9.30pm ToryDiary: Boris was right to link Labour with Saturday's disorder

Screen shot 2011-03-28 at 20.54.349pm WATCH:

7.30pm Graeme Archer on Comment: "Every housing benefit payment that's higher than the mortgage of the people who fund it: the working-class pays for them. Every skilled job whose wage is suppressed by the immigration deliberately engineered by Labour: the working-class pays for them. Every school with more first languages than you can shake a stick at: the working-class pays for them. Every fat-cat council chief executive, every knighthood for services to banking awarded to any spiv who caught Mandelson's eye, every penny on every trillion of the debt interest: the working-class pays for them. Most of Blair's wars too: the working-class certainly pays for them."

5.15pm Nadhim Zahawi MP on Comment: StartUpBritain will help a new generation of entrepreneurs

3.15pm ToryDiary: Could UKIP become Britain's protest party?

2.15pm WATCH: Zac Goldsmith explains why he's backing the People's Pledge campaign for an In/Out referendum on EU membership

Pickles2pm, On Local government, Eric Pickles submits his fortnightly essay: Localism and growth go hand in hand

1.45pm Local government: Local Elections 2011: The battle for Leicester

12.45pm John Baron MP on Comment: It's quite clear that Cameron and Sarkozy have intervened in Libya to secure regime change but are not willing to admit it

11.45am Arty McBain on Comment: You shouldn't believe that 250,000 were involved in Saturday's protests

10.45am ToryDiary: Stop the briefing!

ToryDiary: The Government's Libyan policy dare not speak its name


Neil Stephenson on Comment: If the Conservative Party is serious about northern England it will build High Speed Rail

Also on Comment, Robert Halfon MP: Saturday's riots were an assault on the very working people those involved claim to represent


LeftWatch: Labour is "in serious danger of losing economic credibility" warns Tom Bradby, ITN's Political Editor

Seats and candidates: Jane Hunt selected as Conservative candidate for Leicester South by-election and Jackie Whiteley announced as Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Rotherham

Local government: Mayor's scheme to coach young unemployed into jobs

Yesterday evening's International: Anxiety over nuclear power contributes to defeat for Angela Merkel in state held by CDU for sixty years

Nick Clegg confirms move away from taxing income, towards taxing wealth

Last night ConservativeHome reported Vince Cable's remarks that levies on high value properties should replace high rates of income tax…

…Mr Cable wasn't freelancing. Mr Clegg has confirmed the plan in an interview with today's FT (£): “A liberal tax system rewards work and enterprise and captures pollution and unearned wealth… It could be a range of things: the way the council tax system is structured; the way stamp duty is structured.”

David Cameron launches 'Start Up Britain' – a resources for "start-ups, go-getters and risk-takers"

Screen shot 2011-03-28 at 06.16.40 "Entrepreneurs who want to set up their own businesses will today be offered £1,500 worth of support to help kick-start the economic recovery. David Cameron will announce that 60 leading firms have agreed to provide free office space, business mentors, marketing, advertising, phone lines and internet services." – Daily Mail | BBC

New "Start Up" Britain website.

  • 39 of the country's leading venture capitalists write to The Telegraph, declaring that UK is a "world class place to launch new businesses"
  • BUT entrepreneur James Dyson questions limits on student visas – Telegraph

Liam Fox brushes off cabinet rift reports

"Defence Secretary Liam Fox has brushed off reports he has been "frozen out" of top-level Libya strategy talks. He dismissed the reports as "media tittle tattle" and told the BBC he had been working closely with the PM." – BBC

> Video of Liam Fox on Andrew Marr: NATO – including Turkey – will assume responsibility for military operations in Libya

Andrew Bridgen MP calls for investigation of  £909,517 donation made by the Electoral Reform Society to the “Yes to Fairer Votes” campaign

Mr Bridgen is quoted in The Telegraph: "Should the people of Britain vote for the AV system, the Electoral Reform Society stand to benefit from a potential bonanza in lucrative contracts to supply the running of the new system including through providing the new costly counting machines.”

Chris Huhne accuses No2AV campaign and Sayeeda Warsi of "gutter politics"

Huhne Chris Politics Show "[Huhne] targeted his anger at his Tory Cabinet colleague, Baroness Warsi, in a bluntly worded letter that exposed the growing strains between the Coalition partners on the issue. Mr Huhne challenged her, as the Tory chairman and a patron of the "no" campaign, to pull the plug on its "scaremongering and misleading" publicity. He attacked the £250m claim, which has been backed by the message that the money could be used to treat sick babies or buy body armour for soldiers, as the "politics of the gutter"." – Independent

"The 'No' campaign so far been frankly pathetic and there is a grave danger AV could be passed on a very low turnout" – Mail leader

> On ConHome yesterday, Matthew Elliott previews the next phase of the No2AV campaign: One Person, One Vote

Paddy Ashdown calls for greater DFID focus on emergency relief planningBBC

Boris Johnson writes an alternative speech that Ed Miliband could have given to Saturday's marchers

""Friends," he would have said, "I want you to know that I am generally opposed to cutting too far and too fast, and that is why Ed Balls and I think we could perhaps get away with significantly smaller cuts than those envisaged by the Government!" And the crowd roars its approval. "No cuts! No cuts!" they chant. At this, the honest version of Ed Miliband raises his hand in caution. "I didn't say no cuts, friends. We think we could maintain market confidence and go ahead with only 80 per cent of the cuts. Think of that. We – the party of Nelson Mandela, the suffragettes and the Tolpuddle martyrs – we would only institute four fifths of the evil Tory cuts!" – Read the Mayor of London's full piece in The Telegraph

Iain Martin: Was this Ed Miliband's baseball cap moment?

TUC graffiti

^ Images from after the protests | Video

"William Hague, a considerable figure, never recovered as Tory leader after being pictured wearing a baseball cap as he careered down a water-chute. The images suggested, wrongly, that Hague was not worth taking seriously. Miliband wasn’t wearing a baseball cap on Saturday, but the imagery was still dreadful for the Labour leader. As he addressed the crowd, the television news channels split their screens, showing  Miliband on one side and the scenes of wanton vandalism and thuggish destruction in the West End on the other." – Iain Martin in the Daily Mail (scroll down link)

We're regressing into a disorderly age and the police aren't doing enough to halt the slide – Melanie Phillips in the Daily Mail | Mark Steyn for National Review

Tory MP Harriett Baldwin attacks Miliband's suffragettes comparison

Harriett Baldwin, Tory MP for West Worcestershire, said: "Instead of apologising for maxing out the country’s credit card or spelling out where Labour’s cuts would fall, Ed Miliband compared himself to some of the giants of history. His self-important comments are an insult to those who risked and gave their lives in the fight for equality." – Daily Mail

Miliband women

> Yesterday's LeftWatch: Gallery celebrating Ed Miliband's "I, Too, Am A Giant of History" speech

> Yesterday's Local government: Labour's links to UK uncut protest movement

Allister Heath puts George Osborne's cuts in historical context, concluding they are modest for individual years but significant over four yearsCity AM

MPs condemn Arts Council waste and demand further cutsIndependent

38,000 university places could be axed because Treasury hadn't budgeted for so many universities to charge £9,000 feesTimes (£)

Because of Cameron's Etonian background he must send his children to state school – Mary Ann Sieghart in The Independent

Scottish Lib Dems in crisis after MSP quits, vowing never to vote for the party againScotsman

Scottish Tories also lose candidate, heightening likelihood of bad Holyrood results for the blues and yellows – Herald