1pm Top 10 misleading claims show #Yes2AV do not want to talk about the Alternative Vote

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ToryDiary: Clegg rages against Cameron's "lies"

Rupert Myers on Comment: A tale that explodes the myth that AV is a "fairer" voting system


LeftWatch: Not inviting Brown and Blair to the Royal Wedding will be interpreted as an anti-Labour decision by a royal family that should be a source of unity for the whole country.

Local government: New leader for Cambridgeshire

Yesterday evening's Gazette: Easter teaches us about "charity, compassion, responsibility, and forgiveness" says David Cameron

David Cameron is considering plans to create a "multi-faith" House of Lords where Muslim imams could sit alongside Anglican and Catholic bishops

"Mr Clegg wants to abolish the 26 bishops or "Lords Spiritual". They are all drawn from the established Church of England, and Mr Clegg will argue that they are an anomaly in a modern, democratic chamber. The Conservatives hope to counter that by proposing that the Lords Spiritual become multi-faith. That would mean a range of Christian denominations, including Roman Catholics and black Pentecostal leaders, sitting on a bench of "spiritual peers", whose numbers might also include representatives of other religions such as Islam." – The Sunday Telegraph

Cameron to hold Downing Street party for Christian leaders and celebrities

The Sunday Times (£) reports that guests will include… "David Suchet, the actor best known for his television role as Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie’s detective, and Alan Titchmarsh, the broadcaster and gardener, will join the heads of the Anglican and Catholic churches in England and others at the No 10 reception. Aled Jones, the singer and television presenter, and Graham Kendrick, a Christian singer-songwriter, are also expected to attend."

> Last June Paul Goodman wrote: Why David Cameron should throw a party for the churches

Mandelson: A Yes vote could shatter Cameron's leadership

Mandelson Peter 2 "A yes vote would greatly undermine Cameron and spark a rupture in his party. The strains are already starting to show and we need to understand what's going on. Cameron is fighting to retain the long-term advantage of a split between the progressive parties. But at the same time he is fighting to retain the unity of his party and his job. That's why we have seen his more rightwing crowd-pleasing interventions of late. If he lost the referendum, a sin the Tory right would not forgive, it could fatally weaken and shatter his leadership." – Lord Mandelson in The Observer

Peter Hain urges Labour voters to support AV despite their contempt for Clegg – Observer

Peter Hitchens attacks Cameron for rermarks about Labour's 1997 victory

HITCHENS PETER "David Cameron said on Friday that it was a good thing Labour won the 1997 General Election, something that a remotely awake media would have blazoned across the sky in vast headlines, but which they buried instead. His words, spoken in Bedford, were: ‘I think we know in 1997 the country needed change.’
Do we know that? Did it ‘need’ the ‘change’ it got – 13 years of political correctness, stupid wars, tax and spending? I hardly think so. Generally, the Prime Minister pretends at voting time that he didn’t like the Blair-Brown junta. But if it turned out that he’d voted Labour in 1997 and 2001, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised." – Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday

James Forsyth sees the Royal Wedding morning suit affair as a product of Cameron's nervousness about his privileged backgroundMail on Sunday

One year on, the prime minister's boldness remains his strongest suit – Gaby Hinsliff in The Observer

A new survey shows that despite years of propaganda from the Left, Britons retain a deep-seated sense of fairness and individual responsibility – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

Labour may gain 1,300 council seats next month

Miliband Ed Yes 2 "The survey of local by-elections across the country each week puts Labour on 38% — up 12 points compared with the last time the seats up for grabs on May 5 were contested in 2007. The Tories have 35% — down five points in four years. The Lib Dems continue to perform better in elections than in the polls, but their rating of 17% is seven points down on 2007 and is their lowest recorded local election score for more than 20 years. If these figures are reflected in votes cast next month, Labour could gain as many as 1,300 seats, with the Tories down by nearly 1,000. The Lib Dems would lose about 400 seats, but could do even worse if caught in a pincer movement by their two rivals." – The Sunday Times (£)

…but Labour trailing SNP in Scotland – Scotland on Sunday

The National Union of Teachers has voted to ballot its members for a one-day strike in the summerBBC

And finally…

"Gaffe prone Lib Dem rebel Vince Cable has blown £2,800 of taxpayers' money on learning how to avoid putting his foot in it. The Business Secretary has splashed out on a crash course in media training – including tuittion on body language, tone of voice and how to avoid cock-ups." – News of the World (£)


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