9pm Parliament: John Bercow rebukes Michael Gove for accusing Andy Burnham of "rank hypocrisy"

4pm Parliament: Cameron tells Commons that Brown and David Miliband did not provide full picture about their desire to see Lockerbie bomber released

3.45pm Parvez Akhtar on Comment: Lord Tebbit's "cricket test" is more significant now than ever before – and I write as one who used to fail it

THATCHER 19792.45pm ToryDiary: The lady wasn't for turning because she didn't try to do too much

2.15pm Local government:

11.45am Ben Rogers applauds the Prime Minister's speech on multiculturalism: "In contrast with a previous Conservative prime minister's famous words after a Munich conference seventy two years ago, Cameron has shown that if we really want peace in our time, we have to be prepared to fight for our values."

10.45am LISTEN: "One of the most talented journalists in television news"; Radio 4 profiles Cameron's new Communications Director


ToryDiary: Conservatives must fight for the moral high ground


John Hayes MP on Comment: This Government will create more apprenticeships than modern Britain has ever seen


ThinkTankCentral: Policy Exchange proposes exit plan from European Court of Human Rights


ThinkTankCentral: IoD proposes pro-growth measures that won't cost George Osborne a penny

Boff 245x170 Local government:

90% of MPs set to defy ECHR ruling that rapists and killers be allowed to voteExpress poll of MPs

Theresa May will replace ASBOs with ‘criminal behaviour orders’

Screen shot 2011-02-07 at 06.31.02 "Under the ambitious initiative, troublemakers will face the same asset seizure powers as major criminals. They would be likely to lose personal items such as stereo systems and electronic gadgets. Previous ideas to target young tearaways with financial penalties – such as Tony Blair’s much-derided plan to march violent drunks to the nearest cashpoint – have been attacked as ‘gimmicks’." – Daily Mail

"Home Secretary Theresa May now seems to be having her own Tony Blair moment, in suggesting that louts could soon have their iPods, stereos and other gadgets seized if they consistently refuse to behave. It is doubtless well-intentioned but it has all the hallmarks of a gimmick which would have, at best, a marginal effect." – Daily Mail leader

Cameron 'livid' after multiculturalism speech comes under fireIndependent

"A senior ally of Ed Miliband who branded David Cameron a far-Right ‘propagandist’ for criticising multiculturalism was left isolated by Labour colleagues yesterday… Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander said: ‘It is for Sadiq to explain the context in which he made those remarks.’" – Daily Mail

"Equality chief Sir Trevor Phillips backed David Cameron yesterday over his tough stance on extremism. He said the PM was right to declare that it was not for the Government to tell people to embrace multiculturalism." – The Sun

> Yesterday, Haras Rafiq on Comment: At long last we have a Prime Minister who rightly makes the distinction between Islam and Islamism

The Big Society in crisis?

Screen shot 2011-02-07 at 05.58.14 "The government is "destroying" the UK's volunteer army and undermining its vision of the "big society" with its huge cuts programme, the outgoing head of Community Service Volunteers says." – BBC | Express

Writing for the FT (£), Daniel Kruger says promising initiatives have been taken but Cameron needs to give it more time: "Two potentially radical bills on localism and the public sector have been introduced, as has an important white paper on giving to charities. The £400m Big Society Bank will soon pour money into local social enterprises. Charities and community groups will be licensed to provide public services and paid for their results. Later this year a national citizen service for school-leavers will launch, “free schools” will open and new mutuals run by doctors and nurses will spin out of the NHS."

15,000 council workers earning more than £58,000 a year are to be named under government plans to force local authorities to cut middle management waste – Telegraph

Max Hastings: Although forestry privatisation has been misrepresented, Cameron should u-turn

Woods_by_butiamnokiller "Ministers have bungled the politics, probably irretrievably. They have so many more important fights on their hands that they are crazy to expend precious political capital for a negligible economic gain, and perhaps none at all. If David Cameron is smart, he will get out of the woods quickly, before he meets something much more dangerous than any wolf or bear: Middle England at its most impassioned and sentimental." – Max Hastings in the Daily Mail

Ministers keep changing their stories on forest privatisation – Geoffrey Lean in The Telegraph

> David T Breaker on Comment: Liberate the forests

David Cameron isn't gripping Whitehall machine – James Kirkup in The Telegraph

The average competence of civil servants is in decline – Allister Heath for City AM

Give us hope, not taxes, Mr CameronExpress leader

"Achieving the £10,000 personal allowance is the coalition’s tax priority. It is right that it should take precedence over other desirable reforms, such as getting rid of the 50 per cent rate of income tax." – David Laws in The Times (£)

Britain's crazy industrial tribunal system – Boris Johnson in The Telegraph

John Bercow has failed to act against Labour MPs' heckling of Paul Maynard

Maynard Paul "The Speaker is under pressure to lecture MPs about their behaviour after a new Tory member with cerebral palsy was openly mocked in the Commons. John Bercow issued a written statement yesterday warning MPs that such abuse was unacceptable after Paul Maynard told The Times that colleagues had tried to put him off a speech by making fun of his disability. However, it is understood that Mr Bercow has known about the incident for more than three months and has yet to speak to Mr Maynard about it." – Times (£) | Independent

Vince Cable promises 100,000 more apprenticeships

"The Business Secretary will say that the Government is increasing annual funding of the on-the-job training scheme by £222 million to reach £1.4billion this year. And he will call on more employers to follow the lead of firms such as British Airways, British Gas, BT and Jaguar Land Rover by offering thousands of places to young people." – Telegraph

Dossier to show Labour 'complicit' in Lockerbie releaseTelegraph

Frank Field urges Cameron to intervene to save Sure Start centres from council cutsTimes (£)

Ed Balls says there had been "sound and fury" from the Coalition on bank bonuses but no actionIndependent

Ed Miliband says Nick Clegg could be toxic for Yes to AV campaignGuardian

Screen shot 2011-02-07 at 06.00.42

> Last week ToryDiary proposed: "AV can be defeated if voters go into the polling booth thinking of Nick Clegg, broken promises and tuition fees"

Other Comment:

  • "The BBC's move north is lunacy – and shows how catastrophically it has lost its way" – Melanie Phillips in the Daily Mail
  • The young will never be treated fairly until they vote in the same proportion as the old – Mary Ann Sieghart in the Independent
  • All sense but political sense says scrap the ill-judged generosity of spending £1bn a year so over-60s can enjoy free bus travel – Julian Glover in The Guardian

George Bush has cancelled a trip to Switzerland amid claims he could have faced arrest on torture chargesMetro

And finally… Cameron says William will be a wonderful King

"The Prime Minister said he had found the Prince to be "a remarkable young man" after spending time with him in Zurich for England's recent failed bid to host the World Cup. Speaking to US news network CNN about the royal wedding, Mr Cameron said he was confident it would be "a great moment for Britain", adding that William and fiancee Kate Middleton were "a wonderful couple"." – Express

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