10.15pm WATCH:

7.45pm ToryDiary: David Cameron enjoys his audience with the 4.5 million viewers of BBC1's One Show

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7.15pm ToryDiary: The Boris campaign launches

5.45pm ToryDiary: Jan Zahradil beats Timothy Kirkhope for leadership of European Conservatives and Reformists

4.45pm ToryDiary: Christian freedom and gay rights

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3.15pm: Jill Kirby on Comment: A stark choice for universities

2.30pm Stephen Booth on Comment: EU accession to the ECHR should be subject to the EU Bill’s ‘referendum lock’

11.45am Will Tanner on Comment: Some police forces are tackling inefficiency but others are slow to reform

11am Alex Deane on Comment: Is it Romney's turn?

6a00d83451b31c69e20148c74a6f00970cToryDiary: A No vote in the AV referendum would be greeted as a triumph for David Cameron

Matthew Elliott on Comment: Are Yes to AV about to start attacking David Cameron?

Also on Comment, Adam Afriyie MP: IPSA is bringing MPs into disrepute so the Prime Minister must now allow Parliament to act

Local government: West Yorkshire Conservatives attack Council Taxpayer funded union posts

Parliament: William Hague defends "sending a British warship named after a pork sausage to rescue Brits from a Muslim country". Yes, really.

International: Australia's Labor PM breaks her 'read my lips' promise on imposing a carbon tax… and her popularity slumps

Newspapers name Craig Oliver as source of ham-fisted briefing against Prince Andrew

"Downing Street sources — understood to be Craig Oliver, the Prime Minister's new director of communications — briefed the BBC that Prince Andrew's position might become “untenable” if further revelations about his links to the controversial American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein came to light… Just a few hours later, however, Downing Street was in full retreat. The Prime Minister's official spokesman insisted that Mr Cameron had full confidence in the Duke and was “fully supportive” of him remaining in the post." – Independent

"The about-turn cast a shadow over Craig Oliver’s first full week as the Government’s director of communications." – Rosa Prince in The Telegraph

Iain Duncan Smith reveals plan for flat-rate £140 state pension

Screen shot 2011-03-08 at 08.06.39 Women will no longer lose retirement cash if they stop work to raise family – Daily Mail

"Duncan Smith will say the current system rewards bad choices and makes saving not worthwhile. "We have to fundamentally simplify the system. And we have to make it crystal clear to young savers that it pays to save." The reform will help women savers and mean pensioners receive the same regardless of how long they have worked or how much they have earned." – Guardian

Universities in England wanting to charge fees of £9,000 per year could have to spend £900 of that income on access for poorer studentsBBC

"Currently 90% of spending by universities to encourage disadvantaged students is on bursaries or other financial support. [The Office for Fair Access wants] the balance to shift towards more long-term work with schools, helping able pupils to choose suitable GCSEs at the age of 14, advising on options at 16 and later encouraging applications to the best universities." – Times (£)

Taxpayers will help pay to train 1,000 apprentices to insulate homes as part of Chris Huhne's "green deal" energy planBBC

Thousands of charging points for electrical cars are to be installed across Britain over the next two years, the Government will say today – Telegraph

GROWTH Alex Brummer's ten point plan to help businesses

  1. Abolish the Equality Act
  2. Tear up national wage bargaining
  3. Cut corporation tax
  4. Divorce Britain from EU employment law
  5. Abolish 50p tax band
  6. End climate change tax lies
  7. Kill the National Insurance rise
  8. Education reform
  9. REAL bonfire of the quangos
  10. Radically restructure the banks

Essential reading for George Osborne at the Daily Mail.

  • Our best plan for growth is to set our cities free – Edward Glaeser for the FT (£)
  • We need more competition in retail banking – John Redwood
  • They haven't got us over a barrel at all – Dominic Lawson, in The Independent, critiques the idea that instability in the Middle East necessarily means higher oil prices

Screen shot 2011-03-08 at 08.16.11 Daily Express launches petition to axe the 1p fuel duty rise planned for April 1Express

Cuts, cuts, cuts

  • Police chiefs: we will lose 28,000 staff – Guardian
  • Ken Clarke warned over 'catastrophic' community punishment cuts – The Guardian
  • While many in the public sector retire early on gold-plated pensions, private sector employees pick up the bill. This week, the Government will attempt to close the gap – Philip Johnston in The Telegraph

Hague forced to accept blame for 'embarrassing' failed SAS missionIndependent

The muddle at the heart of UK foreign policy – Sir Christopher Meyer in the Daily Mail

> Yesterday's Parliament: Tory MPs divided on No Fly Zone during Hague statement on Libya

The Sun attacks Ken Clarke over £50 fine for poppy burner

The Sun Says: "What kind of deterrent is £50 to other Islamic fascists bent on sowing hate throughout Britain? How much longer must we tolerate their free speech over-ruling the sanctity of the Remembrance Day silence? Choudhury, a man living off the backs of taxpayers, says he has nothing but contempt for British law. It's easy to see why. And as long as feeble liberals like Ken Clarke are in charge of it, there is no hope it will improve."

Liam Fox's "barnstorming" talk to ConservativeHome/ European Azerbaijan Reception

Screen shot 2011-03-08 at 08.35.10

"The ConHome/European Azerbaijan Society drinks reception was the hit of the Tory spring forum. The event is always packed, and last night was no exception. The speaker was Liam Fox, and he effortlessly roused the room, full of well-lubricated Conservatives, with a barnstorming address. However, he barely touched on defence, Libya or the other profound changes taking place across the Arab world. Instead he outlined a passionate explanation of his values and those of Conservatism. It was inspiring, especially his reference to Toryism as "political liberation theology"." – ePolitix

The Guardian, which endorsed the Liberal Democrats last May, calls on Nick Clegg to use his influence to stop NHS reorganisation and erosion of the Human Rights ActGuardian leader

David Miliband: How the European Left can win again

Miliband D Newsnight "When left-of-centre parties fight elections as private sector reformers, in the name of efficiency and not just fairness, they can win. When they make government an ally in wealth creation and a defence against the abuse of private power, they turn the Right’s antipathy to government on its head. It means reclaiming the language and substance of community. When we fight elections as public sector innovators as well as private sector reformers, we live out our origins as people wary of state power as well as market power. We shouldn’t be afraid of the Big Society; we should claim it for our own and show how we can build it better." – David Miliband in The Times (£)

MPs' expenses watchdog spent £300,000 on office fit-outIndependent

UK beaten by Germany in European Union popularity pollMetro