7pm WATCH: David Cameron says UK banks must be successful if they are to repay taxpayers

5pm Andrew Lilico on Comment: Understanding the price stabilising fuel duty

4pm WATCH: Watch Alan Johnson get asked again and again to name the Nation Insurance rate (he didn't answer)

10.15am ToryDiary's review of David Cameron's Andrew Marr interview: Cameron promises Tories will fight next election as independent party and opens door to ending of 50p tax rate

Petrol-Prices_0ToryDiary: Small businesses call for George Osborne to honour pledge on fair fuel prices

Seats and candidates: Lib Dem literature in Oldham East and Saddleworth continues to vilify Phil Woolas

Local government:

Sean Garman on Comment: Politicians cannot say banks have lent irresponsibly and then rebuke them for not giving every person a mortgage

Arujuna Sivananthan on Comment: Sri Lanka must be subject to punitive economic sanctions unless its government accepts an independent war crimes inquiry

Ed Miliband warned not to over-interpret likely victory in Oldham east and Saddleworth


Labour 17% ahead of Lib Dems, Tories third – Yesterday's Seats and candidates report

ASHCROFT Michael "More than three quarters of all voters, including a clear majority of those who intend to vote Labour on Thursday, think the last Labour government "must accept a large part of the blame" for Britain's economic problems; Mr Miliband is unlikely to succeed in his campaign to persuade the electorate that this idea is a "big lie" put about by the coalition. He and Alan Johnson trail David Cameron and George Osborne by 37 to 22 per cent when it comes to trust on the economy, even in this Labour constituency." – Lord Ashcroft in The Sunday Telegraph

"Satisfying as it will be for Labour to see Clegg fall victim to the anti-politics wave that he used to ride against them so lazily, it would be a mistake to see victory in Oldham as a new dawn. Winning a by-election is no substitute for credibility on managing the economy, which is what the general election will be about." – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

Fewer leaflets, fewer phone calls, fewer knocked doors: Oldham voters say Tories have fought least visible campaign on every measure

(Click on table to enlarge).

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The table comes from Lord Ashcroft's polling of 1,503 voters in the by-election seat. More here.

David Laws to be recalled to explore help for "alarm clock Britons"

LAWS DAVID "David Laws, the former Liberal Democrat minister, is to be recalled by Nick Clegg to head an expert group looking at how to help “alarm clock Britons”, basic-rate taxpayers who struggle to make ends meet. In a shift of direction for the party, Clegg wants the Lib Dems to appeal to people who earn between £12,000 and £30,000 and cannot afford to buy homes." – The Sunday Times (£)

Lib Dem ministers are furious at George Osborne’s apparent cave-in over unacceptable bank bonuses in a time of austerityThe Sunday Times (£)

A review of Andrew Tyrie's early tenure as Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee and his focus on bank transparency – The Sunday Telegraph

George Osborne should sack Mervyn King if he doesn't wake up to inflation danger – Fraser Nelson in the News of the World (£)

Coalition partners cannot agree on growth policies – James Forsyth in the Mail on Sunday

George Osborne accused of back door raid on injured servicemen's compensation payments

"Wounded soldiers face being "robbed" of nearly £600,000 in a raid on their pension pots and compensation. The huge losses are down to small print sneaked through in Chancellor George Osborne's emergency Budget in June. Changes to the way squaddies' benefits are calculated mean maimed heroes and the families of the fallen will be the hardest hit." – News of the World (£)

Maria Miller drafts plan for parents who split up face to pay a "fee" to finance the cost of sorting out their child maintenance arrangementsThe Sunday Telegraph

Fisheries minister, Richard Benyon, has voiced concern over the sustainability of farmed salmon

BENYON RICHARD "I think the salmon farming industry … has a number of producers who are producing in a much more sustainable way than others. The legitimate question is 'what are they feeding the salmon?' If it involves hoovering up large quantities of fish in other parts of the world in order to make the fishmeal to feed salmon in our part of the world, is that a sustainable activity? Is that something we are comfortable with? The alternative is to look at perhaps eating other species." – Richard Benyon quoted in The Sunday Telegraph

Vince Cable will tomorrow unveil plans to ban future foreign owners of Royal Mail from removing the Queen’s head from stampsMail on Sunday

Patrick Mercer says control orders must be completely scrapped but YouGov finds 73% of voters want them kept The Sunday Times (£)

Prime Minister 'using scare tactics' to win EU voteMail on Sunday

No more powers should be moved from Britain to the EU – William Hague in The Sunday Telegraph

Hague and Cameron must stop the Lib Dems' attempts to replace our democracy with rule by judges – Bernard Jenkin in the Mail on Sunday

  • Why are the Tories rebelling against the Coalition? – Tim Montgomerie in The Sunday Telegraph
  • The Conservative right wing squares up to fight for the party's soul – Observer

Janet Daley: "Soft Modernisation" is becoming "Hard Modernisation"

Daley-Janet-black-backgroun "What has happened to that original, fairly modest initiative to refresh the Conservative “brand” while maintaining the integrity of the product itself – what we might call “soft modernisation”? That project has transmogrified – with the hugely convenient pretext of having to keep the peace in a Coalition – into a campaign to change the nature of the party itself. We are now being asked to accept a brand new political life form, emerging wet and wriggling from the laboratory in which Francis Maude and Oliver Letwin carry out their experiments: something called Liberal Conservativism, which involves much, much more than the taking off of ties, and the slopping down of accents." – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

Cameron and Clegg should ignore the tactical chatter, says Matthew d'Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph and focus on the Coalition's strategic reforms: "At breakneck pace, the Coalition has set in place blueprints for fiscal recovery, a welfare revolution, dramatic schools reform, a structural overhaul of the NHS, a transformation of the higher education system, a bonfire of the quangos, and radical devolution to councils and communities. The next four years will be consumed by the slow, painful enactment of these strategies. Not all of them will bear fruit before the next election – or in some cases, ever. But the overall framework is sound."

Big Society to be relaunched amid concerns it is floundering as ideaScotland on Sunday

Rachel Johnson and Carole Cadwalladr debate whether George Osborne should have holidayed in KlostersObserver

Nadine Dorries publicly denied being a ‘marriage-wrecker’ for having an affair with a friend’s husband – before launching an astonishing attack on the spurned wifeMail on Sunday

And finally… The Independent on Sunday commissions some posters on AV, for and against

Report and Gallery of ideas.


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