9.15pm WATCH: David Willetts explains how the Coalition plans to help poorer students

8.30pm Tim Montgomerie on Comment: Should it be coalition or Coalition? Home Secretary or home secretary?

2.15pm Robert Halfon MP on Comment: Robert Halfon MP: Fans should be empowered to hire and fire the board of the Football Association

Wagner1pm WATCH:

11.15am Local government: Localism bill will seek to control town hall pay, introduce elected mayors and give neighbourhoods control over planning

ToryDiary: George Osborne considers using £45 billion profit from nationalised banks to fund economy-boosting tax cuts

Also on ToryDiary: Why we need a Conservative government (Part 1)

WARSI-BARONESS Sayeeda Warsi on Comment: Ed Miliband is weak, indecisive and lacking a sense of purpose – and the Public Accounts Committee agrees

John Andrews on Local government: "Free" bus pass spending should go on increasing the state pension instead

18,000 poorer graduates could get one year of free tuition fees in concession to LibDem rebelsBBC

  • Cable angry at Clegg's failure to give clear backing to tuition fees policy – The Sunday Telegraph
  • It is the duty of Liberal Democrat ministers to vote for the tuition fees policy – John Redwood
  • Tuition fees rise is 'act of vandalism' says Ed Miliband – Observer
  • Let’s tax all those with free degrees – Jenni Russell in The Sunday Times (£)

No apologies, no regrets – Nick Clegg interviewed in the Independent on Sunday (full text)

"Tony Blair once mused: "I began hoping to please all of the people all of the time; and ended wondering if I was pleasing any of the people any of the time." He reconciled himself to that change by deciding it was ultimately better to be respected than to be liked. Nick Clegg's hope for the longer term is that he will eventually earn credit with the country at large for being prepared to tough out unpopularity for the sake of making choices that he believed to be right." – Andrew Rawnsley in The Observer

> Paul Goodman on Friday: "The Deputy Prime Minster can flourish as Nasty Nick. He can't as Calamity Clegg, as the rival Chris Huhne leadership campaign once tried to label him."

A new crackdown on television advertising, magazine images and clothing that leads to the sexualisation of children is to be unveiled within days by ministersThe Sunday Telegraph

CAMERON DAVID BLUE SHIRT Cameron seeks review into Football Association after bid debacleMail on Sunday

  • The Mail on Sunday also reports that Boris Johnson has withdrawn an offer for FIFA officials to stay at the Dorchester Hotel during the 2012 Olympics in protest at the football governing body's treatment of England's bid.
  • Beckham is astonishingly being lined up as a future FA chairman in the wake of England's 2018 World Cup bid disaster – News of the World (£)
  • 500,000 people sign petition against changes to school sport – Observer

Tory MSP, Margaret Mitchell, warns that Cameron's Scotland Bill will increase drift towards independenceScotland on Sunday

A Q&A profile of George Osborne

"Two years ago, nearly every government on the planet wanted to borrow more and spend more. Osborne stood alone in arguing that greater debt was ineffective in the short-term and a drag on the economy in the long. With even such prodigal spenders as Obama’s America and Castro’s Cuba being forced to embrace austerity, it looks as if he’s been vindicated." – Tim Montgomerie in The Sunday Telegraph

Osborne hasn't done enough to keep companies in Britain – Mark Kleinman for Sky

Cameron's "hands-off" approach under scrutiny

"After six months of a Cameron government, officials are asking if this hands-off approach is starting to become a problem. The prime minister is slowly getting more involved in the big domestic reform agenda and will shortly complete a round of catch-up meetings. But there are still concerns about whether he is across the detail and implications of what is proposed. Without a team of expert advisers to push departments in the right direction, there is a frightening lack of grip at the heart of government." – Diary of a civil servant in The Observer

Cameron is braver in government than in opposition

Daley-Janet-black-backgroun "This has been the reverse of the usual political morality tale: a party which looked unscrupulous in Opposition – which actually seemed intent on appearing unscrupulous – has turned out to be surprisingly principled and brave in office." – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

MP Mike Hancock denies assistant is Russian spyBBC

Europe in brief

  • Britain is paying £2billion a year to comply with human rights laws made by Europe – Sunday Express
  • Do we want to be at the heart of the EU or is the Tory leader happy to be on the sidelines? – Observer leader
  • "Two liberal parties in permanent power, pro-EU, pro-crime, anti-education, anti-marriage, warmist." – Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday

Could Alan Johnson replace Ed Miliband?

JOHNSON-ALAN-PINK-TIE "Alan Johnson is being urged by his supporters to ‘ready himself’ to replace Ed Miliband if the Labour leader succumbs to the growing crisis surrounding the party. The Shadow Chancellor is already being talked-up as a stand-in leader – less than three months after Mr Miliband won a bitter battle with his brother David for the party crown." – Mail on Sunday

Labour knives are out for ‘weak’ Ed Miliband after faltering start – Sunday Herald

Protestors target Philip Green's tax-dodging high street stores

"Protesters disrupted London’s busiest shopping street yesterday with a demonstration against the tax status of Sir Philip Green, the billionaire retailer. More than 200 people staged a sit-in at Green’s flagship Topshop store in Oxford Street as part of a national action against “tax-dodgers”. A previous demonstration targeted Vodafone. The protesters were angry that Green, a government adviser on the cuts, has allegedly avoided paying UK taxes when many are suffering the effects of the reductions." – The Sunday Times (£)

> But the tax-dodging Guardian wasn't targeted!

The UK-US relationship

"The relationship has served both parties well and it will continue to do so. British politicians, however, have to grow up about it. The world is changing. America is forging other strong relationships, often interspersed with tension, with the emerging economic giants, most notably China and India. Nor should London twitch when Washington talks to Berlin and Paris. Its relationship with America should be as a strong ally and a candid friend, not as a pet to be patted on the head in search of a reassuring morsel." – The Sunday Times (£)

And finally 1… No sleepless nights for Cameron

"The Prime Minister's wife, Samantha, tells me that their three-month-old daughter is a remarkably quiet baby. "Florence is a wonderful sleeper," she says at the Dickensian Ball at Harrods, which raised £1.1 million for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity. "We are, really, very lucky."" – Mandrake in The Sunday Telegraph

And finally 2… Best captions to yesterday's Polly at Top Shop demo competition…


  • Bargain hunters in last minute rush to beat the VAT increase – William Norton
  • At the launch of her new Topshop collection, it was clear that Kate Moss had gone to seed – Mark Wallace
  • I hate London when it's crowded, I'm jetting back to Tuscany – Lord Palmerston

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