6pm ToryDiary: Senior backbenchers fear that Cameron wants the Liberal Democrats to win the Oldham and Saddleworth by-election

4pm ToryDiary: Hague down, Jeremy Hunt up in end-October rankings of Cabinet

4pm WATCH: Harriet Harman says that Phil Woolas will not be welcomed back into the Labour Party

3pm AmericaInTheWorld: Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Libya attack US record on human rights at UN

12.30pm Local government: The Observer given leaked Council cuts

Screen shot 2010-11-07 at 11.51.40 11.30am ToryDiary: …And some other statistics concerning the Coalition's dangerous prisons policy

BBC10.15am Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Newsnight's economics editor wants programmes cut and assets sold to protect BBC staff pensions

ToryDiary: IDS threatens workshy with loss of benefits and promises extra support for two parent family in battle against poverty

Tim Loughton MP on Platform: By tackling political correctness and excessive bureaucracy we can get more children out of care and into adoptive families more quickly

Local government: 15 more ways to cut Council Tax without cutting key services

Ben Rogers on CentreRight: Today's elections in Burma are nothing but a sham, a charade, a masquerade, a fraud, a fake and a lie

WATCH: Sky News reports on the latest instalment of the Andy Coulson saga

Conservatives solid at 40% in latest Sunday Times/ YouGov poll but net dis-satisfaction with Coalition continues to grow

Screen shot 2010-11-07 at 07.56.18 More at YouGov.

Strains in the Coalition are examined in the Independent on Sunday

The Observer: Clarke will send drug addicts and mentally ill for treatment, not to prison

"Thousands of criminals with serious mental illnesses or drug addictions will no longer be sent to prison but will instead be offered "voluntary" treatment in hospital, under controversial proposals to be unveiled tomorrow. The Ministry of Justice will publish details of plans to divert offenders from jail to secure NHS units, but will admit that they will be free to walk away. Officials define "secure" as having a grip on the individual, rather than locking them up." – Observer

David Cameron is accused of vanity over official photographer

Cameron-and-Churchill One of the photographs taken by Andrew Parsons, when he worked directly for the Conservative Party.

"David Cameron’s decision to put his personal photographer on the public payroll is a terrible error of judgment. First of all, a £35,000 annual salary, paid for by taxpayers, cannot be justified at a time of massive spending cuts. Secondly, he could get the job done free by any national newspaper photographer who would be happy to tag along to any event, public or private, to take snaps. Thirdly, vanity is unattractive and suggests that the Prime Minister is more concerned with style over substance, an accusation he has, until now, worked hard to disprove. Finally, and most damningly, this move smacks of an alarming level of control-freakery." – Julia Hartley-Brewer in The Sunday Express

In the Mail on Sunday, James Forsyth argues that the episode has as much potential to damage David Cameron as the time his chauffeur followed him on his bike, carrying his shoes and briefcase.

> On Friday on CentreRight, Colleen Graffy was "shocked" that Number 10 Downing Street hasn't had an official photographer before now.

In The Sunday Times (£), Martin Ivens argues that Cameron might have avoided the "mistake" if he had a powerful chief of staff: "A powerful colleague should have told Cameron he was making a mistake. As I’ve written before, there is a hole at the heart of No 10. Cameron needs a strong chief of staff in the mould of Charles and Jonathan Powell, the brothers who played that role for Thatcher and Blair."

> ToryDiary has previously identified Four key weaknesses in Cameron's office

HARMAN RED Harriet Harman questions David Cameron's judgement after his communications director Andy Coulson was interviewed by policeBBC

Labour complain at Coalition cuts to Low Carbon High Growth Fund ahead of China visitObserver

"David Cameron is expected to raise China’s human rights record in Tibet when he travels to Beijing this week. The prime minister, who will be accompanied by George Osborne and three other cabinet ministers on Britain’s biggest trade mission to the country in 200 years, is preparing to express concern about abuses in the region when he meets Hu Jintao, the Chinese president. The governance of Tibet is a sensitive issue in China and any intervention could raise tensions." – The Sunday Times (£)

Government cuts will put legal action out of reach of the poor – Nick Cohen in The Observer

 Is Nick Clegg simply a Europhile Tory?

CleggNickDeclaring "I am reliably informed by his former friends in Brussels that Nick Clegg once really wanted to join the Conservative party, but that his passionately pro-European views posed difficulties at a time when the eurosceptics in the Tory party – always referred to as "euroseptics" by Sir Edward Heath – were predominant, and making life difficult for John Major and his 1990‑97 premiership." – William Keegan in The Observer

Nick Clegg probably won't realise that powers need to be repatriated from the EU until after he has left office – Alasdair Palmer in The Sunday Telegraph

Peter Hitchens' verdict on Cameron's acceptance of votes for prisoners

"[Cameron] has ‘I give in’ written on his heart (see how long his tough line on immigration lasted). I advise all news papers to keep the headline ‘Cameron backs down on . . .’ set permanently in large type. We are going to need it a lot." – Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday

Electoral reform is dead – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

MPs receive free first-class passes from rail company…then praise firm in Commons without declaring an interest Mail on Sunday

The West is turning against big government – but what comes next? – Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph


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