7.30pm WATCH: Cameron: "There's no chance of people being able to buy their way into universities"

6.45pm Greg Barker MP on Comment: The Coalition's Green Deal will lift Britain off the bottom of Europe's energy efficiency table

Screen shot 2011-05-10 at 18.00.216pm WATCH: Louise Bagshawe MP talks about allegations that knighthoods and money was sought by FIFA officials in return for World Cup votes

3.15pm ToryDiary: Should Cameron force an early vote on Scottish independence?

1.45pm WATCH: Cable welcomes censure of Telegraph by the PCC over secret recordings of him and other Lib Dem MPs

12.30pm Local government: John Bald says Pass the training budget down to the schools

Noon ToryDiary: Why Pauline Neville-Jones quit – and the future of the Prevent Review

11.45am LeftWatch: Labour's David Cairns MP has died

Nick-358 11am Nick de Bois MP on Comment: NHS reforms will mean competition on quality, not price

ToryDiary: A year on, this is still the Pushmi-Pullyu Government. And despite last week's drama, it will remain so.

ToryDiary update: Reactions to Annabel Goldie's resignation as leader of the Scottish Tories

Douglas Carswell MP on Comment: MPs should oversee the appointment of Britain's next Ambassador to the EU


Gavin Poole of the Centre for Social Justice on ThinkTankCentral: Courage, not concessions, will build a social recovery

Screen shot 2011-05-10 at 08.37.54 Local government: Come to the Conservative Home Local Government Conference

Also on Local government: How the shrill Lib Dem campaign messages failed in Windsor and Maidenhead


In Sun interview Cameron pours cold water on idea of any reshuffle


""I'm not a great believer in endlessly moving people between different jobs. I like to think I have put in a good team of Conservative and Liberal Democrats and they've a lot of work to do." The PM also attacked Labour PMs Tony Blair and Gordon Brown for creating insecurity with constant team changes. He said: "We had 12 energy ministers in nine years. And the tourism minister changed more often than people got off planes at Heathrow. It was hopeless. I think you've got to try to appoint good people and keep them."" – The Sun

> The Sun also chronicles an average day in David Cameron's life

Cameron will give crime speech next month in bid to bolster law and order credentialsTimes (£)

Neville-jones.ashx Pauline Neville-Jones becomes first Conservative to leave CoalitionIndependent

"The Government’s Security Minister unexpectedly stepped down yesterday following prickly relations with members of the Prime Minister’s inner circle." – Times (£)

> Paul Goodman on ToryDiary yesterday: "Neville-Jones's departure leaves the Government weaker on these [security] matters than it was before.  After Clegg's Luton speech and this latest news, a question asks itself: will Downing Street deliver on the Munich speech?"

LibDemDead Populus finds worrying public perceptions of Liberal Democrats

  • 64% say LDs have not demonstrated that they have “made a difference in the direction of the Government";
  • Half of all voters would describe Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader and Deputy Prime Minister, as “out of his depth”, more than a third say that he is “weak” and a quarter that he is “out of touch”;
  • The few crumbs of comfort for Mr Clegg are that only 17 per cent of those polled identified “dishonest” as one of his three most important characteristics, suggesting that most do not see the U-turn on tuition fees as a defining “lie”. Just more than one in five call him “likeable”.

More in The Times (£).

The Times' Populus poll has Conservatives on 37%, Labour on 39% and LDs on 11%. Last night's YouGov poll had 38%, 42%, 8%.

Clegg and Alexander face resistance from some Liberal Democrats to second Coalition Agreement

 "Some senior Liberal Democrats want to scrap plans for a "Coalition Agreement Mark 2" to update the historic deal signed by the two parties when they formed the Government a year ago tomorrow. They argue that key elements of the original agreement have not yet been implemented and want the Liberal Democrats to "diverge" from the Tories in the run-up to the next general election scheduled in 2015." – Independent

1kapow The Liberal Democrats mounted FOUR attacks on Coalition partners yesterday:

One…. Twenty Lib Dem MPs abstain or miss NHS vote in Commons – BBC (more on NHS below)

Two…. Liberal Democrats want to delay introduction of elected police commissioners – Guardian

Three…. David Cameron was "unwise" to hire Andy Coulson, says Chris Huhne – Telegraph

Four… Cable tells London Mayor to 'get off his backside' and talk to Tube unions – Daily Mail (Times leader (£) backs Boris on strike law reform)

BUT Liberal Democrats aren't just clashing with the Conservatives… Vince Cable has refused to support new carbon reduction targets recommended by the Committee on Climate Change and Chris HuhneGuardian

  • "The UK will miss its "carbon budget" targets to cut emissions over the next decade if it relies on existing policies, analysts warn." – Express
  • "The coalition is preparing to bin Britain's climate change target" – George Monbiot in The Guardian

OSBORNE WITH BBERRY Is Osborne blocking Lords reform?

"Mr Clegg plans to press ahead with plans to replace the House of Lords with a largely-elected chamber later this month, but Chancellor George Osborne is pointing out the coalition agreement pledges merely to ‘bring forward’ proposals, not enact them." – Daily Mail

> Andrew Lilico made this argument on Comment yesterday: Sticking to the letter of the Coalition Agreement

Comment on Lib Dem tactics:

  • "Last week the Lib Dems were not just rejected by voters, they were slaughtered. They can huff and puff all they like. But Mr Clegg and his crew are trying to flex muscles they don't have. Twelve months on, Mr Cameron's position is stronger than ever. That means he must call the tune. Not Nick Clegg." – The Sun
  • Cameron should seek EU reform in return for concessions to the Liberal Democrats – Allister Heath for City AM
  • The Lib Dems need to escape coalition with the Tories, and Labour should help them do it – Mary Riddell in The Telegraph

LansleyOnQT Tory backbenchers and Cabinet colleagues back Andrew Lansley in Commons debateFT (£)

  • Fearing conflict of interest Andrew Lansley is resisting a Downing Street demand to give hospital doctors a greater say in the care that is commissioned for NHS patients – Independent
  • "There is a new Tory dining club, called the Group of 40, made up of MPs who hold the 40 most marginal seats. They meet regularly to discuss how to keep swing voters on side and in recent weeks have made clear to No 10 that they are deeply concerned about plans for the health service. According to one confidant of Mr Cameron, restoring the Conservatives’ reputation on the NHS is “the one bit of modernisation that really matters”." – Rachel Sylvester in The Times (£)
  • "Mr Clegg had a huge influence on drawing up [the NHS reforms]. To wash his hands of them now is contemptible." – Daily Mail leader
  • Steve Richards: Lansley won't survive the surgery now facing his reform – Independent

Top pay in NHS up by 5%

"At least 1,600 NHS chief executives and managers are paid more than the Prime Minister, according to figures published today. Average salaries for chief executives have soared by five per cent in the last year, nearly twice the pay rise given to nurses, a report says. The increases have been handed out despite the fact that thousands of doctors, nurses and midwives’ posts face the axe to save the NHS billions of pounds." – Daily Mail

We are fixated in this country with the method of delivery rather than whether it works – Philip Johnston for The Telegraph

Richest students to pay for extra places at Britain's best universities?

"Teenagers from the wealthiest families would be able to pay for extra places at the most competitive universities under government proposals that could allow institutions to charge some British students the same high fees as overseas undergraduates." – Guardian

Plan to let wealthy parents buy places at over-subscribed top universities – Daily Mail

Jeremy Hunt's plan for new national TV network likely to be delayed Guardian

Alan Cochrane: Cameron must assemble new coalition to defeat Alex Salmond… and it should include Gordon Brown

BROWN GORDON - head tilted "From Labour we should have John Reid – where’s he been, by the way – Alistair Darling, Douglas Alexander and – yes – Gordon Brown. I would certainly also have Tony Blair, others might not. From the Liberal Democrats, let’s have David Steel, Ming Campbell and, as point man, Charlie Kennedy. The Tories would certainly include Michael Forsyth and Malcom Rifkind." – Alan Cochrane in The Telegraph

"Mr Salmond is already muddying the waters by suggesting he may go for a multi-option referendum, offering “fiscal autonomy” as an alternative to independence. That could mean Scotland raising all its own revenues and remitting a portion to London to fund defence and foreign policy. It raises a host of issues, but could appeal to some voters even if they balk at separation." – Brian Groom in the FT (£)

Cameron would enjoy a Commons majority if Scotland had been independent at last election

"Labour won 41 Scottish seats in last year's general election, while the Lib Dems took 11, the SNP six and the Tories just one. Subtracting that from the overall arithmetic would leave Westminster looking like this: Conservatives 306; Labour 217; Liberal Democrat 46; DUP 8; Others 14. In other words, the Tories would currently enjoy a 21-seat majority in a slimmed-down, Scotland-free Parliament." – Craig Woodhouse on the new London Evening Standard politics blog

Press Complaints Commission accuses Telegraph of "subterfuge" in secret recording of Vince Cable and other Lib Dem MPsBBC

And finally… Would you like to rent the House of Commons?

"The Palace of Westminster could host wedding receptions under plans to cut Parliament's subsidised catering bill. The Commons Administration Committee has suggested even the historic Westminster Hall could be hired out for private functions at £25,000 a time. Dining areas including the Terrace alongside the River Thames may also be opened to the public." – BBC