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ToryDiary: The 40 v the '22?

David Roache on Comment: Hutton has missed an important trick – The public sector should switch to Defined Contribution pension schemes

Nigel Streeter on Comment: We must let the real police managers manage

Local government: Parents starting free schools should be able to send their own children to them

Clegg to tell Liberal Democrats that he will govern "from the middle, for the middle"

Clegg DPM "[Clegg] will resist calls from some Lib Dems to attack the Tories more often to emphasise the party's identity. Instead, he will focus on trumpeting the party's achievements and say it is "from the middle, for the middle". Mr Clegg will tell delegates in Sheffield: "We're on the side of the people I call Alarm Clock Britain. The side of everyone who wants to get up and get on. People who, unlike the wealthy, have no choice but to work hard to make ends meet."" – BBC

In an interview for the Independent on Sunday, Paddy Ashdown backs Nick Clegg's strategy: ""Being a party in government requires a completely different approach but I am astonished at the maturity that, by and large, the party has taken to that. There are some who still want to live in the cloud cuckoo, never-neverland of opposition. I have always said there is no point being a Liberal if you are not prepared to take the risks to put into practice in government and influence the lives of the people of your country, according to your principles. You take risks and make compromises for that.""

Clegg faces rebellion on NHS

  • Nick Clegg was forced to accept a motion put down by Liberal Democrat MPs at his party’s spring conference condemning the reforms of Andrew Lansley, the Conservative Health Secretary – The Sunday Telegraph
  • Listen to your party, Nick, on the NHS or the voters will punish you – Richard Grayson for The Observer
  • Toby Helm meets Shirley Williams, the leader of the NHS revolt in Lib Dem ranks – Observer

Osborne plans some Budget relief for motorists and first time homebuyers

OSBORNE LOOKING UP "George Osborne is planning a number of sweeteners in next week's Budget to try to overcome cuts gloom and reverse the coalition's opinion-poll woes ahead of May's local elections. The Chancellor is committed to using an unexpected surplus in the Treasury coffers to alleviating financial pressure on motorists, while also promising help for pensioners and the low-paid. Extra measures to target the banks and non-doms and raise the stamp duty threshold for first-time buyers are also being considered ahead of the Budget on 23 March." – Independent on Sunday

Mr Osborne's hand of trumps – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

Labour claim tax changes will amount to a 5p-in-£1 hit for people on £44,000 – Sunday Express

Up to £20billion of taxpayers' cash will be saved by scrapping hundreds of quangos – FOUR TIMES the first estimate

MAUDE-FRANCIS-ON-QT "Official figures out this week will reveal that £3billion will be salvaged in fat cat salaries alone. The huge savings expose the massive waste inside hundreds of publicly-funded agencies. Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude will publish the stats this week as he reports on progress of plans to axe 192 of 901 bodies. The sums will discredit an MPs' report which branded the bonfire of quangos a "botched operation"." – News of the World (£)

Cameron has ordered ministers to use wellbeing as a yardstick before deciding on policies

"David Cameron is to make ministers use the happiness of voters as a yardstick before deciding on new policies. All government policies, programmes and projects will be tested for their effect on people’s wellbeing in a move to make individual happiness a key indicator of their success." – The Sunday Times (£)

Matthew d'Ancona: Britain cannot afford Gaddafi to stay in power

D'ANCONA MATT "Britain can ill afford the Gaddafi of March 2011 – embattled, incensed, bent on revenge – to remain in power. Nor can America. Osama bin Laden once said that "when people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse". To an extent that has not yet been fully grasped, the whole world is watching, yet again, to see whether the West is weak or strong. Cameron, to his credit, has overcome his temperamental caution and decided the path he wants to take. So what's it going to be, Mr President? To borrow one of Obama's favourite slogans: the moment is now." – Matthew d'Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph

  • "If Gaddafi prevails, his fellow dictators will have a template for what they should do when faced with revolt: kill the opposition without mercy in the confidence that the preachers of democracy in the west will do nothing more than wring their pathetic hands." – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer
  • The lives of Libyan rebels now depend on whether Obama has the spine – Fraser Nelson in the News of the World (£)
  • EU leaders fail to support Cameron-Sarkozy calls for no flyzone for Libya – Con Coughlin in The Sunday Telegraph

William Hague on why critics who call him 'lacklustre’ couldn’t be more wrongThe Sunday Telegraph

The PM should stay aloof from hawking weapons round the Middle East – Martin Ivens in The Sunday Times (£)

Daley-Janet-black-backgroun Embracing the language of the Left won the Conservatives power, but has left them unable to make the case for lower taxation – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

For every new 'green' job, nearly four are lost – Christopher Booker in The Sunday Telegraph

Greenpeace attacks government's plan to cut carbon emissions – Observer

Labour 11% ahead in Sunday Times poll YouGov

> Yesterday evening's ToryDiary: On the actual AV ballot paper question, the No campaign gains a poll lead for the first time

Coalition considers five year terms for HolyroodSunday Herald

Alex Salmond used his final party speech before May's Holyrood vote to claim he would prevent any compulsory redundancies across the entire Scottish public sector if re-elected – Scotland on Sunday

Aaron Porter, the outgoing president of the National Union of Students, who spearheaded protests against tuition fees rising to £9,000, is preparing to launch a bid to become Labour MP for Leicester SouthIndependent on Sunday

And finally… Meryl Streep adopts Maggie's green tea habit

"ON being told that Margaret Thatcher used to drink green tea in the afternoons to boost her energy, Meryl Streep decreed that she too would have a daily cuppa on the set of the film The Iron Lady which she is making about the former prime minister. It didn’t take long before the American star really warmed to the drink and, because the rest of the crew seem to really like working with her, she was soon deluged with gift boxes of green tea." – Sunday Express