10pm The PM's Easter message on Gazette: Easter teaches us about "charity, compassion, responsibility, and forgiveness" says David Cameron

5.45pm WATCH: Nick Clegg insists that the best internships shouldn't go to people with the best connections, but to the people with the greatest potential

3.30pm ToryDiary: The Camerons go for The Killing


ToryDiary: 92% of Tory members REJECT more concessions to the Liberal Democrats

Harriett Baldwin MP on Comment: This St George's Day, it is high time we resolved the "English Question"

David T Breaker on Comment: Threats to freedom this St George's Day

Local government: Councils facing elections next month are using reserves

Also on Local government: Who said this… "Most councils have achievved cuts in posts by deleting vacant posts and accepting volunteers for early retirements and redundancy"? Answer here.

A great cause for St George's Day: Cameron backs Help for Heroes' 1H4H campaign

Screen shot 2011-04-23 at 07.43.39The Sun Says: "As Brits enjoy an Easter egg-melting Bank Holiday heat wave, it might be easy to overlook that it's St George's Day today. But what better occasion to give a boost to one of the nation's favourite causes – Help for Heroes. PM David Cameron is donating an hour of his pay to the Forces charity in a new campaign called 1H4H. He joins the England football team who have already donated their international match fees. You don't have to be on skipper John Terry's £890 an hour wages – all donations help. So, spare an hour – and wave a flag for our Patron Saint while you're at it."

Find out about the campaign here.

Cameron/LibDem Clash (1): Cameron appears to undermine Nick Clegg's position on interns

"In an interview published in The Telegraph, the Prime Minister said he would continue helping friends by offering their children internships, saying he was “very relaxed” about the situation. He even disclosed that he had invited a neighbour in for a work placement at his office. The comments undermined his deputy, the Liberal Democrat leader, who recently said internships for the well-connected were one of the major forces preventing social mobility in Britain."

"A source close to Mr Clegg said they were surprised at the comments and pointed out that from next year the coalition had agreed that all civil service internships would be available through an open and transparent process." – BBC

Cameron/LibDem Clash (2): Clegg unhappy at Cameron campaigning against 'broken promises'

"On Monday, Mr Cameron invoked the "broken promises" argument. "The more people see a clear link between the pledges in a manifesto and the action taken in government, the greater the sense of accountability," he said. "And the real, unavoidable truth about AV is that it would damage that chain of accountability because it makes coalitions much, much more likely." Not necessarily, according to independent academics, since AV would normally give the Liberal Democrats only a modest boost. Mr Clegg believes the Cameron speech breached their understanding and was rich, since he agreed to raise tuition fees only because the Tories were so determined to. It seems that one man's broken promise is another man's compromise." – Andrew Grice in The Independent

  • Lib Dem President Tim Farron says a House of Lords elected by proportional representation would have more legitimacy than a House of Commons elected by First-Past-The-Post – Times (£)
  • Daily Mail attacks Clegg's claim that AV will clean up politics: "Is there anything more pathetic than the claim by a desperate Nick Clegg that the devilishly complicated system would have prevented the expenses scandal, by reducing the number of MPs with safe seats? …In reality, many of the most egregious expenses offenders – including Jacqui Smith with her porn films – represented marginal constituencies."

Cameron/LibDem Clash (3): Vote for AV to end Tory dominance says Cable

Cable plot #2

"Vince Cable today calls for a "progressive majority" of Labour and Liberal Democrat voters to join together and say yes to the alternative vote to prevent the next century being like the last one and "dominated by Tory governments"." – Guardian

> Yesterday evening's ToryDiary: "[Cable's rebellions] are now arriving every 72 hours. No senior Tory has attacked Mr Cable for his acts of disloyalty but the tantrums continue. When he fails to get a response this small man escalates his rhetoric, constantly daring Cameron to act against him."

Green businesses and campaigners attack Coalition's environmental recordGuardian

'Overseas aid is not just from Britain — it’s for Britain'The Times (£) interviews Andrew Mitchell

Best quote from the interview: "Does Mr Mitchell feel closer to some Lib Dems than some Tories? “Of course not. Conservatives are family. The Lib Dems are like a new girlfriend.”"

Councils facing tough elections on spending their reserves

"Councils across the country are spending £200m of the £2.6bn they collectively hold in spare cash. But analysis by the FT reveals that councils facing the strongest ballot box pressure on May 5 are planning to spend the spare cash at more than three times the rate of those with no election." – FT (£)

Could Theresa May be the next Tory leader?

MAY-THERESA "The Home Office is tackling the overdue task of police reform (challenging controversial bonus and overtime payments) with determination. On the challenge of reducing immigration, she is taking a hard line and attempting to fight off her Lib Dem colleagues. Rightly, May is pushing for a much tougher (and more traditional Tory) line than David Cameron’s, insisting on real cuts in annual immigration to ‘tens of thousands’. Indeed, there are reminders of a certain steely Margaret Thatcher, a woman who despaired of her weaker male colleagues and eventually decided that the only solution was to take the helm herself." – Iain Martin in the Daily Mail which he also examines David Cameron's Eurosceptic credentials.

Poll suggests even Labour's leader in Scotland may be defeatedScotsman

Brown and the IMF

"A former head of the World Bank has accused David Cameron of being “bitter” after the Prime Minister suggested he would block Gordon Brown from getting a top international job. James Wolfensohn, who led the financial institution for more than a decade, also said there was “no-one better” for the post." – Herald

> Yesterday's LeftWatch: Gordon Brown appointed to World Economic Forum role

Would a nose job really help Ed Miliband's chance of becoming PM? – Bryony Gordon in The Telegraph

BNP faces meltdown at local polls after defections and infightingGuardian

'Now even the church admits faith schools are unfair' – Polly Toynbee in The Guardian leaps on Bishop of Oxford's intervention

"Roman Catholic schools have pledged to defend their right to select pupils on the basis of faith after secularists and teaching unions welcomed moves by the Church of England to limit the practice of selecting on religious grounds." – Times (£)

70% think monarchy has been a good thing for Britain, just 14% disagreeDaily Mail

The Queen said Turkey should be kept out of the EU, according to Joan Smith, the girlfriend of former Europe minister Denis MacShane – Telegraph

Lord Ashcroft on plans for Hyde Park memorial for the heroes of RAF bomber command

RAF Bomber Command air crews deserve their place in history among the bravest of the brave. It is quite wrong that, until now, their sacrifice has not been marked with a memorial… Half of Bomber Command casualties have no known grave. Now an injustice is being corrected and their bravery will be publicly recognised." – The Sun

And finally… The Express has a photograph of David Cameron mixing with tourists on the beach in Cornwall.


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