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4.30pm WATCH: George Osborne says markets would panic if he took Labour's advice on spending


3pm ToryDiary: David Cameron promises to take on "enemies of enterprise" in speech to the Cardiff Spring Forum

1.15pm Andrew Lilico on Comment: Five reasons why HSBC may leave London

12.45pm ToryDiary: The great idea of "the nation of the second chance"

10.45am ToryDiary: William Hague says the international community must "prepare for all eventualities in Libya" as he updates Spring Forum on the Government's record to date in foreign affairs

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ToryDiary: Cameron's battle plan

Duncan Crossey on Comment: The Big Society at Home and Away – the self-definition of Cameronism?

Local Government:

WATCH: Tourism minister John Penrose explains how tourism is one of the  major planks of the Government's growth strategy

David Cameron to use Spring Forum speech to declare war on the "enemies of enterprise"

David Cameron 2011 "Prime Minister David Cameron will declare war on the "enemies of enterprise" in a speech to the Conservative spring conference. In what aides are describing as a "new chapter in the economic story of this government," the PM will set out his strategy for kick-starting growth. He will say it is down to the ingenuity and "spark" of entrepreneurs… He is expected to say: "There's only one strategy for growth we can have now and that is rolling up our sleeves and doing everything possible to make it easier for businesses to grow, to invest, to take people on. Back small firms. Boost enterprise. Be on the side of everyone in this country who wants to create jobs, and wealth and opportunity." – BBC

"He will blame Labour for suppressing enterprise since 1997 and stress the importance of releasing the "hunger to get on in life" and "spark of initiative". "For over a decade in this country the enemies of enterprise have had their way. Taxing. Regulating. Smothering. Crushing. Getting in the way," Mr Cameron is expected to say." – Independent on Sunday

  • Matthew D'Ancona: David Cameron's speech to the Conservative Spring Conference promises to be a declaration of 'gut belief' – Sunday Telegraph

George Osborne hints at cut in fuel duty

George Osborne 2011 headshot "The Chancellor said in a speech to the Conservative spring conference in Cardiff that he had ‘heard’ protests from motorists being ‘squeezed’ by rising costs at the pump. Mr Osborne signalled he was ready to ease the pressure by dropping the increase in his Budget later this month. He told delegates: ‘I know how hard the rises in world oil prices are hurting families in Britain… When it costs £1.30 for a litre of petrol, £80 to fill up a family car, I know people feel squeezed. And I say this to people watching: I hear you’." – Mail on Sunday

"The issue of fuel prices took on an increasingly political dimension this weekend, with warnings about public disquiet and a senior Liberal Democrat telling Mr Osborne that it was a matter of "social justice". Tim Farron, the Lib Dem party president, said soaring fuel costs were forcing people on low incomes to consider giving up work to avoid travelcosts. "This is not just an issue for white van man or Jeremy Clarkson fans. It is an issue of social inclusion and social justice," he said." – Independent on Sunday

  • Osborne announces creation of enterprise zones to attract businesses and create jobs – Sky News
  • Fraser Nelson: Osborne's bggest problem is now inflation – News of the World (£)

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> WATCH: George Osborne hints at cut in fuel tax as he promises he is listening to families' concerns

Warsi steps up the fight against AV

Baroness Warsi 2010 "Yesterday Baroness Warsi, the party chairman, attempted to rally the Conservative troops by launching a scathing attack on AV. Stepping up the party's "no" campaign in the lead-up to the May referendum on voting reform, she said: "We must win this referendum. But it is not going to be an easy fight." Mr Osborne also stepped up the rhetoric on voting reform. He said: "Let us go out there and make the case against the alternative vote. It is unfair on voters. It means politicians are unaccountable and the party leader who gets the most votes can end up losing." – Sunday Telegraph

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Baroness Warsi tells Tory activists that defeating AV is their most important task on May 5th

Pickles accuses Labour councils of "bleeding stump" strategy

"Eric Pickles has stepped up his war of words with Labour councils accusing them of a "bleeding stump" strategy. The communities secretary is angry about councils publicising spending cuts and blaming them on ministers. He says they should be cutting back office services and executive pay instead." – BBC

Lansley set to use No Smoking Day to announce tobacco display ban

Cigarette display "The coalition will announce restrictive regulatory changes to the £13.4bn British tobacco industry on National No Smoking Day on Wednesday, which shopkeepers believe could force closures… Mr Lansley is expected to confirm plans to stop businesses displaying tobacco in a move that critics believe will backfire and glamourise the industry for youngsters, as cigarettes will be seen as more illicit." – Independent on Sunday

  • Lansley answers questions on treatment of elderly – Sunday Mirror

Universities warns Theresa May over visa restrictions

"An alliance of vice chancellors from 16 universities is urging Home Secretary Theresa May to abandon proposals to reduce immigration by restricting visas issued to foreign students and raising language requirements. Foreign students are a source of much-needed income for universities, and are charged up to eight times more than British undergraduates." – Sunday Telegraph

Backbench dissent could hurt Cameron's coalition

"Many Conservative MPs say they feel marginalised by the coalition. They argue that David Cameron, with so many Lib Dem MPs' votes in his pocket, feels he doesn’t have to consult them. David Cameron's been trying to address that with what's been called a "Twiglets and Chardonnay charm offensive". But it's not got the job done." – Channel Four News

Ministers spend £12,000 explaining David Cameron's Big Society to civil servants

"Thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ cash have been spent by ministers to explain David ­Cameron’s Big Society to civil servants. The revelation confirms fears that even top civil servants do not understand the PM’s idea for encouraging volunteering and giving local communities more power. Documents obtained by the Sunday Mirror show three Whitehall departments hired an organisation to “translate” the Big Society to officials. They ­attended brainstorming sessions and team-building exercises in a “collaboration ­laboratory” run by Common Purpose." – Sunday Mirror

Farage claims UKIP 'will replace Liberal Democrats' as third party

Nigel Farage 2010 square "The leader of the UK Independence Party, Nigel Farage, says his party's aim is to replace the Liberal Democrats as the third force in British politics. He was speaking at UKIP's spring conference in Scarborough, buoyed up by the party's strong showing in the Barnsley Central by-election this week." – BBC

'Stress the positives', Clegg tells Lib Dems

"Nick Clegg sought to deflect attention away from government cuts and his support for university tuition fees yesterday, using a pre-election speech to urge Scottish delegates to sell the positives of the party's controversial 10-month period in office. Admitting the work of the coalition government was "difficult", the Deputy Prime Minister told Scottish party supporters they needed to hammer home the message that Lib Dems were acting to raise pensions, cut tax thresholds and clean up politics across the UK." – Scotland on Sunday

  • Scottish Lib Dems call for heroin to be made free on the NHS – Sunday Express

James Forsyth: Clegg knows the anger will never die – even in his own backyard

"In February last year – when the Liberal Democrats chose to have this year’s conference in Sheffield – it must have seemed the perfect venue. Their leader was a Sheffield MP and the party controlled the city council. A year on, as their gallows humour acknowledges, it is very different. The Liberal Democrats are set to lose the council to Labour and Clegg is now reviled in large parts of the city because of his U-turn on tuition fees and the Coalition’s cancellation of a loan to Sheffield Forgemasters, an iconic local company." – James Forsyth in the Mail on Sunday

Douglas Hogg denied a life peerage

Picture 16 "A senior Tory whose claim for cleaning his country house moat symbolised the worst excesses of the Commons expenses scandal has been blocked from a peerage. The House of Lords appointments commission rejected the prime minister’s nomination of Douglas Hogg, 66, a former agriculture minister, as a life peer in his latest honours list. The decision raises questions about David Cameron’s judgment in nominating Hogg, a fellow Old Etonian. Hogg’s claim for about £2,000 to clean the moat at his Lincolnshire manor was seized on by opponents as proof that the Tories remained the party of privilege." – Sunday Times (£)

MP news in brief

  • Claire Perry's "obscene rant" at Bercow after not being allowed to speak in debate – Mail on Sunday
  • Robert Halfon calls on the LSE's entire governing council to resign -  Independent on Sunday
  • Zac Goldsmith's £60,000 in EU farming payouts – Mail on Sunday
  • Michael Gove's wife says he should go back to driving school – Sunday Mirror

Janet Daley: Do you feel the Government is on your side?

DALEY JANEY BLOG "It’s all very confusing. On the one hand, Mr Cameron and his team are adamant that they will encourage financial rectitude, devotion to family and personal aspiration. On the other, they seem anxious to prove that they are not the protectors of the ambitious, self-motivating middle classes who make up their party’s traditional core following. That ambivalence may well be the undoing of the present generation of Conservatives." – Janet Daley in the Sunday Telegraph

Balls and Cooper referred to parliamentary watchdog over family travel claims

"Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper have been referred to the parliamentary standards watchdog over their claims of more than £14,000 in travel for their children to and from their constituencies… Andrew Bridgen, the Tory MP for North West Leicestershire, has written to the standards commissioner complaining: “I believe that how Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper have acted in claiming more than a normal family would claim for is in contravention of the spirit of the rules as set out in the latest edition of the Green Book.” – Sunday Times (£)

Labour MP Tristram Hunt calls for London's museums to reintroduce entry fees

"Britain's leading museums and art galleries should start charging entrance fees, according to the historian and Labour MP Tristram Hunt. In a strongly worded article in today's Observer, Hunt, the MP for Stoke-on-Trent Central, claims the move would establish a "truly equitable cultural policy" at a time when regional museums and galleries are being forced to introduce charging due to budget cuts but London ones are not." – The Observer

Ireland's main parties form new coalition government Reuters

And finally… MEPs can put Viagra pills on expenses

Picture 17 "MEPs and their families can have “cosmetic” treatments — including breast reductions, slimming products and facial hair removal — paid for by the taxpayer in a medical expenses regime described by critics as “ripe for abuse”. This year’s £2.9m budget for Euro MPs’ medical expenses covers anti-ageing treatments and alternative therapies including lymphatic drainage, a delicate massage that helps the body eliminate toxins. The scheme also allows breaks at health spas. The taxpayer funds at least two thirds of the cost of all treatments, and many are 100% covered." – Sunday Times (£)