8.15pm Dominique Lazanski on Comment: The Reality of the Internet Porn Lock

7.15pm WATCH: Vince Cable promises more tough action on bank pay

12.45pm Alex Deane on Comment: The BBC's attack on the Freedom Association should not go unpunished

12.15pm WATCH: Philip Hammond says it is a great myth that Britain copes badly with snow

Local government: Cllr Peter Wilson On patrol with the street pastors

ToryDiary: Steve Hilton: "Everything must have changed by 2015. Everything."

6a00d83451b31c69e20147e0d3ee2a970b-150wi Steve Baker MP on Comment: The greatest threat to civilisation is not climate change but bad economics

LeftWatch: Ed Miliband bans Labour MPs from using "Coalition government", insisting it's a "Tory-led government"

Parliament: Charles Tannock MEP is Britain's best Value-for-Money MEP

Local government update: On Radio 4's Today programme Grant Shapps and Liberal Democrat Richard Kemp debate whether cuts can be made to frontline services without hurting frontline services

Ed Davey 'confident' on retaining Queen's head on stampBBC

"Postal Affairs Minister Ed Davey admitted that current sell-off rules left future private owners, potentially including German mail operator Deutsche Post, completely free to stop using a representation of the monarch’s head which has appeared on every British postage stamp since Sir Rowland Hill invented them in 1840." – Mail on Sunday

Cameron may add law and order hardliner to Ken Clarke's Justice teamSunday Telegraph

ClarkeOnPoliticsShow "Groups such as Families Fighting for Justice feel betrayed by the decision to diminish prison sentences – particularly since Mr Cameron promised them that he would build more prisons and ensure that criminals received tougher sentences." – Sunday Telegraph leader

Osborne looks to save hundreds of millions on PFIs

"The Chancellor has targeted potential savings from the almost £300bn paid out by schools, hospitals and government departments over the past two decades for buildings and services under "expensive and inflexible" deals with contractors, The Independent on Sunday can reveal."

George Osborne and Education Secretary Michael Gove both enjoyed the splendour of their own £800 boxes at Covent Garden for the new production of the Wagnerian masterpiece Tannhauser – Mail on Sunday

CleggGloomy David Cameron fears his deputy prime minister may now struggle to hold his seat at the next election and may offer him EU commissioner in Brussels The Sunday Times (£)

  • Give Clegg a break – he's a brave man – William Rees-Mogg in the Mail on Sunday
  • "Bella Freud, the fashion designer, and Kate Mosse, the author, told The Sunday Telegraph they would no longer be voting Lib Dem days after Colin Firth, the actor, announced that he was ending his support for the party." – The Sunday Telegraph

> Yesterday's polling revealed Clegg has the lowest rating of the three party leaders

Lib Dem impact on Coalition:

  • The government's new energy policy will lead to widespread power cuts and economic disaster – Christopher Booker in The Sunday Telegraph
  • Cable to halt ‘scandalous’ pay in banks – The Sunday Times (£)

Janet Daley rejoins the Liberal/Mainstream Conservatism debate

6a00d83451b31c69e20148c6a42d07970c-500wi "I am reasonably confident of one thing: that the country will decide at the end of this Government's first term that it does not much like coalitions. It may have accepted one by default (even though it did not consciously choose it) because it was truly bored with the old way of doing things: there was a kind of desperate freshness about this arrangement that seemed worth a try. But in the end, the British political culture is adversarial for good and honourable reasons: because there is still a belief that democratic choice should be based on hard, trenchant argument rather than mushy compromise, and that the people should not be conspired against by a political class which makes deals of its own in private." – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph

"Last week, George Osborne told me he "expects" a Tory manifesto, and a Lib Dem manifesto, in 2015. But "expects" implies an element of doubt. The Lib Dems have ruled out a merger. But they also ruled out backing student tuition fees. This is a civil partnership that may yet mutate into full-blown marriage." – Fraser Nelson in the News of the World (£)

John Rentoul: Cameron is a born leader

"Cameron's confidence may eventually be seen as arrogance; his good manners as entitlement. But the effortlessness with which he plays the part of the national leader, just above and to the right of party politics, should not be discounted." – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

Ed Miliband's weak ratings

Screen shot 2010-12-19 at 08.29.13 "If we look below the surface, we find that Miliband has made no progress in persuading voters that he is honest, strong, decisive, in touch with ordinary people or a natural leader. On only one of those characteristics — that he is in touch — does he lead Cameron. On most characteristics he lags by miles… In short, a critic of Miliband could argue that Labour’s narrow polling lead has come about despite his leadership, not because of it… The big reason why Labour has gained ground is that Liberal Democrat support has collapsed. Left-of-centre Lib Dem voters have returned to Labour because they are repelled by Nick Clegg, not because they warm to Miliband." – Peter Kellner in The Sunday Times (£)

Labour in brief:

  • Ed Miliband calls for action against energy companies and accuses Cameron of doing nothing while heating bills soar for the old and frail – News of the World (£)
  • The "amazing friendship" between Steve Hilton and Ed Miliband's new spin doctor – Mail on Sunday
  • Cathy Ashton, the European Union’s “Foreign Minister” wants to sell arms to China – Sunday Express
  • "Miliband is the strangest combination: boyish but sometimes pompous." – Interview with the older Miliband in The Observer

Nick Cohen wants a debate on drugs

"People often say we have the prohibition of drugs in Britain. But illegal drugs are not prohibited, they are everywhere. What we have is a prohibition of political debate on what to do with them and that is the greatest drug crime of all." – Nick Cohen in The Observer

Dale-Iain-on-Newsnight- Comment choice:

  • "He preaches openness but demands privacy. He reveals 'secrets' but 99% are prurient gossip. He's accused of rape but won't face his accusers. Why do the Left worship the WikiLeaks 'God'?" – Iain Dale in the Mail on Sunday
  • Gerald Warner: Britain more right wing than in the 80s? Only up to a point – Scotland on Sunday
  • Everyone said online media would never make money; 2010 has proved them wrong with web advertising finally making the internet profitable – Andrew Sullivan (interestingly behind The Sunday Times' paywall)

Other news:

  • Special needs pupils account for seven in 10 permanent exclusions from school – Observer
  • High cost of credit sends a growing number of Britons into poverty – Independent on Sunday
  • Smokers could be banned from having operations on the NHS if they refuse to give up – News of the World (£)

And finally… Tory MP Nigel Evans on coming out as a gay man

"The final straw came when Tory MP and Energy Minister Greg Barker, who left his wife for a gay lover, approached him. ‘Greg came up to me and said, “I’m doing a list of the most powerful gay politicians, do I include you?” ‘ I thought this is just daft. I am not going to live a lie any more.’" – Nigel Evans in the Mail on Sunday


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