11.15pm ToryDiary: The Daily Express becomes the first national newspaper to support Britain leaving the EU

6.45pm WATCH: UKIP MEP, making Nazi salute, expelled from European Parliament after shouting 'Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer' at German social democrat

6pm James Groves on CentreRight: Today's Education White Paper is a good start, but there's much further to go

Screen shot 2010-11-24 at 16.38.05 4.30pm Parliament: Tory MPs raise concerns about High Speed Rail 2

4pm WATCH:

3pm Robert Halfon MP on CentreRight: Action must be taken against the extreme Islamists who disrupted Remembrance Sunday

2.15pm ToryDiary: The Conservative Party tops the latest quarterly donation league table

2pm ConHomeUSA: Ten things about the British Conservative Party’s deficit reduction plan

12.45pm ToryDiary: David Cameron brands Ed Miliband the "nowhere man of British politics" as they spar over school sport and publication of bankers' salaries at PMQs

Michael Gove 201011.45am ToryDiary: The martyrdom of Michael Gove: "Gove believes, rightly, that the education system's failing many pupils in general and poorer ones in particular.  In a nutshell, his plans depend on change from the bottom and the top.  The bottom-up change is market pressure, mediated through his free schools programme.  The top-down change is partly the programme announced in today's Education White Paper, the core of which concentrates upon exams and testing".

10am WATCH: Lord Ashcroft's speech at the opening of the Extraordinary Heroes Exhibition in the Lord Ashcroft Gallery at the Imperial War Museum

ToryDiary: Has David Laws let slip the truth behind the Lib Dems' motivations on AV?

Also on ToryDiary: Five days of comment moderation

Bernard Jenkin MP on Platform: It's a frustrating time for EU-sceptics inside the Conservative Party

Parliament: David Ruffley suggests withdrawing from the ECHR over votes for prisoners

Local Government:

LeftWatch: Labour MPs and advisers admit – We failed on immigration

ThinkTankCentral: The challenge of caring for Britain's ageing population

WATCH: Nick Clegg explains why he will defend the increase in tuition fees in advance of more expected student protests

Michael Gove's Education White Paper to published today

Michael Gove 2010 smiling "Traditional academic subjects will be put back at the centre of ­learning under radical government plans to be unveiled today. Education Secretary Michael Gove told the Daily Mail he plans to tear up the schools league table system so success in old-fashioned subjects such as science, history or foreign languages is the chief measure of achievement." – Daily Mail

"Teachers will be trained in schools rather than at universities and pupils will take fewer but tougher exams under plans to reform education in England to be unveiled by the government on Wednesday. Education Secretary Michael Gove will also detail proposed legislation to give teachers greater powers to discipline unruly students and for headteachers to expel the most troublesome." – Reuters

"As part of the plans, former troops will be offered sponsorship to retrain as teachers, and there will be new aptitude tests for the profession." – BBC

  • Pupils to learn a language in GCSE shake-up – Daily Telegraph
  • Ofsted: Weak teachers the biggest problem in schools – The Guardian
  • Katharine Birbalsingh: How can we make our teachers better? – Daily Telegraph

Theresa May announces immigration cap

Theresa May Home Secretary "The number of migrant workers allowed to come to the UK from outside the EU will be slashed to 21,700 – plus some exceptions, the Home Secretary has said. She announced an official cap on immigration but in a concession to the business community, will allow them to transfer some staff from outside the UK." – Sky News

  • Migrant cap could lead to bigger influx – The Times (£)
  • Theresa May bowls MPs over with her smart new immigration cap – Andrew Gimson's sketch in the Daily Telegraph
  • May plans to cut student visas by up to 120,000 – The Independent
  • The cap on non-European workers is a good start but more limits are needed – Daily Telegraph leader

> Yesterday in Parliament: Theresa May confirms commitment to reduce net immigration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands

Martin Callanan elected to lead Tory MEPs

CALLANAN MARTIN "Martin Callanan has been elected as the new leader of the UK Conservative group in parliament… "Our task as Conservative MEPs and my job as leader is to represent UK interests and help to fulfil our manifesto commitment to repatriate power back to member states. Europe needs to be on the right road, a road where member states co-operate, where our sovereignty as a nation is not eroded further, and where co-operation in areas such as the single market and trade can reap dividends for all of us." – The Parliament

> Yesterday's ToryDiary: Martin Callanan elected to lead the Conservative MEPs

Lib Dems fear Royal Wedding date will scupper voting reform fight

"Senior Lib Dems were privately furious last night after the timing of the Royal wedding dealt a serious blow to their campaign to change Westminster’s voting system.The April 29 date falls less than a week before the national referendum on electoral reform on May 5." – Daily Express

Cameron dismisses royal wedding date clash claims – The Guardian

Coalition news in brief

  • Summit: David Cameron is to host a summit with leaders of Nordic and Baltic countries in January – FT (£)
  • Health: Lansley insists NHS is receiving unprecedented resources – Channel Four News
  • NEETs: 80% of young jobless are 'fit to work but choose to claim benefits' – Daily Mail
  • Quangos: Lords restrict ministerial power to abolish quangos – The Guardian
  • Rail fares: Travellers feel the strain as rail fares rise 14% – The Times (£)
  • Clegg security: Nick Clegg warned to stop cycling over security threat from angry students – Daily Telegraph

Douglas Carswell MP: Don't bail out Ireland, free it

CARSWELL DOUGLAS "Britain has just promised £7bn towards a €90bn package aimed at rescuing Ireland's economy. But the bailout has not worked. Instead, we are sinking billions into a temporary rescue of the euro that will prolong Ireland's economic misery. So we should change course and prepare to offer a dramatically different solution – help Ireland decouple from the euro and allow the country to default on its debts." – Douglas Carswell in The Guardian

Simon Heffer: Twenty years on, Europe is still the issue that divides the ToriesDaily Telegraph

Ross Clark: The Coalition ignores the plight of Middle Britain at its peril

"The Government is quietly shifting resources away from public services in middle class areas to fund improvements in poorer areas. The pupil premium will see higher spending on school education per head in poor areas. Good GPs working in middle-class areas are to be tempted with extra money to work in poor areas. Middle-income taxpayers contribute far more towards public services than do the poor and yet in return they are now being made to put up with a lower quality service. Again and again the coalition has proved itself to be a government for the poor and for the rich but is offering little for those in the middle." – Ross Clark in the Daily Express

Other comment:

  • Daniel Finkelstein: Who are you calling the squeezed middle? – The Times (£)
  • Ann Widdecombe: Lord Young was simply stating a difficult truth – Daily Express

Former Tory donor Stuart Wheeler opposes donations cap

"People who make large donations to political parties expect to gain influence and shape future policy, and it is "absolutely natural and unobjectionable" for them to do so, a [former] major donor to the Conservative party said yesterday. Stuart Wheeler, who at one point made a single donation of £5m, called for the cap on donations to be lifted and dismissed allegations that the big donor culture had made politics less fair. "Fairness isn't the be all and end all," he said." – The Guardian

Boris bikes available for "everyone" next weekMetro

And finally… "Big Society" is the word of the year

Picture 5 "The news is surely enough to make tweeps woot with joy. These two bizarre expressions from the internet age were ­yesterday shortlisted as Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year… Yesterday’s winner was somewhat better known, however, with David Cameron’s ‘big society’ phrase emerging triumphant. The term, which attracted criticism during the election for being ambiguous, is defined as: ‘A political concept whereby a significant amount of responsibility for the running of a society’s services is devolved to local communities and volunteers.’ Susie Dent, of Oxford Dictionaries, said: ‘Big society was for us a clear winner because it embraces so much of the year’s political and economic mood'." – Daily Mail

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