright students to get £20,000 to train as teachers - Daily Telegraph
  • Top marks for Michael Gove's teacher training plans – Daily Telegraph editorial
  • Teachers have a duty of care to their pupils and that is why they should never go on strike – Melanie Phillips in the Daily Mail
  • Youngsters' 'widespread misunderstanding' of university tuition fees means many don't know how they will pay for higher education – Daily Mail

> Yesterday on ToryDiary: Michael Gove warns teachers they risk weakening their reputation by going on strike next week

Plan to let criminals dodge jail for two years angers Tory MPs

CLARKE KEN ON ITN"Criminals given suspended jail sentences will escape prison for up to two years as part of new ‘soft’ criminal justice plans. (…) However, as a result of the new revelations some MPs are thought to be considering rebelling against the Government. There is also opposition to plans to reduce the use of remand for those charged with crimes for which they are unlikely to receive a jail term. Tory MP Philip Davies said: ‘Ken Clarke is championing it as a “tough on crime” Bill when the detail shows it is not.’" – Daily Mail

David Cameron to meet China's Wen Jiabao for business summit

CameronOnMarr2008"David Cameron and the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao will meet for an Anglo-Chinese summit at Downing Street designed to seal £1bn worth of bilateral contracts, including a raft of deals aimed at greening the industrial revolution transforming the Chinese economy at an unprecedented rate." – The Guardian

"But concerns about human rights in China will inevitably come up too, with Britain stressing that respect for human rights under the rule of law is an essential pre-requisite for China's long-term prosperity and stability." – BBC 

  • China ready to spend billions to prop up the Euro – Daily Mail

Rebel Tory threatened with a 'good hiding' in new bullying rowDaily Mail

Coalition and political news in Brief:

  • NHS reforms could reduce patients' trust in doctors, BMA warns – The Guardian
  • War dead to be driven down side streets to avoid the public – Daily Telegraph
  • Transport delays are due to red tape and Cable - David Wighton in the Times (£)
  • Lib Dem leader says independence possible – The Herald
  • Social care funding crisis looming, says Age UK – The Guardian
  • Local councils and taxpayers' cash: now you see it, now you don't – Andrew Gilligan in the Daily Telegraph
  • Brussels eyes Tobin tax to aid EU coffers – Financial Times (£)
  • Fiscal U-turn would be a tricky manoeuvre – The Guardian

Lord Ashdown: The Lords mustn’t be an ex-MPs’ retirement home

Ashdownea"Last week Labour old warhorses in the Lords ignored their manifesto commitment to an elected chamber and again joined backwoodsmen of the Tory right to block radical change. There is a chance for a great reform here. In the end, it may all depend on whether Labour in the Commons is prepared to put its money where its manifesto was. If it doesn’t, then we may lose another chance for change. Then we will know, once again, that Labour just cannot be trusted with reform." – Lord Ashdown, in the Times (£)

Strikes would be a mistake, insists Ed Miliband – but his shadow cabinet doesn't agree

Miliband Ed ITN"In an interview in the Guardian on Saturday, Miliband said he thought it would be a mistake for the unions to strike this week and his aides insist that remains his position. However, two shadow cabinet members close to Miliband – Peter Hain, the shadow Welsh secretary, and Sadiq Khan, the shadow justice secretary – stopped short of Miliband's warning and instead urged both sides to avoid a strike." – The Guardian

> Yesterday on LeftWatch: Peter Hain refuses to condemn strike action

Hain: Miliband 'getting into his stride' as leader

"Ed Miliband is "getting into his stride" after nearly nine months in his job and should not be underestimated, one of his leading allies said yesterday. The remarks by Peter Hain, who was a prominent supporter of Ed Miliband in last year's election campaign, coincided with a drive by the Labour leader to overhaul his party to turn it into a sharper campaigning organisation." – The Independent

> Yesterday on LeftWatch: Blair continues to voice his concerns about Ed Miliband's leadership

And finally… the Chinese PM goes to see Shakespeare on his UK visit

"Wen Jiabao's three-day official visit to Britain began yesterday with a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon to pay homage to William Shakespeare. The Chinese premier, who is reportedly a big fan of the playwright, toured the house where Shakespeare was born and joked about Hamlet, said those present." - The Independent