4.45pm ToryDiary: Cameron's ten new measures to boost voluntarism

4pm WATCH: Alex Salmond says George Osborne was "at great pains to acknowledge the strength" of the SNP's mandate, during their meeting today

3pm International: Indignado! How high does unemployment need to go before Spain's political establishment wakes up?

Kirby-Jill 2pm Jill Kirby on Comment: Does the Ministry Of Justice really believe sentencing discounts will cut costs?

1.45pm Local Government: Radical housing reform at heart of Wandsworth's new agenda

Noon ConHomeUSA: The case for Paul Ryan becoming the Republican candidate


ToryDiary: Cameron relaunches the Big Society today for the fourth time. He needs to be relaunching his crime policies.


Also on ToryDiary: With Libya set to cost UK taxpayers £1 billion by September, why should Britain fight and fund the international community's wars?

Mark Reckless on Comment: Parliament should decide if we pay for Euro bail-outs

On the Local government blog, Cllr Sir Merrick Cockell explains why he is standing for Chairman of the Local Government Association

Cameron restates support for the family in speech that will relaunch the Big Society (for fourth time)

CAMERON-GREEN-TIE "“When you grow up in a strong family, you learn how to behave, you learn about give and take. You learn about responsibility and how to live in harmony with others,” he will say. “Strong families are the foundation of a bigger, stronger society. This isn’t some romanticised fiction. It’s a fact.”" – Times (£)

"David Cameron will attempt to relaunch his idea of the Big Society for the fourth time today, after a senior cabinet minister admitted that the Government had still "failed to articulate" what it stood for… Members of Mr Cameron's Cabinet view his decision to make another highprofile attempt to reinvigorate the idea of the Big Society with some bemusement. Senior Conservatives – including the Chancellor George Osborne – believe it to be a confusing concept which has failed to resonate with the public and should be quietly dropped." – Independent

"Every member of David Cameron’s cabinet is to undertake at least one day of volunteering a year, the prime minister will announce today, as he seeks to revive his flagging “Big Society” vision… Acevo, the charity leaders’ organisation, said last week that nearly four in five adults believed that the government had failed to give a clear definition of what the Big Society meant. It also said too many people saw the concept as a “cover for cuts”." – FT (£)

"Middle earners will be told today they do not give enough money to good causes as the Government unveils plans to ask for charitable donations of between 10p and £10 every time people use a cash machine." – Daily Mail

Gove will change school admissions code to help good schools to expand

Gove pointing "I think it's wrong to have a situation where the local authority says: 'This is a good school, it's full up, parents have to go to the less good school down the road'.Because as a result of the local authority's failure to deal with educational underperformance, children continue to go to a poor school." – Michael Gove talking to The Guardian

Obama and Cameron to establish US-UK joint security board to develop joint approach to long-term challengesGuardian

The Sun warns Cameron not to allow Obama to dilute policy on Afghanistan: "David Cameron must talk tough on Afghanistan when he sits down with President Obama on Wednesday. Mr Obama and the PM want negotiations with the Taliban to pave the way for Allied troop withdrawals. But MI6 says dialogue with the enemy won't work. And our top commander in Afghanistan insists we are close to beating the Taliban. Mr Cameron needs to make it clear that if negotiations are a dead end our forces must finish the job. We all want the troops back home. But not simply because it benefits a president who has one eye on his re-election campaign."

Hague Cardiff Gordon Brown never told us he wanted the IMF job, says HagueDaily Mail

William Hague has said that Europe will have to be “tough” if it is to limit the flow of migrants arriving from Africa, following the political upheaval in the areaTelegraph

Hague condemns violence in disputed town on South Sudan's borderBBC

Hague and Cabinet distance themselves from Huhne following more speeding points allegationsTelegraph

  • Liberal Democrat colleagues openly questioning whether Huhne should stay – Independent
  • "One senior Tory MP told The Times (£) that Mr Huhne was too distracted to do his job properly and should resign, at least temporarily. “I think it is becoming a big problem,” he said arguing that it was a critical time for the Department for Energy and Climate Change, especially given volatile oil prices."
  • One of under-fire minister Chris Huhne's kids may testify to convict him of trying to cover up a speeding offence – The Sun

Mary Ann Sieghart praises Theresa May in column on effective female politicians

May Theresa Home Office

"It is almost unprecedented for a Home Secretary to go for a whole year without a disaster. Yet May has plodded on,quietly and competently getting the job done, staying up past midnight doing her red boxes. She is highly conscientious, has good judgement and refuses to be bullied, either by colleagues or the Police Federation. And, miraculously, nothing has gone wrong on her watch, an achievement that has gone almost wholly unremarked… May was also one of the very first to recognise that the Tories needed to modernise. Way back in 2002, when David Cameron and George Osborne were new MPs, she was warning that the Conservatives were being seen as the "nasty party". She's never going to set Marsham Street on fire, let alone the world, but – like Angela Merkel with more interesting shoes – May is reliably competent, cool in a crisis and good at her job." – Mary Ann Sieghart in The Independent

> In March, ConHome reached similar conclusions about Mrs May.

The Coalition has quietly begun work on a new national identity system, less than a year after it scrapped Labour’s derided ID cards Telegraph

The Coalition’s flagship benefit reforms will fail to make work pay for thousands of single parents and mothers on middle-incomes (says left-leaning think tank)Telegraph

REDWOOD JOHN John Redwood attacks BBC's coverage of cuts as new data reveals that UK spending cuts are 'lower than than average in Europe' Daily Mail

Ed Miliband will accuse Tories of making young bear unfair share of public spending cuts Express

Jackie Ashley makes the case for Ed Miliband performing well and questions colleagues who "arms folded" aren't supporting him – Guardian

Salmond to confront Osborne over oil industry tax as he meets UK Cabinet today on range of issues – BBC

Unionist MPs plan to regain initiative on constitutional issues by reviving the Scottish Grand Committee

"Until devolution, the Grand Committee, which used to meet regularly in Westminster, was the main forum for discussing Scottish affairs. Scottish Labour MPs in particular believe it would allow them to use their overwhelming numbers to take the initiative on constitutional issues and bring in some of the so called big beasts, such as Jim Murphy and Douglas Alexander." – Scotsman

New headache for Miliband with news that Glasgow Council might fall to SNPHerald

Jeff Randall: The Bank of England is failing Britain

"Its forecasting record is hopeless. Worse still, its inaction has left us with prices racing ahead of pay (especially damaging for those on low incomes with no bargaining chips) and millions of savers sacrificed on the altar of "stimulating growth". How long will it be before the trade unions switch their focus from "protecting public services" to shoring up members' rapidly diminishing real wages?" – Jeff Randall in The Telegraph

Euro Allister Heath: How long can the €uro survive?

"The mighty euro [European politicians] spent so long building is under threat, not from the dollar, another rival superpower or even from British eurosceptics, but from the internal weaknesses and contradictions that its opponents had always warned would be the single currency’s downfall." – Allister Heath in City AM

"Overseas aid has little to do with relieving the plight of the oppressed. It is instead about alleviating Western guilt and parading consciences on sleeves." – Melanie Phillips in the Daily Mail

Lord Douglas Hurd's daughter-in-law has fallen 12m (40ft) to her death from the top of her four-storey home in New YorkMetro