8.30pm WATCH: The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister announcing changes to the Health Bill

6.45pm WATCH: Even an NHS photo opportunity goes wrong for Cameron and Clegg

6pm Update ToryDiary: Seven questions about the Government's NHS announcement

Screen shot 2011-06-14 at 18.02.21 3.15pm Parliament: A former Belgian Prime Minister (see right) declaring that the Britain should welcome an EU diplomatic service, give the EU control of its monetary policy, and scrap the pound to join Euro.  LibDem MEPs voting to scrap Britain's rebate.  Labour MEPs supporting more EU taxes.  Welcome to Martin Callanan MEP's latest monthly report from the European Parliament. Martin Callanan MEP: LibDem and Labour MEPs vote for more EU taxes

2.45pm Local Government: DEFRA spinning out of Control

1.15pm ToryDiary: Seven questions about the Government's NHS announcement

1pm LeftWatch: Miliband urged to bridge the chasm between Labour and the private sector

Noon ConHomeUSA: Today's Republican and American political news

10.45am Matthew Sinclair on Comment: Cutting fuel duty makes every kind of sense

10.30am WATCH: Paul Johnson, director of the IFS, and Allister Heath, editor of City AM, debate UK inflation as the latest figures are released.

ToryDiary: After the reform debacle only 20% think NHS is safe in Cameron's hands

Screen shot 2011-06-14 at 09.05.00
Comment: Robert Halfon MP: Today in Parliament, with the FairFuelUK campaign, I am launching a new All-Party Parliamentary Group to look at the high cost of petrol

Also on Comment: Steve Baker MP: Accounting has never been so exciting!

Local Government: Cllr Theresa O'Neill: Coping with the cuts in Bexley

WATCH: Iain Duncan-Smith coins new U-turn phrase – the "wriggly worm U-turn" – for Labour's splits on welfare fraud.  (And is that a snooker cue in Mark Francois's hand, or is he just pleased to see the Speaker?) 

Decision day dawns for the Government's NHS reforms…

…And, as it does, it's co-operative competition, a planned market, and bodies to review other bodies: Professor Steve Field's NHS future forum reports

Screen shot 2011-06-14 at 07.51.48 "David Cameron and Nick Clegg will today endorse wholesale changes to the Government's controversial health reforms, giving patients the "right to challenge" poor services for the first time and guaranteeing them a choice of doctors and treatments.  The men have signed up to "99 per cent" of the recommendations put forward yesterday by the NHS Future Forum after a two-month consultation into the proposed changes." – The Independent

"In his NHS speech last Tuesday, the prime minister talked about how competition and greater integration of health services could complement each other. However, some doctors' leaders and health policy experts see them as impossible to reconcile.  As Rachael Maskell, the trade union Unite's national officer for health, said: "The problem with Monitor is that it will now promote choice, competition and collaboration – all of which are contradictory aims." – The Guardian

Clegg: We've won!

"Clegg told his parliamentary party that the Lib Dems should be proud of their efforts after their demands, tabled at their spring conference in March, were "handsomely met"." – The Guardian

Cameron: No, you haven't!

"According to MPs at today's meeting in Westminster, which lasted nearly an hour, he said: "It was nothing to do with the Lib Dems. I made the decision. We brought the professionals on side and I agree with that." – Daily Telegraph

So who has?

"Field's expert panel's findings suggest that the reworked health and social care bill will be a paradox: both very different to the health secretary's original plans but also, strangely, still recognisably a continuation of most of their key elements.  They have produced recommendations that allow Cameron to reassure Tory backbenchers that the bill's central thrusts will be retained but also let Nick Clegg tell his party that they have got almost all of the changes they were demanding." – Denis Campbell, The Guardian

Health Comment

Yesterday's health row coverage on ConservativeHome:

In the meanwhile, Populus finds no poll boost for Clegg after weeks of public battles with his Coalition partners on health…The Times (£)

Making the Tories a bit less nasty won't save Clegg's skin – John Kampfner, The Guardian

…And as the same survey reveals Labour's economic ratings dropping, Liam Byrne gives Miliband two years while David Miliband ponders comeback

Screen shot 2011-06-14 at 08.42.58 "He said Opposition leaders should be given two years to set out their vision for the country. As Mr Miliband got the leader's role last September, by Mr Byrne's reckoning that gives him until autumn 2012 – just after the London Olympics – to show he is up to the job.  Mr Byrne said: "I think a couple of years into any leadership of the Opposition you need a pretty clear sense of what's what for the Party." – The Sun

David Miliband mulls Shadow Cabinet return – The Independent

"[Ed Miliband] needs perhaps just a tad* more character, personality, poise, certainty, eloquence, precision, charm, wit, reach, grasp, grace, definition, depth, courage, power, glamour, manner, cunning, ingenuity, humour, generosity, ease, brevity, and popular, profuse, aphoristic intelligence. Then he'd really be something to contend with. *"Tad" is defined here as 11 million times more than existing levels of the resource." – Simon Carr, The Independent

Focus group-respondent Labour leader turns on scrounging bankers and benefit claimants – The Guardian

  • Tell us why it was worth stabbing your brother – Rachel Sylvester, The Times (£)
  • The lessons that Miliband can learn from Margaret Thatcher – Steve Richards, The Independent

> Yesterday: WATCH –

Cameron’s local bishop attacks "disastrous" Coalition cutsDaily Telegraph

Unison sparks strike fears as it ballots for strike action

Screen shot 2011-06-14 at 06.15.23 "Britain is facing the biggest mass strikes in a generation, affecting councils, the NHS and schools, after the country’s largest public sector union said that 1.2 million of its members were “on the road to industrial action”.  Ministers are drawing up emergency plans to protect hospital services amid fears that doctors will join a wave of action that could involve more than two million workers protesting against pension reforms." – The Times (£)

May to outline sex offender register planPress Association

It looks like a reverse for Pickles on cash for weekly bin collections…

"Ministers are not expected to provide cash for councils to increase the frequency of rubbish collections – despite reports they would earmark funds for town halls to bring back weekly bin rounds or for weekly food waste collections…But an expected pot of money to fund more frequent collections of rubbish or food waste appears not to have materialised." – Daily Mail

Waste review to propose ban on wood – Financial Times (£)

…But IDS confirms there's no U-turn on housing benefit cap

"Downing Street last night slapped down a welfare minister who signalled a retreat over plans for a cap on welfare handouts.  Sources close to David  Cameron insisted Lord Freud had been wrong to suggest a new £26,000 limit on payments to families could be watered down…Yesterday in the Commons, Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith insisted: 'The reality is that this policy is not changing because it is a good policy." – Daily Mail

> Yesterday:

ToryDiary: Coalition may modify benefits cap, welfare minister Lord Freud signals cap may not apply in "exceptional circumstances"

Government adviser demands end to climate change school lessonsDaily Mail

First Sea Lord warns of Libya navy choice: it either halts in 90 days or cuts elsewhere

Screen shot 2011-06-14 at 06.15.08 "Britain's defences are at risk if the war in Libya drags on for another three months, the head of the Royal Navy warned last night.  First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope said the Fleet will only be able to fight for 90 days more before it has to make serious cuts in firepower elsewhere.  He said warships patrolling ‘home waters’ around the British Isles may have to be diverted to the Mediterranean to shore up Britain’s faltering war effort." – Daily Mail

"Ministers have repeatedly argued that Britain has had no need of either HMS Ark Royal or the Harriers in the Libyan mission because planes can fly from bases in Italy, such as Gioia del Colle.  But Sir Mark said the carrier and its planes would have been useful in Libya. "If we had Ark Royal and the Harriers, I feel relatively reassured that we would have deployed that capability off Libya," he said." – Daily Telegraph

Scandal of MoD chiefs' fortune on "taxi" flights – The Sun

Foreign aid bill rockets by over £200 million Daily Express

> Yesterday:

Serious Fraud Office head claims May/Grieve clash has damaged its future The Independent

Over 250,000 fewer student visas to be issued over next five years Financial Times (£)

The Government has no record of the number of EU citizens claiming benefitsDaily Express

Coalition and Political News and Comment in Brief

  • Greece's credit rating now worst in the world – Financial Times (£)
  • Elderly are hardest hit by inflation – Daily Mail
  • IMF shortlists Christine Lagarde and Agustin Carstens – BBC
  • Kate McCann criticises lack of support for families of missing people – The Times (£)
  • Union flag storm halts Limavady meeting – Belfast Telegraph
  • Former Labour AM released on bail after assault arrest – Wales Online
  • Boris intervenes in Battle of Broadgate – City A.M
  • Europe must embrace this confident Turkey – Jack Straw, The Times (£)
  • Why Syria will get away with it – Gideon Rachman, Financial Times (£)
  • My war on cliches: (What's not to like?) – John Rentoul, The Independent

And finally…Florence Rose Endellion Cameron stage-centre at family wedding

"David Cameron took a break from politics yesterday to attend a family wedding with his bouncing baby daughter in tow.  Ten-month-old Florence Rose Endellion looked adorable in a blue dress and windswept hair as she sat happily in her father's arms.  The beautiful youngster seemed to bear more than a passing resemblance to fellow hair-raisers Jedward after a gust of wind fashioned her locks into an impromptu Mohican." – Daily Mail