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2.15pm ToryDiary: Vote Blue, Go Green, Go Bust. Coalition accused of anti-manufacturing energy policies.

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10.30am Gazette: Update Lord Howard of Lympne becomes a Companion of Honour in the Queen's Birthday honours list

ToryDiary: Too many U-turns and the Government will have trouble inspiring the confidence of its own MPs, let alone the public

Comment: Andrew Haldenby: Cameron is in danger of letting the NHS go backwards

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Also in Comment: Robert Halfon MP: The Taxpayers' Alliance should embrace the unions

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Gazette: Lord Howard of Lympne becomes a Companion of Honour in the Queen's Birthday honours list

WATCH: Highlights from the Blair/Brown struggle

Double leaks trouble for Miliband

Screen shot 2011-06-11 at 05.06.15 1) New brother bother.  The Guardian has the text of the speech that David Miliband would have made to Labour's conference had he become the party's leader.

"David Miliband intended to announce that Alistair Darling had agreed to head an all-party commission to draft a framework of rules on public spending and deficits designed to restore lost trust in Labour fiscal discipline.  He was to say that "step one" in recovering public trust over the economy "is to recognise what is obvious: that we did not abolish the business cycle. We should never have claimed it. You can't in a market economy. And public spending plans cannot depend on it. Nor can you write your own fiscal rules, and then be judge and jury for how they are calculated and when they are met." – The Guardian

Read the Miliband Speech That Never Was in full

2) New Balls papers.  In Day Two of its coverage the paper says that Gordon Brown and Ed Balls ignored warnings and wasted billions

"A confidential document presented to the Cabinet in January 2006 asks: "We've spent all this money, but what have we got for it?"  It warns that the efficiency of the public sector needed to improve rapidly and insisted that "spending growth will slow". The document drafted by civil servants also says that "ineffective spending" must be "closed down". However, Gordon Brown discarded the advice and embarked on a £90 billion increase in spending when he became prime minister." – Daily Telegraph

And a Miliband biography will be serialised in the Mail on Sunday tomorrow (not a paper usually helpful to the Labour leader)

"Labour loyalists, who have looked in vain for news of their party over the past year, will snap up the Mail on Sunday this weekend which is serialising the first biography of Ed Miliband, by James Macintyre and Mehdi Hasan.  The sudden flurry of news about the Labour party will raise questions about whether there is a common theme and whether the three developments mark the start of a co-ordinated attempt to damage Ed Miliband…But it is difficult to spot any co-ordination." – The Guardian

Balls: "It wasn't a plot, we were all doing it together"

“The allegation is that these papers are evidence of a covert plot. That is untrue. There is nothing, even in these papers, to justify this,” he said…It wasn’t a plot, we were all doing it together. I’m not going to say to you that it was always straightforward. Gordon and Tony Blair had by that time had difficult times, difficult relationships. There were times when there were tensions. But the allegation which is made again today, not for the first time I have to say, that I was involved in a plot to unseat Tony Blair is just untrue.” – Daily Express

Balls Files Comment

How one-time Labour bigwigs are raking it in thanks to the private sector Daily Mail

But not all the double trouble today is Labour's…

1) Assault One on the Government's climate change policy.  Lord Lawson in the Mail – "The Coalition's absurd energy policy is damaging industry and adding hundreds of pounds to every family's fuel bills"

LAWSON NIGEL TODAY "The plain fact is that the Government’s highly damaging decarbonisation policy, enshrined in the absurd Climate Change Act, does not have a leg to stand on. It is intended, at massive cost, to be symbolic: to make good David Cameron’s ambition to make his administration ‘the greenest government ever’. My dictionary defines green as ‘unripe, immature, undeveloped’. It is time this government grew up."  Read the whole article here.

Britain cannot afford this green madness – Daily Mail Comment

2) Assault Two on the Government's climate change policy. Charles Moore in the Telegraph: "Vote blue, go green" was the slogan. It doesn't sound so good if it becomes "Vote blue, go green, go bust".

"…But one does need a bit of political skill to tiptoe away. There is also the small matter of Liberal Democrat feelings. Both parts of the Coalition worship at the pagan shrine of Gaia.  Yet the tiptoeing must start soon, because the damage has started…we are now, from an energy point of view, the worst country in the world in which to invest."  Read the whole article here

Pickles U-turns on weekly bin rounds, says the Mail

"Town halls will be allowed to keep their deeply unpopular  fortnightly bin rounds and  compulsory recycling schemes.  The decision by Environment  Secretary Caroline Spelman and Communities Secretary Eric Pickles means weekly rubbish rounds – first required by law 136 years ago and then stealthily abolished under Labour – are unlikely to return for at least ten million households." – Daily Mail

Hire ex-prisoners, says IDS

"Criminals who have served their time should be put on the payroll by businesses to cut Britain’s ranks of long-term un­employed, according to Iain Duncan Smith, work and pensions secretary.  He said business expected government to cut the welfare bill by getting back into work those on incapacity benefits or whose families might have been out of work for two or three generations. But, he said, employers had to play their part." – Financial Times (£)

IDS interview in full – Financial Times (£)

Lord Ashcroft warns on overseas aidDaily Mail

Cameron warns feckless parents who expect to raise children on benefits

"In an intervention that threatens to reopen the row with the Archbishop of Canterbury over the morality of Coalition policy, the Prime Minister suggested it was wrong for the workshy to expect the taxpayer to fund their lifestyles without limit.  Speaking on ITV’s This Morning programme he said he wanted to change the ‘values’ of the nation to reverse the dependency culture that flourished under Labour." – Daily Mail

Introducing "Mr U-Turn"

Screen shot 2011-06-11 at 08.24.41 "Mild-mannered, bespectacled, tieless and completely unknown to the public, he’s the picture of modern metropolitan man and could be an unassuming finance director of one London’s many advertising agencies or public-relations consultancies.  Yet in recent months, he has become one of the most powerful people in Britain,  a shadowy adviser on whom the  Prime Minister relies almost obsessively  for guidance." – Iain Martin profiles Andrew Cooper, Cameron's director of strategy, in the Daily Mail

Vince Cable writes in the F.T

"Liberal Democrats prioritise radical banking reform, progressive taxation and the green economy. Conservatives set greater store by corporate tax cuts and labour market reform. We agree on the need for more house-building, which will push down prices, but we have long argued that the boom-bust cycle in property will remain unaddressed until we develop a more economically rational and progressive approach to taxation." – Financial Times (£)

Theresa May ambushed at constituency meeting by head of English Defence LeagueDaily Mail

A.C.Grayling defends University plan in interviewThe Times (£)

Speculation mounts that Andrew Bridgen case will be dropped during the next few daysDaily Mail

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