6.30pm WATCH: Iain Duncan Smith talks to Sky News' Dermot Murnaghan about his benefit reform plans in a 15-minute interview

5pm ToryDiary: Shining a light on Labour's education failure

4.15pm Local Government: Shadow local government secretary Caroline Flint refuses to condemn Labour-run Nottingham Council over its intransigence on transparency

WIlliam Hague serious horizon2pm WATCH: William Hague reveals that he has spoken to (though not met) Musa Kusa since his arrival in Britain – but dismisses press speculation about a deal with the former Libyan Foreign Minister

1pm Parliament: Tory MPs Sarah Wollaston and Philip Davies argue over whether to introduce further restrictions on the advertising of alcohol

11am Jonathan Isaby on Comment: The questionable political judgement of Eddie Izzard

ToryDiary: Cameron should express frustration at Coalition compromises on crime, Europe and the family

Mohammed Amin Mohammed Amin on Comment: The difference between “multiculturalism” and “state multiculturalism”

ThinkTankCentral: Fabian Richter provides evidence in a Centre for Policy Studies paper that – contrary to the claims of pro-AV campaigners – there is no such thing as a safe seat

Local Government:

LeftWatch: Six-figure RMT boss Bob Crow lives in "home meant for the poor"

Gazette: An Afro-Caribbean woman is elected to chair a Conservative Association for the first time

WATCH: Sky News reports on yesterday's car bomb which killed a police officer in Omagh

More speculation about an imminent government retreat on NHS reforms

Andrew Lansley 2 2010 "In the latest embarrassing example of the Prime Minister being forced to intervene in the policy of one of his ministers, Mr Cameron will publicly admit to mistakes in the plan by the Secretary of State, Andrew Lansley, to hand £80bn of health spending to family doctors, characterised by critics as privatisation by the back door. Mr Cameron will announce a "pause" of up to three months in the progress of the Health and Social Care Bill through Parliament, to allow for more time to reassure clinicians, patients and coalition MPs." – Independent on Sunday

"Under the terms of the compromise deal, GPs who do not want to take charge of the health service budget for their area will not now be forced to do so. The Government is also planning amendments to limit the market proposed in health care, with safeguards which will attempt to prevent private firms "cherry-picking" the most profitable services and leaving NHS hospitals at a disadvantage." – Sunday Telegraph

"Lansley’s main problem is that hardly anyone understands what he is trying to do. As one colleague laments: ‘Andrew knows everything but can’t explain it in three simple sentences. And if you can’t do that in modern politics, you’re in real trouble’." – James Forsyth in the Mail on Sunday

> Friday's ToryDiary: Over 70 per cent of ConHome panellists want Lansley's reforms to go ahead

AV campaign gets personal as Chris Huhne blasts Baroness Warsi…

"Cabinet ministers have become embroiled in an extraordinary row over electoral reform amid claims that the campaign against the alternative vote is "poisoning" British politics and hiding the sources of its funding. In a dramatic break from ministerial etiquette, Chris Huhne, the energy secretary, who backs AV, has written to Tory chairman Baroness Warsi – a cabinet colleague and patron of the No-to-AV campaign – demanding that she "comes clean" over the source of its funding and stops the "scares and smears" against supporters of change." – The Observer

…and the Yes to AV campaign airbrush black poet out of leaflets

"The "Yes" campaign, which is supported by Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats, was severely embarrassed after it emerged that it had removed the poet Benjamin Zephaniah from leaflets destined for the home counties, while leaving him in leaflets distributed in London." – Sunday Telegraph

Liam Fox defends West's arms sales to Libya

Liam Fox 2011 "Secretary of State for Defence Liam Fox has defended the West's role in arming Libya, saying it's a "pity" that its leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi did not take the opportunity of a "constructive role". "It is a great pity that the regime did not take the chance of a constructive role that a great many countries in the West had hoped; but as we've learned here… the regime has fundamentally failed to reform, it remains the same aggressive, repressive, oppressive group of individuals that many suspected it would be," he told a group of reporters during a visit to Dubai." – Gulf News

  • Cameron should stay aloof from hawking weapons round the Middle East – Martin Ivens in the Sunday Times (£)

Ben Wallace MP: We've always dealt with rats – but we shouldn't do a deal with a rat the size of Musa Kusa

"This man should not be granted asylum or any other special treatment; the only proper outcome is to bring him to justice. Britain needs to make up its mind quickly. There will be no shortage of courts – Scottish, international or American – that will readily seek his extradition and the last thing the UK wants is for Kusa to languish, at taxpayers’ expense, in legal no-man’s-land." – Ben Wallace MP in the Mail on Sunday

Chris Grayling:  Two thirds of those claiming sickness benefits can work

Chris Grayling 2010 square "A pilot study of 1,626 Incapacity Benefit claimants found 32 per cent were able to return to work immediately with a further 38 per cent capable of returning to work with the right support Now the scheme, tested in Burnley and Aberdeen, will go nationwide tomorrow… Employment Minister Chris Grayling said: “The evidence clearly shows that there are people out there who, with the right support, will be able to gain ­employment and say goodbye to a life on benefits." – Sunday Express

Gove orders crackdown on pupils' mobiles

"Teachers will be given power to search pupils' mobiles for porn or happy slapping videos under a massive school behaviour crackdown to be launched this week. Kids will be banned from taking phones into lessons-and those caught using one will have texts, photos and videos checked and even erased by staff. Education Secretary Michael Gove ordered the action in a bid to combat the use of mobiles as "offensive weapons" in the classroom-and the scourge of cyber-bullying." – News of the World (£)

Politicians united in their condemnation of the killing of Catholic police officer in Omagh…

Owen Paterson 2010 "This was a cruel and evil act. He served the community that the people who murdered him want to destroy. There can be no more marked contrast than that. The people in all parts of Ireland and beyond want peace and those who carried out this atrocity are in the grip of an obscene delusion if they think that by murder they can defy their will”. – Owen Paterson quoted by the Belfast News Letter

"Prime Minister David Cameron said the young officer had dedicated himself to serving the entire community of Northern Ireland. "Those who carried out this wicked and cowardly crime will never succeed in dragging Northern Ireland back to a dark and bloody past," he warned. "Their actions are rejected by the overwhelming majority of people from all parts of the community." – Press Association

…as there are calls for a police investigation into Martin McGuinness

"Martin McGuinness, Northern Ireland's Deputy First Minister, faced calls last night for a formal investigation into his attendance at an event commemorating IRA terrorists. Politicians and groups representing victims of violence in Northern Ireland are calling for his investigation by the Northern Ireland Assembly's Commissioner for Standards." – Independent on Sunday

> Last night's ToryDiary: Cameron condemns "wicked and cowardly" murder of Ulster policeman

Anthony Seldon explains how Cameron runs his Government

"For the first time since John Major's period in office, the Prime Minister has a proper red box sent up to his flat each night full of a "thick wodge of papers". Cameron gets up at 5.30 every morning and spends two hours working systematically through them. He then chairs two meetings each day from his office at the end of the Cabinet Room (Osborne takes the chair when Cameron is away). The 8.30am meeting provides a structure for the day, then a meeting at 4pm reviews progress… Cabinet meets for an hour and a half to two hours each Tuesday. Other regular meetings include the National Security Council, which he established at the outset of his government, and a weekly bilateral meeting between Cameron and Clegg." – Anthony Seldon writing in the Independent on Sunday

Lord Ashcroft: Tories must listen to public who want prison to work

Lord Ashcroft 2010 "No major party now appears to represent the approach to law and order that voters want. With no debate, and with no reference to the public, a consensus that reflected popular opinion has been discarded. This can only fuel people's cynicism about politicians and the political process. My research found that less than half of the public, victims of crime and police officers think that prison currently works – but the conclusion they draw is precisely the opposite of Ken Clarke's. If prison doesn't work, they say, make it work." – Lord Ashcroft writing in the Sunday Telegraph

>  Last night's ToryDiary: Landmark polling from Lord Ashcroft reveals massive gap between governed and governing on crime

Family debt burden is set to soar

"Families will be hit by a spiralling debt crisis over the next four years that will see average British households plunge further into the red as the government austerity programme bites, official figures reveal." – The Observer

Rumours abound of threats to Clegg's leadership of the Lib Dems…

Nick Clegg 2011 petrified "Nick Clegg's plunging popularity has sparked fears of a Liberal Democrat leadership challenge. Mr Clegg’s aides fear ‘Left-wing’ party president Tim Farron will make a bid for his job if the Coalition with the Tories continues to drag the Lib Dems down. There are also fears that Energy Secretary Chris Huhne is ‘on manoeuvres’ to supplant him." – Mail on Sunday

…as the man himself insists he is notching up achievements for his party

"As a party with 57 MPs, we have inevitably had to make compromises: that's how coalition works. But the compromises of coalition government are infinitely preferable to watching from the sidelines as others deliver on their own policies. This time we are in government, and in a single year have pointed Britain towards a better future and changed politics for good." – Nick Clegg writing in the Independent on Sunday

  • Nick Clegg is ready to use shock and awe to force social change – Matthew D'Ancona in the Sunday Telegraph

Janet Daley: Ed Miliband offers even less than Neil Kinnock

"Here is some striking data. A YouGov poll last week asked respondents whether they thought Mili Minor was up to the job of being Labour leader: 27 per cent said yes and 47 per cent said no. Included in the “no” category were 22 per cent (over a fifth) of those who identified themselves as Labour supporters. This is not good. Indeed, Neil Kinnock – one of British history’s most memorable losers – had a more substantial political presence than Miliband the Younger." – Janet Daley in the Sunday Telegraph

Political news in brief

  • Hague expresses grave concern over Ivory Coast violence – AFP
  • Boris Johnson in row with Oliver Letwin over cheap flights jibe – Sunday Mirror
  • Top prep school to scrap fees and become a free school – Sunday Express
  • Cash-for-laws row may force MEPs out of second jobs – Sunday Times (£)
  • Sarkozy party routed in French local elections – Sunday Times (£)

And finally… Michael Gove once appeared in a film with Christopher Lee

Picture 8 "He is one of the most senior members of the Government, a fixture in David Cameron's inner circle. But before taking to the political stage, Education Secretary Michael Gove hankered after a very different kind of role – as an actor. And he appeared in a movie, alongside screen legends Christopher Lee, Robert Hardy and Edward Fox. Mr Gove featured in the 1995 slapstick comedy A Feast At Midnight, playing the chaplain of a boarding school… Most of Mr Gove's scenes ended up on the cutting-room floor." – Mail on Sunday


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