9pm ToryDiary: Both those who voted Lib Dem and those who considered voting Lib Dem are less likely to do so next time

4.45pm ToryDiary:

3.15pm Seats and Candidates: Regional list rankings announced for next year's Scottish Parliament elections

2.15pm WATCH: Vladimir Putin sings and plays the piano at a star-studded charity event 

12.45pm ToryDiary: David Cameron hails Cancun agreement – but does it represent anything more than platitudes?

NO2AV logoToryDiary: Ten Eleven reasons to vote NO 2 AV

Local Government: Community Right to Buy launched

Neill Harvie-Smith in Comment: The scale of our national debt must be at the heart of Conservative thinking on the economy

WATCH: William Hague honours those who defends human rights across the world

Police tactics questioned as Cameron condemns 'feral' protest

Picture 1 "David Cameron yesterday promised the full force of the law will be brought to bear on "the feral thugs" responsible for violence in London during and after the Commons tuition fees debate. However, he resisted calls for an independent inquiry into alleged police violence, or how the Royal Protection Squad let a car containing Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, be attacked by protesters." – The Guardian

  • Camilla was poked in the ribs – The Sun
  • Royal couple put in danger after police radio failure – Daily Telegraph
  • Parents egging on students, says Boris – Wales Online
  • Cenotaph hooligan is Cambridge-eduated son of pop star who says he did not know what the monument was – Daily Mail

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: As it emerges that the Duchess of Cornwall was hit by an anti-fees protester, Boris Johnson expresses regret that people are blaming the police for yesterday's mayhem

> WATCH: Condemning yesterday's "completely unacceptable" protests, David Cameron says it was not just "a very small minority" pursuing violence

> Lee Rotherham on Comment reflects on the protesting students: "Having brought their colleges into disrepute, surely educational establishments must now review whether expulsions are in order"

Matthew Parris: The tuition fee vote is won. The argument isn’tThe Times (£)

The Government will press ahead with tax break plans for married couples, insists Cameron

"David Cameron said he will press ahead with plans to honour marriage yesterday – defying the complaints of his Lib Dem coalition partners. The Prime Minister said marriage was a ‘wonderful institution’ and insisted that the government will never ditch plans to provide tax breaks for married couples." – Daily Mail

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Cameron promises practical help for families and parenting

Ken Clarke explains how easily he took his sentencing plans through official channels

Picture 10 “My plans sailed through the Home Affairs Committee but of course you do have to touch base with the Prime Minister. We discussed it and it was all cleared, it didn’t take very long. It was nothing like the meetings I had with Margaret Thatcher over health reform when we had flaming rows. There … isn’t a difference between us.” – Ken Clarke interviewed in The Times (£)

  • Bruce Anderson: Prison is for the idle – let’s put them to work – Daily Telegraph

Relief for Cameron as Brussels halves demand for EU budget rise

"MEPs have backed down on their demand for a 6 per cent rise in the European Union’s €123 billion (£104 billion) annual budget after outrage over their spending plans at a time of deep national cuts. The European Parliament will vote next week on a 2.9 per cent rise, the level demanded by David Cameron in October after he failed to persuade EU leaders to agree a freeze in the 2011 budget." – The Times (£

How secure is Nick Clegg as Lib Dem leader? It depends on which paper you read…

Nick Clegg at BBC Leaders Debate "Nick Clegg has avoided a mass revolt by party activists after his decision to back a rise in tuition fees that split the parliamentary party in half. While tuition fee rebels vowed to wage a “guerilla” campaign before Tuesday’s vote in the Lords, senior party figures on local councils expressed sympathy for the leadership’s predicament despite the protests." – The Times (£)

"Nick Clegg faced calls for a vote on his leadership yesterday after he failed to convince even a quarter of his backbenchers to back plans to triple tuition fees. They predicted a mass exodus from the party after the largest rebellion in its history." – Daily Mail

"In some quarters Clegg is viewed as a heroic figure. Unfortunately for him that is among pro-Cameron Tory MPs and activists rather than among his own diminished flock. He is now ranked above most Conservative Cabinet ministers by visitors to the infl uential Conservative Home website. That’s because he stood on his head for the Tory leader, dumping his flagship policy rather than holding true to his promise to the electorate." – Patrick O'Flynn in the Daily Express

Lib Dem Welsh Assembly Member found guilty of drunken assaultThe Independent

Scottish-born Tory MP accused of being racist towards fellow Scot

"A controversial Tory MP has been accused of making "racist" comments against Scotland when he told a fellow MP to "get back to jockland". The intervention by Wiltshire North MP James Gray, who made the remark to Glasgow North East MP Willie Bain during environment questions in the House, has been taken as a sign that the Conservative's "respect agenda" with Scotland is "only skin deep". – The Scotsman

Other political news in brief:

  • UN climate change talks in Cancun close in on deal – BBC
  • Theresa May won't fight 7/7 inquest ruling – Press Association
  • Andy Coulson will not be charged over phone hacking says DPP – The Guardian
  • David Cameron will send 'temp’ to the Vatican after Ann Widdecombe turns down ambassador role – Daily Telegraph
  • Russian ambassador brands MP aide arrest a 'PR stunt' as he threatens tit-for-tat expulsions – Daily Mail
  • Prospective MPs spent £25m fighting general election – The Independent

Labour admits defence errors at launch of policy review

Picture 1 "Labour will today launch its first policy review, admitting it made mistakes over armed forces spending but accusing the coalition of leaving a £4.3bn black hole in its review. Jim Murphy, the shadow defence secretary, will say in an article the UK Defence Forum journal : "Labour's record on defence is strong, but despite all the investment and improvements, some of the problems which plagued all governments continued. We have to be big enough to acknowledge mistakes were made." – The Guardian

  • Ex-Foreign Secretary David Miliband paid £25,000 for speech at luxury Middle East resort – Daily Telegraph

And finally… WiIliam Hague's constituents are plagued by appalling Romanian busker

"The constant repetition of festive songs is the bane of Christmas shoppers everywhere. But spare a thought for the unfortunate traders and bargain hunters in the picturesque North Yorkshire market town of Richmond. For two years they have been forced to listen to a 'truly appalling' Romanian busker play 'When The Saints Go Marching In' for up to eight hours a day, six days a week. Now Alexandru Penica has returned to haunt them like a bad dream. Although he has increased his repertoire of one song by one, the bad news is the notorious busker now plays a never-ending version of Jingle Bells." – Daily Mail


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