7.30pm WATCH:

3.45pm ConHomeUSA: President Ronald Reagan in his own (powerful) words

3.15pm WATCH: Hague: Precise day of Mubarak's departure less important than electoral process that must now happen

HERBERT CLOSE UP3pm ToryDiary: Nick Herbert rebuts Labour opportunism on police numbers

12.30pm Local government: Labour councillor smears free school as "segregationist"

ToryDiary: Cameron pours cold water on any idea of early tax cuts

Haras Rafiq on Comment: At long last we have a Prime Minister who rightly makes the distinction between Islam and Islamism

Also on Comment, Josh Mead: President Reagan's legacy is as important as ever today – which would have been his 100th birthday

On Local government:

Iain Duncan Smith to pump £30 million into relationship education

DUNCAN SMITH DECEMBER 07 "Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith will this week promise to pump money into keeping couples together, and encouraging them to tie the knot. The pledge to spend £30million on "relationship support" will be accompanied by a major overhaul of the benefits system. Mr Duncan Smith has studied Norway, where divorce rates have been falling for the past 15 years after its government launched a state-sponsored "relationship education programme". He will point to new research that shows the cost of family breakdowns to the taxpayer is now a staggering £24 billion a year." – News of the World (£)

Labour accuses Cameron of lining up with extremists on multiculturalism Independent on Sunday | Yesterday's LeftWatch

Screen shot 2011-02-06 at 08.10.38 But, in The Observer, Nick Cohen praises him: "David Cameron seems to be prepared to stand up for elementary principles. He was almost pitch-perfect in his speech in Germany as he rejected with the required scorn the right's argument that a clash of civilisations made Muslims and democracy incompatible and the double-standard of the multi-culturalists, who hold that one can oppose fascistic doctrines when they are held by white-skinned demagogues but not when they are propagated by brown-skinned reactionaries."

Other reactions:

  • "Unless Britain rediscovers its pride in its values this wretched multiculturalism will never die." – Mihir Bose in the Mail on Sunday
  • "Mr Cameron talks about “standing for a broader and more generous version of citizenship”. These are fine words, but he does not say how it will be achieved." – The Sunday Times leader (£)
  • "One of the deep causes of discontent in this country is that, by dissolving our identity, we have left migrants and their British-born children with nothing to believe in, no nation to join or be proud of.
    Mr Cameron appears to be at least half- way to recognising this. But his prescription of ‘muscular liberalism’, with its obeisance to continental concepts of ‘equal rights’ still seems dispiritingly Blairite and not very British. This is a good beginning, but it needs to be bolder to succeed." – Mail on Sunday leader

> Paul Goodman yesterday: David Cameron sends a message to Westminster and Whitehall: treat extremists like racists. Now he must make it happen | Video

Cameron: Fuel bills will drop by £1,000 by 2020

"Household fuel and energy bills will fall an average of almost £1,000 a year by 2020, David Cameron has pledged. The Prime Minister made the announcement in Brussels on Friday night after EU leaders agreed to deliver £180billion worth of energy savings within a decade… As part of the process, more nuclear power stations will be built as well as a giant “supergrid” in the North Sea, delivering electricity to homes in northern Europe. Mr Cameron said creating a single, fully-functioning, integrated and interconnected European energy market was “something Britain strongly supports”." – Sunday Express

Police to lose '10,000 officers by 2012' according to Labour researchBBC

Davis David blueb David Davis predicts that an overwhelming majority of MPs will reject votes-for-prisoners in Commons debateSunday Telegraph

  • "The convicted killer leading the campaign to give prisoners the vote has launched a foul-mouthed, racist attack on an ethnic minority MP opposing his cause. John Hirst, who served 25 years in jail for killing his 69-year-old landlady with an axe, unleashed a stream of vitriol against Tory MP Priti Patel, branding her a ‘Paki’, a ‘foreign import’ and even insulting her looks." – Mail on Sunday
  • Britain should opt out of the European Court of Human Rights' jurisdiction – Alasdair Palmer in The Sunday Telegraph

Is the NHS safe in the Tories' hands? – Tim Montgomerie in The Sunday Telegraph

  • The NHS is ripe for reform – Ian Birrell in The Observer but David Miliband opposes the Coalition's reforms
  • In the News of the World (£) Fraser Nelson warns against reforms that aren't thought through: "Cam knows the problem is announcing policies that are not thought through. Then being hopelessly unable to defend them. I'm reliably informed he's furious with Health Secretary Andrew Lansley's cack-handed handling of NHS reform. But Cam says: Press on ahead. Britain needs boldness. He's right, but what it needs more is properly-organised boldness."

Mark Harper pelted by eggs by forest protestors The Sunday Telegraph

The opponents of forestry privatisation know nothing about British history – Charles Glover in The Sunday Times (£)

William Hague pays tribute to Ronald Reagan on his 100th birthdayThe Sunday Telegraph

Coalition in brief:

  • George Osborne considers new levy on 120,000 non-doms – The Sunday Times (£)
  • Liam Fox goes to court to ban MPs seeing 'torture' files on terror suspects – Mail on Sunday
  • Airlines warn Tories not to sell stake in air traffic control – Observer
  • Vince Cable launches Apprenticeships Week in a short piece for the News of the World (£)

32% over 26% prefer Coalition over Labour to run Britain but 75% over 9% prefer individual party candidates to coalition candidatesNews of the World (£)

Screen shot 2011-02-06 at 08.20.03
  • YouGov/Sunday Times results 4th-6th Feb Con 36%, Lab 42%, LD 10%; Net approval -24%

Martin Ivens: The Coalition has a good story to sell (if it would sell it)

"Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms are designed to fix the broken society, as the voters understand it, by making work pay. They are instrinsically popular. Immigration is being cut. Michael Gove is wrestling with a failing education establishment to provide better schools. His pupil premium puts teaching resources behind poor children. If the Tories need a good news narrative, here it is. Yet this is not the one they promote." – Martin Ivens in The Sunday Times (£)

Labour MPs mocked my disability in the Commons, says Tory MP, Paul Maynard, with cerebral palsyMail on Sunday

Labour building database of sad cuts stories – James Forsyth in the Mail on Sunday

Nick Clegg targeted as anti-AV campaign links him to broken promises


"Campaigners against electoral reform are to distribute six million leaflets taunting Nick Clegg for describing the proposed alternative vote (AV) system as a "miserable little compromise" before the last general election… The leaflet campaign is part of a push by the cross-party "no" camp to associate AV in the public mind with the Liberal Democrat leader and his party, whose popularity has plummeted since the pre-election upsurge of "Cleggmania"." – Observer

In the Independent on Sunday John Rentoul expects Cameron wants AV: "The Prime Minister knows that it might cost the Conservatives a few seats at the expense of the Lib Dems, but I suspect that this is outweighed by the political advantage not just of strengthening the junior party in the coalition, but of strengthening its support for the coalition. AV might also have the advantage of an insurance policy, in that it allows parties to advise their supporters how to allocate their preferences, so the Tories and Lib Dems would have no need of a formal pact to encourage their voters to support each other."

> Thursday's ToryDiary: AV can be defeated if voters go into the polling booth thinking of Nick Clegg, broken promises and tuition fees

 The Sunday Telegraph at 50

Screen shot 2011-02-06 at 07.36.34

"The Sunday Telegraph is a conservative newspaper, but we have never given the Conservative Party our uncritical support: when we think it has erred, we have been unstinting in our criticism. A current example is the plan to sell off England's forests, which we were the first to reveal. In common with many of our readers, we think it a policy whose effects have not been adequately thought through. Yet we share basic conservative values with the party of that name: we believe that individual and communal freedom is the source of our nation's prosperity, vitality and happiness, and that this can too often be vitiated by an interfering state; we have an instinctive distrust of change for its own sake; we think that good manners and respect for other people's convictions and traditions are an important element in any civilised community. We believe in high standards: some ways of doing things are better than others, and the better ways should be cherished and encouraged rather than denigrated as "elitist". Cynicism is often the default setting for commentary on the state of the nation: it is not ours. We believe that there is a great deal about British society that is worth preserving." – Sunday Telegraph leader

And finally… Cameron tells Sunday Telegraph that Mrs Thatcher, Bob Dylan and Sky+ are among his favourite things of last 50 years.

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