8pm From ConHomeUSA: "I will not seek the Republican nomination": Mike Huckabee explains his decision NOT to run for president.

5pm Tim Montgomerie on Comment: Why doesn't the Right march?

4pm WATCH: Liam Fox MP says Libyan command and control is a "legitimate target"

2.30pm ToryDiary: A week of praise for David Cameron

Fox MoD 1pm ToryDiary: Liam Fox talks about the Military Covenant and Libya, and Alex Salmond talks about the Scottish independence referendum, on the Politics Show

11am ToryDiary: Theresa May talks about the Queen's visit to Ireland, Osama bin Laden, Police cuts, and elected Police Commissioners on the Andrew Marr Show

ToryDiary: Huhne and Cameron over-rule Osborne and Cable and put green targets before economy

Ruth Porter on Comment: Older MPs and leaders does not necessarily mean better MPs and leaders

Gazette: Guy Opperman MP diagnosed with a brain tumour – by Daniel Poulter MP

Local Government:

Local Government: Eric Pickles strikes a victory for common sense by allowing people to fly flags without permission

Cameron must be tough on the economy, immigration and Europe for victory in 2015

CAMERON LOOKING LEFT "On immigration, Tories and potential Tories were uncertain what had been achieved since the party came to power, and on the NHS voters were found to be "very sceptical of controversial proposed reforms. However, some clear policy successes are identified – particularly welfare reform." - Sunday Telegraph | Lord Ashcroft writing in the Sunday Telegraph

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: If Cameron can convince on the NHS and crime he is on the road to a majority, says mega poll of 10,000 voters

The Military Covenant will become law


"Our Armed Forces risk their lives and sacrifice much of their freedom for us. The nation has a moral obligation to ensure they get the support they need. This is reflected in the News of the World's Justice for the Brave Campaign. It won't be easy to rebuild the military covenant. There isn't the money to do all we want but we will act where we can. We've doubled the allowance to over £5,000 for a six-month tour. We've changed R&R rules so delays getting home don't use up time off. We've prioritised mental health treatment. These and other measures on education for service children and support for veterans are only a start in our Armed Forces Covenant." – Liam Fox in the News of the World (£)

David Cameron to argue NHS reforms must still go ahead

"In a major speech on Monday, the Prime Minister will say that the health service must change if it is to improve and avoid a future dogged by a succession of crises. The address, in West London, will open up a major dividing line between the Conservatives and their Liberal Democrat coalition partners over the future of public services.". - Sunday Telegraph

  • "David Cameron's adviser says health reform is a chance to make big profits" - the Observer
  • 62% want NHS plans reconsidered - Sunday Mirror

George Osborne to be the driving force behind House of Lords reform…

OsborneGreenTie "…in the wake of his defeat in the referendum on the voting system, the Lib Dem leader is anxious to avoid seeming obsessed with constitutional matters at a time of deep spending cuts. Instead, two Tory ministers – Mark Harper and Lord Strathclyde – will take to the airwaves to sell the policy. There is still behind-the-scenes wrangling over what the new upper house will be called, with Clegg allies favouring the retention of the House of Lords over a US-inspired "Senate"." – Independent on Sunday

…Lords/"Senators" to be paid £65,000 – making the Upper House cost far more than at present…

Lords_Chamber "House of Lords reform plans out this week will propose creating hundreds of full-time salaried “senators” on the same pay and perks as MPs. Nick Clegg, the deputy prime minister, will recommend replacing the existing system of 789 mostly part-time appointed peers, who are paid only for the days on which they turn up, with a new body of about 300 mostly full-time elected politicians. Whitehall sources claimed that by more than halving the size of the Lords, the introduction of full-time salaries, currently £65,738 for MPs, would be roughly equivalent to the total current cost of paying £30,000 in daily allowances to peers who turn up for the average attendance of 100 days a year." – Sunday Times (£)

…but Lib Dems fear a "con"

Clegg on Marr "The Deputy Prime Minister is expected to announce plans for an 80 per cent elected Upper House, which would be slashed in size, with hundreds of members retired. New peers would be elected by proportional representation, with a small number of appointed “faith representatives” including bishops. But sources close to Mr Cameron have said that the Prime Minister will not force the measures through, as the Lib Dems are demanding, and will instead allow a committee to scrutinise the draft Bill at length before it goes before the Commons and Lords." – Sunday Telegraph

David Cameron offered Nick Clegg the chance to abstain on the tuition fees voteSunday Times (£)

"Rally Against Debt" attracts 350 people

"The protest was organised in response to anti-cuts demonstrations in March, which saw hundreds of thousands of people take to the street across the country. Around 350 people attended the event in Westminster, according to the Metropolitan Police. … Organisers hoped the event would kick-start a radical Tea Party-style mass movement to challenge the anti-cuts lobby." - Sunday Telegraph

Coalition in brief

  • Ministers call emergency summit as drought looms – Independent on Sunday
  • Historic climate change deal with legal powers agreed by Cabinet - Observer
  • Labour regions suffer twice as much in cuts – Sunday Times (£)
  • Transparency promise fails to reach the Downing Street kitchen – Observer
  • Union vows to step up resistance to cuts – Independent on Sunday
  • Trident: plans to buy state-of-the-art reactors will add to £20bn cost – Observer
  • Are the wheels coming off the Big Society? – Independent on Sunday
  • Human trafficking fears as key UK staff are lost – Observer
  • A secret recording of Chris Huhne telling a witness not to talk to the media about allegations that he lied to the police has been found – Sunday Times (£)
  • Foreign Office expands its £2bn global property empire despite the cuts – Independent on Sunday
  • Philip Hammond to confront rail unions over transport costs – Observer

Potential candidates in the frame for the Welsh Conservative leadership: Andrew RT Davies and Darren Millar

"Were both names to go before the Tory party faithful, it seems likely that Mr Davies would win. Affable yet bombastic, Mr Davies is the sort of no-nonsense, knows- what-he-likes bloke the party takes to its heart. But would he win votes outside of traditional Conservative heartlands? Likewise, would the smart Darren Millar, with his strict social views, attract vital floating voters?" – Wales on Sunday

"David Cameron has the makings of a truly great prime minister"

"…by the time Gordon Brown was evicted from office exactly one year ago, the British state was facing a crisis of comparable magnitude to the 1970s. All this raises the vital question: what kind of prime minister will David Cameron be? Will he be seen by history as one of those fundamentally irrelevant figures – a Heath, Wilson or Callaghan – who grappled helplessly with intractable problems? Or will he become a heroic figure who mends the economy, while building a social and political framework capable of enduring for a generation?" – Peter Oborne in the Sunday Telegraph

Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems shouldn't throw a tantrum – just keep their heads down

Clegg with LD bird "The best thing they can do for the next two or three years is disappear from our screens, bury themselves in their red boxes and try to make this Government work – including its most radical and important reforms. Then, some time closer to the next election, Clegg should resign. He should make a resignation speech reflecting on his efforts to do the right thing for the country. Like the best farewell speeches, it should be self-deprecating. We'd all like him more immediately. And a new Lib Dem leader could be elected who could chart a distinctive, and possibly attractive, electoral future for the party." – Tim Montgomerie in the Sunday Telegraph

Other Comment

Ed Miliband still "racked with guilt over beating his brother to Labour leadership"

Miliband Ed ITN "Ed Miliband's political guru sparked controversy yesterday by claiming the Labour leader is still racked with guilt after defeating older brother David in the race to succeed Gordon Brown. And Labour peer Lord Glasman poured salt into David Miliband’s wounds, saying he deserved to lose because of his cold, ‘unrelational’ personality." – Mail on Sunday

And finally… "At last, proof that Lib Dem leader was student Tory" - but…

Cleggtory "Nick Clegg joined his university Conservative club when he was a student, according to a Tory MP who chaired it. A college membership list for Cambridge University Conservative Association (Cuca) shows the name N Clegg for the year 1986/1987, when the deputy prime minister was a first-year anthropology student. Greg Hands, now Conservative MP for Chelsea and Fulham, was a fellow member of the club and based at the same college, Robinson, which Clegg attended. He has produced the list of Robinson College Cuca members that shows both their names. N Clegg is listed among the first-year student members. There was only one N Clegg at Robinson at the time." - Sunday Times (£)