6pm WATCH: William Hague's Chanukah message to Jews in Britain and around the world

5.30pm Local government: Axing the School Sports Partnerships is right

5pm LeftWatch: Ed Balls was almost certainly wrong about growth this year. How do the rest of his forecasts look?

Police4pm ToryDiary: First elections for Police Commissioners set to take place in May 2012

3.30pm ToryDiary update: Video highlights added to the PMQs thread

3.15pm Parliament: Henry Smith introduces Bill to tackle rogue car park operators

2.30pm ToryDiary: What George Osborne will now do to Mervyn King

Screen shot 2010-12-01 at 13.57.152pm WATCH: Two-jags Prescott loses it after Andrew Neil asks him to reconcile his jet-setting with his green politics

1.15pm Local government: Councils should use reserves to adjust to tighter budgets

12.45pm ToryDiary: Cameron tells the Commons at PMQS: "I'd rather be a child of Thatcher than a son of Brown"

11am Parliament update: Full Cabinet voting record league table shows Lansley, Pickles, Gillan and Duncan Smith attending 85+% of Commons votes

10.15am Alex Deane on Comment: In praise of Taiwan's recent elections

ToryDiary: Conservatism, love, evolution – and why reciprocal altruism just doesn't cut it

David Cameron despatch box 2010 Parliament: David Cameron's initial Prime Ministerial attendance rate at Commons divisions is only a little better than his Labour predecessors

Also in Parliament: In just 30 minutes of DPMQs, Nick Clegg launches attack after attack on Labour

In Comment:

Local Government: Housing waiting list grew 72% under Labour

WATCH: Wikileaks suggests that Mervyn King privately criticised Cameron and Osborne when in opposition

Theresa May today publishes Bill to create elected Police Commissioners

Theresa May Home Secretary "Plans for the most radical reforms to policing in 50 years are due to be published. Home Secretary Theresa May wants to put locally-elected police and crime commissioners in charge of multimillion-pound force budgets in an attempt to hand power back to the public. The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill will also detail the tougher action the Government plans to take to tackle alcohol-related crime and disorder, which costs the taxpayer up to £13 billion each year." – Press Association

  • Home Affairs Committee wants cooling off period before police officers could stand for commissioner – The Guardian

The English will now pay higher tuition fees than the Welsh…

"The English face a university education "apartheid" after Welsh students were told they would be exempt from a sharp rise in tuition fees. The Welsh Assembly government announced that it would heavily subsidise the degree courses of about 90,000 students each year, even if they studied at universities in England, Scotland or Northern Ireland." – Daily Telegraph

The Daily Mail splashes on the same story.

…as Lib Dem ministers fail to back their own policy

"Confusion over tuition fees among the Liberal Democrats deepened last night as both Nick Clegg and Vince Cable tied themselves in knots over how they would vote on the policy. Mr Clegg was asked five times in the House of Commons which way he would jump when the controversial proposal to lift the annual cap to £9,000 is put to Parliament – but he failed to give an answer.  He was left floundering at Deputy Prime Minister’s Questions after Business Secretary Mr Cable – one of the architects of the policy – also refused to confirm that he would back it." – Daily Mail

  • The Lib Dems' determination to end collective responsibility in the Cabinet will end in chaos – Simon Heffer in the Daily Telegraph
  • 153 arrests at latest anti-fees demo – Reuters

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Should we care if Cable and Clegg abstain on tuition fees?

Oliver Letwin to scrutinise NHS power shift

LETWIN OLIVER NW "Oliver Letwin, the cabinet’s policy guru and fixer, has been charged with scrutinising the Department of Health’s plans for a shift of power and accountability in the NHS, amid mounting concern at the Treasury and Downing Street over its implementation. Both Number 10 and Andrew Lansley, health secretary, insist there is no significance in publication of the NHS bill being pushed back to January, and that there is no rowing back on plans to hand up to 80 per cent of the NHS budget to GP commissioning consortia." – FT (£)

Andrew Lansley: No more nanny state on health

"People will be encouraged to lead healthier lives with nudges in the right direction rather than nannying from the State, ministers said as they outlined plans for a radical shift in public health policy. Government will be less "intrusive" in people's lives and not tell them what to do, minsters said as they published the new public health white paper, Healthy Lives, Healthy People." – Daily Telegraph

  • Tax on stronger beer to ‘nudge’ nation towards healthier lifestyle – The Times (£)
  • Ministers pledge £4bn to tackle smoking, drinking and obesity – The Guardian
  • Super-tax for strongest beers will add £1.50 to price of a four-pack (so much for reining in the nanny state) – Daily Mail

> Yesterday in Parliament: Andrew Lansley sets out strategy to improve public health and reduce health inequalities

Iain Duncan Smith: Britain – and Britons – must rediscover the culture of work

Iain Duncan Smith speaking "This country was the workshop of the world. It gave everybody the free market, the industrial revolution. You think what we did to change the world. This was the place that everyone looked to. Yet we have managed to create a block of people in Britain who do not add anything to the greatness of this country. They have become conditioned to be users of services, not providers of money. This is a huge part of the reason we have this massive deficit." – Iain Duncan Smith quoted in The Sun

  • Confirmation that housing benefit changes will be delayed by nine months – The Times (£)

David Cameron hails new powers for Holyrood in the Scotland Bill

"The reforms we are setting out mark the biggest change in the way Scotland is run since devolution. A whole host of new powers are going to be transferred closer to you – taken from Westminster and given to Holyrood. The biggest changes concern taxation, spending and borrowing. For eleven years now, Holyrood has had the power to spend money on schools, hospitals, transport and justice as it decides. But it has raised little of this money itself, depending instead largely on the block grant from Westminster. This doesn't make sense." – David Cameron writing in The Scotsman

Greg Clark: Residents will be given power to block supermarkets and housing developments

Greg Clark 2010 "Greg Clark, the Communities Minister, has announced that residents will be able to hold mini-referendums on "neighbourhood plans," which councils would be required by law to abide by. They could decide to stop housing developments, bar businesses from residential areas or demand greater protection for local parks. The powers are contained in the Localism Bill, which will be put before Parliament in the next few weeks." – Daily Telegraph

Other Coalition news in brief

  • Cameron says World Cup Bid is alive and kicking – Daily Express
  • Will Hutton's report calls for public sector pay cap – The Independent
  • Eric Pickles says councils should raid £10billion piggy banks to save frontline services – Daily Telegraph
  • Michael Gove defends changes to school sport funding – BBC
  • Prison population may not be cut, signals Clarke – Daily Telegraph
  • Andrew Mitchell to boost fund fighting Aids – The Independent

MPs "are already flouting new rules on expenses"

"MPs have continued to submit claims for mortgage payments that they were not entitled to, first-class travel and excessive hospitality, the first evidence of the new Westminster expenses culture reveals. The Times has obtained a list of the 1,574 claims rejected in five months by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa), which demonstrates the disregard that some MPs have for the tough new rules introduced in the wake of the expenses scandal. The list of rejected claims, which total £116,359, shows that the election has not led to a complete clean-up of the Commons." – The Times (£)

Boris wants to charge utility companies by the hour for disrupting traffic with roadworksThe Times (£)

And finally… a winner from our World Cup Bid caption competition

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